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Archives / Northwest Majors (June 2nd-3rd)
« on: May 24, 2012, 02:40:03 AM »

(I'm not a TO so you're going to have to forgive me for only giving you that link as information)

We've got a small handful of dudes driving down for NWM this year, just curious to know who else from dreamcancel might be there, I'd like to get games in with as many people as possible. It's coming up mighty soon, so if anyone else is going to be there let me know so we can play. I am going exclusively for KOF and hope to see some friendly faces, and god willing a challenge.

First off; the reason for this thread is to discuss why you do the combos you do. In certain situations, why might you taper the combo off in order for a mixup instead heavier damage? For oki, for mixup, or perhaps a setup you have in mind?

In order to complement the 50% thread, here is a place to discuss why you might simplify your combo, why you might go for a reset, what oki mixup that results from said combos, and the setups behind everything mentioned.

I will be using numerical notation. For reference look at the numpad on your keyboard; 2 is down, 4 is left, 6 is right, 8 is up, 5 is neutral, and the rest of the numbers indicate combinations (such as up back or down forward). Oki is short for okizeme, the japanese terminology for wakeup game (ergo; what to do once you've knocked someone down). Resets are when you cut a combo short in order for mixup.

For example; Leona's 1b1d standard bnb in the corner (crB stB fB XX 214C > moonslasher (DC) grand saber > v slasher - 408 damage for reference)

turned into a reset (crB stB fB XX 214C > stA [RESET] A baltic launcher)

the damage turns to 178, which is a significant decrease in damage (with no meter whatsoever used, but you are still sacrificing damage by omitting a single moon slasher that isn't drive cancelled), but in turn allows significant mixup opportunity granted they do not EX DP through the A baltic launcher (the only option that does not result in trade, avoid, or loss- this can be amended by other characters with moves other than their DP that has full invincibility on startup, so take note). It has the added benefit of giving you more charge time if you are in the rare situation where you do not have charge off of a 214C, it is also far harder to react to on the fly or to give your opponent a moment to think off of a knockdown in place (from the moon slasher for example), so it has another added benefit of weakening their wakeup game.

So by sacrificing up to 230 damage you in turn maintain pressure, are granted huge frame advantage (at least enough to run up to two mixups!). The caveat of course is if they are hit by the baltic launcher you will not be able to combo off of it very easily into anything substantial due to how they are hit after the baltic launcher, and the scaling that comes as a result. You can however continue running the mixup (they get hit, reset them again with whichever normal you prefer (preferably special cancellable), and choose to baltic launcher, normal overhead, IOH, so you are granted the choice of pressure (though predictable after the first attempt), mixup, or to hang back.

This is the most elementary example I could think of, and contains pretty much everything in the title.

As a surnote this thread is more of a why than a how, I'd like to know why you go for the resets you do and when, in order to create a more varied database of the meta involved in KOFXIII.

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