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Results / SCR 2011 KOFXIII Results
« on: December 21, 2011, 01:21:38 AM »
128-man bracket with bye's removed

1st  LDA B.A.L.A
2nd  ArcadeShock|Reynald
3rd  eLive.Pro | Mr.KoF
4th place:    Yoshi TC

5th place tie:    
The Answer
LDA Romance

7th place tie:    
The Beast

9th place tie:    
EG JWong
Chris KOF TC

13th place tie:    
Quantic - Kensou

17th place tie:    
El Chingon
Richard Winz
Stolen Hope

25th place tie:    
Scrub R.U.D
Shin ATproof
Mr. K
Roger Dodger

33rd place tie:    
Mr Igloo
Bolo Yeung
[STA] Reiki.Kito
DJ Mirror
Joshua Richardson
Yu Namba

49th place tie:    
DJ Divine
OFC Based Country Crock
White Rob
Balls to the Wall
James Kuroki

65th place tie:    
Prod7gy.TV Ya0
Sweet Johnny V
Ash Riot

97th place tie:    
Emporer Paine
[EMA]Freemix Sucks

Pro-Gear / Hori/Qanba/Sanwa/MVS/AES/Capcom and more!
« on: October 18, 2011, 01:04:31 AM »
For those of you who don't know, ArcadeShock has been serving the community since 2003. We specialized in the collectors market at first then slowly moved into the fighting game market as well by becoming the biggest Hori seller in the US. We carry Sanwa buttons in a wide variety of colors, including clear in both 24mm/30mm

Check out some of our featured products:

HRAP 3 (PS3)
HRAP EX (360)
Hori RAP VX (360)
Hori RAP V3 (PS3)
Qanba Q4RAF Black (360/PS3/PC)
Qanba Q4RAF White/Red (360/PS3/PC)
Qanba Q4RAF Ice Blue (360/PS3/PC)
Qanba Q4RAF Limited Red (360/PS3/PC)
Qanba Q3-XS (360)

We recently started taking pre-orders on Qanba sticks. What better way to get ready for KOF XIII than with a multi purpose stick? You can buy the game for either console and this stick will be good to go. If a tournament you enter is on 360 and you play it on PS3, not a problem, the Q4RAF has you covered! The deal sounds great, right? Well it gets even better! If you pre-order any Qanba stick you will receive a 27x39in KOF XIII poster for free!

Need some new buttons? We have plenty of Sanwa's in stock, and since day one, we are the only online store to offer free shipping (within the continental US) on all Sanwa orders that are 6+.

Check out the new hotness, the Sanwa OBSC-30 the rival to Seimitsu's clear buttons.

Sanwa OBSC-30 in Clear White, Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
Semi White
Semi Black
Semi Yellow
Semi Red
Semi Green
Semi Blue

To add to these products, we have a nice selection of Neo Geo titles in both Home console and MVS! CPS1/2/3, Cave shmups, classic arcade titles, exclusive Capcom/SNK posters and more!

Like us on facebook!

Archives / Oni-Con 2011 Galveston, TX Oct 28-30
« on: October 15, 2011, 06:32:04 AM »
Oni-Con is returning for its eighth year, and as usual, the arcade room will be where all the magic happens.

Located right on the beach:

The Galveston Island Convention Center
5600 Seawall Boulevard
Galveston, TX 77551

This year will be the biggest year for us yet. We have several tournaments going on this year, and plenty of prizes, as always. Tournaments will be held for SF4AE, KOF XIII, MvC3, BBCS2 and more! If the tournaments aren't for you then we have a plethora of games provided by Big Bruno ranging form classic Neo Geo fighters, to random funky versions of Street Fighter Alpha 3 for Naomi. Classic games will be on display as well, including Pinball (my fav!)

Want a chance to make a little money? We are going to have a special station set up to challenge a player for $5 and if you can somehow win, you will make double, triple... well, lets just say you have a chance to make out like a fox. The game will be chosen by one of our special guests.

Sponsored by,, Hori, Qanba and SNKPlaymore. If you are in the area, be sure to make it to this event. Prizes from all parties mentioned will be given out to tournament winners, and will also be raffled out.  



    * 3pm TGS recap
    * 5pm BlazBlue CS II (xbox 360)
    * 7pm MVC3 (ps/3)


    * 3pm KOF XIII (Arcade)
    * 5pm Super smash Brothers Brawl (Wii)
    * 7pm Super Street Fighter IV AE (Xbox 360)


    * All games will be 2/3 matches, standard time and damage.
    * Winner sticks with same character/team
    * Loser an switch character/team
    * No rapid fire
    * No macros
    * Pausing the game results in losing the round/match
    * No Wireless Controls (PS3)


    * Winner may switch ultra only before loser picks new character.

KOF XIII (Arcade):

    * No Takuma OTG glitch infinite
    * Same team on win, order can be changed


    * No game breaking glitches
    * Winner sticks with same lead character, but may change assist order


    * No alternate versions of characters allowed.


Site Suggestions and Troubleshooting / Turning off YouTube embedding
« on: August 14, 2011, 02:20:47 AM »
Is there any way to do this? My PC is garbage and tends to lock up when more than one video loads up.

Results / KOF XIII Evo Results
« on: August 02, 2011, 02:40:29 AM »

 1 bala (SoCal)
 2 romance (SoCal)
 3 mr kof (SoCal)
 4 reynald (SoCal)
 5 el rosa (Mexico)
 6 Xian (Singapore)
 7 4leaf (SoCal)
 7 kane317 (SoCal)
 9 pepe (SoCal)
 9 yoshi (SoCal)
 9 chris kof (SoCal)
 9 Raul (SoCal)
13 metaphysics (SoCal)
13 Salim (France)
13 no17 (Japan)
13 the answer (SoCal)
17 blk brutha (SoCal)
17 Fixel
17 sparkster
17 fatacon (NorCal)
17 pizero (SoCal)
17 Lainysky (SoCal)
17 real kim (SoCal)
17 duc (SoCal)
25 LABAN (NorCal)
25 psycho calibur (NorCal)
25 Ragnorock
25 zeppeli (SoCal)
25 Walkman (NorCal)
25 Pedro
25 luis H.
25 nocturnal (SoCal)
33 MT Madman (Texas)
33 Tone
33 saotome
33 sairi chaos (SoCal)
33 half empty
33 Scrubrud
33 Faze
33 Heavy D!
33 Ash Riot (NorCal)
33 Miguel
33 SOULSTAR (NorCal)
33 giby (SoCal)
33 crucial twins
33 Prinny
33 Iron Reaver
49 bzerk
49 koopa
49 Gamerboy
49 hyre
49 thoth
49 wild wallace

General Discussion / ON Show #6 Live!!
« on: May 14, 2011, 10:24:01 PM »
Since Gunsmith is too shy to post it, he asked me to do it. Check out the podcast live today

Guests include:
Gunsmith (Host)
Giby (Thats me :D)

General Discussion / Total Eclipse April 30th Starts at 8pm PST
« on: April 19, 2011, 07:54:09 PM »
I know this isn't the right section for this, but I feel this is where it will get the most attention.

For those who don't know, Total Eclipse is the biggest SNK tournament in Japan. The games that are being held are Last blade 2, King of Fighters 98 and Garou MOTW. Last year Garou was the biggest draw, and it seems the same for this year (registration is still going on).

the problem with last year's even was that it didn't get streamed, all we had for info was twitter, which sucked. this year, they are sponsored by Enterbrain and will be streaming the event on Enterbrains website.

Here is the schedule for the show (all Pacific Time)

April 29 8:00p - Last Blade 2
April 29 10:00p - King of Fighters 98
April 30 12:00a - Garou MOTW
April 30 2:00a - Finals

Last Blade 2 players:  R-MOON, who is considered one of the best, if not the best, LB2 players in the world, took second place last year to a really good Mukuro player.

KOF 98 players: 777, who won KOF 98 last year with his amazing Kim. 777's training partner(?) Amy who we see get turned into a combo video by 777 (see Emilll's page on YT) is in 98. 777 also stated that he has been practicing MOTW (Dong) and LB2 (Setsuna), so hopefully we see him do well at another SNK genre (last year he didn't make it out of the first round 98 not included).

MOTW players: Oyatsu (Atsu) who is known for his sick Dong play is also in the tourney.  Yoshimizu, formerly the best player in Japan, has also decided to enter the tourney, he will be using Jae to try to take out the competition. Amenemori, who took top 8 last year with his awesome Terry will be back again this year. mhata, one of the top Kain players who placed 2nd last year, who is also known for dominating acho MOTW tournaments will be back.

I'll update this post as I get more info. The stream will be held on Enterbrains website

If you're an SNK fan, you will watch this, unless you're at a XIII tourney ;)

Nocturnal and I tried to go last year, but couldn't get enough dough, and this year he was too busy and I couldn't afford it :/

Online Matchmaking / Garou: MOTW Players
« on: April 19, 2011, 12:27:22 PM »
Where are you guys? We need more players so we can all have fun talking trash to one another :)

Archives / Evolution 2011 Las Vegas, NV July 29-31
« on: March 25, 2011, 09:02:57 PM »
SNK was dead last year, hopefully people will show this year.

Tournies that will be held for sure:
KOF2k2um/98um (whichever has more interest or both if they both get nice numbers)
and I'm working on getting XIII right now (if it does happen and turn out is big enough, it could be on the big screen/stream)

All tournaments will be $5 or $10 (they're usually $5 to get more people to enter) to enter, but may not happen if there isn't enough entries. I don't want to hold small pointless tourneys.

I'm working out some stuff with SNK right now to see if we can get some prizes, but I'm not counting on anything. I may be able to provide something (nothing set in stone until I can guarantee it)

Special SNK event MOTW EC v WC which right now is only 2v2, but we'll see about more players when more people show interest. I would also like to do a KOF EvW or NvS, but I don't know who is going to show up just yet, but I know it will be bigger than any other SNK event (other than FHD, cause Karnov WINS!)

Money Matches will happen as always, but I don't know the official rules for MM now at Evo since they always seem to change, so this would be a good thread to post them in :)

More details will be up soon.

*edit date fixed, thanks Kane

General Discussion / KOFXIII Not in Official Evo Line Up
« on: January 27, 2011, 06:07:04 AM »
I'm sure this news doesn't surprise anyone, but I've been trying to get the game into Evo for the past 3-4 months. Everything Wizard asked me we tried to get done, but SNKP was being very distant. They were warming up to the idea at first, but for some strange reason they stopped around late Dec/early Jan. I've had backing from several players in the scene with this, but again, none of that mattered since SNKP didn't seem to want to do anything about this. So I'll say this again, since some people aren't all too bright: Don't bash, or hate the Evo staff for excluding SNK games, Wizard wanted it in, he tried to get something from SNKP, but obviously he didn't hear anything from them. All we can do now is support XIII by holding tourneys for it at majors, and keep trying to get new people to play so we can build some momentum before Evo.

Since we know this is over, I've been planning on a side tourney since last year, Noc The Answer and I pretty much decided one if not all of us would do it when we were on our way home from Evo. It will be on PS3, and it has a possibility of making it on the main stage for the finals, as long as it gets enough people to enter. So if you plan on attending Evo, be sure to keep an eye out for the tourney. I will be making a thread about it on multiple forums trying to get people to sign up. I would like to get people to sign up online somehow to make things run smoother, so we'll see how that goes.

*edit - all this rides on whether or not SNKP stills plans on releasing the game in the next few months. I don't want to lug taito boards to Evo :/

General Discussion / SBO XIII Rules
« on: August 02, 2010, 11:56:20 AM »
I don't know if anyone noticed, but SBO put up the rules for XIII a few days ago. Noc and I were trying to get a decent translation of the rules, but the last two seem a bit unclear:

Rule 1: No Hwa Jai fly off the planet bug
Rule 2: No Vice character freeze glitch
Rule 3: No Overkill(?) Im guessing it means no 100%
Rule 4: Involves Ralfs Neo Max. Something to do with doing his Neo Max while opponent is in the air. I think it locks them in the air or something

Someone who knows Japanese, please sort out those last two.

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