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Results / the kof 13 tournament videos in Singapore.
« on: December 18, 2010, 11:30:17 AM »

We recently have this kof tourny in Singapore a few months ago, you guys should witness them if you haven't done so yet. The link is above . Of course this link also showcases the rest of the singapore kof tourney vids as well. Enjoy and tell me what you think

Meet & Greet / Hi guys . I am new member here
« on: December 17, 2010, 09:15:03 AM »
Hi guys , this is ken_garou here . I am Singaporean and have been an avid member(actually poster) of cyberfanatix ever since it first started. I only just recently get to find out about dreamcancel through cyberfanatix through word of mouth( message actually) .  I am so glad to find dreamcancel as it is so kof like and thats what i love.  Anyway , I am surprised to know that kof 13 is getting famous in the US. I always thought that the US is just famous for games like 3rd strike , Marvel versus Capcom and other air combo games , but never a kof game.   Somebody in Singapore told me that KOF doesn't even exist in US which is quite sad.   Throughout the years i never heard about kof tournies in US ever, but ever since kof 13 made its debut there in the US , I am glad that the community is growing significantly.

                About myself , I played almost all kof games. The ones that I played competitive in my area is kof 13, kof 2002 and kof 98 .   We have kof 2002 um and kof 98 um and even kof 97 . We also have kof 95.  I played in this arcade called Bugis Virtualand . It has almost all old and new games , but the thing is there are always challengers for almost every game you can think there is. And it is always played at a very high level here.  I can say that my strongest game is kof 2002 , followed by kof 98.  I get owned so badly in kof 13 that i don't even wanna say, the players here are just simply too high level for me. They really know their game in and out.

I get to know kane317 from CX . I really hope he can come to Singapore and witness the high level play of kof 13 down here.  I am friendly and I like to get to know all players of different backgrounds here. Would love to chat with more of you guys. :)


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