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Hey there guys. I know there aren't many Ohio players on this board, but I was thinking for other out-of-staters if you had a free Tuesday, you could hop on down to our fight night at Donatos near the Ohio State University campus and participate in our up and coming ranbats! Our tentative plan is to hold these once per month over a course of 6 months; if all goes to plan, the second season will end right around Evo weekend 2015. :)

For the time being, our KOF XIII scene is somewhat small, and our purpose for the ranbats is primarily to build experience and matchups for newer players, so to accommodate that we're using a Swiss-style format for ranbats with a cap of 16 people. If you haven't seen the format, essentially everyone will play random matchups round 1, and then in further rounds get paired with people who have similar records. Thus, you'll always get a comparable matchup for your skill level, and you're guaranteed 3-4 matches unlike double elimination. I hope this offers a good experience for newer players to jump into the game for the first time.

Hope to see everyone here!

2084 North High Street
Columbus, OH

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