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SNK Games / Pochi and Nyaa
« on: July 23, 2011, 07:35:36 PM »
Oh god this game. Too amazing.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Tier List Discussion.
« on: July 23, 2011, 08:34:55 AM »
This has been pissing me off.

Yuki actually has good options, a godly anti-air that combos into everything, advantage against Kim and fairly good combos in general. Rock just sucks. Nako is generally good and has fairly high damage output. BIG has way too many punishable options. Akari has a shitton of frametraps, powerful combos, insanely good pokes, OTG's, parries, an airgrab, and errthing else.




Mr. Big
Tung Fu Rue
Mars People
Mr. Karate
Cyber Woo

King Lion


General Discussion / [Spoilers] Storyline Discussion
« on: July 22, 2011, 09:11:59 PM »
Discuss that storyline.

[spoiler]So yeah, since Ash dies at the end of XIII, will Iori regain his firepower in the next game?[/spoiler]

Last Blade 2 / Damage Scaling Tests.
« on: July 04, 2011, 11:27:18 PM »
Really curious on how it works in this game, could anybody possibly assist me in testing this?

Oh, and I'm really bad at math. You'll have to do it all. I'll just grab numbers and whatnot, you do the calculations.

Anyways, I've used S.Akari for the following numbers. I'd like to later test if S / P affect the way damage is scaled and whatnot.

Basic damage is unscaled, unlimited damage. At least that's what I've gathered.
Correct damage is the scaled, limited damage. It seems that it's limited to 180 damage per combo.

4A 5AA
Hits : 3
Basic : 24
Correct : 22
4A / 5A moves do 8 damage each.

5B 6B
Hits : 2
Basic : 39
Correct : 36
5B does 16 damage, 6B does 23.

63214A (Regular)
Hits : 7
Basic : 34
Correct : 25

63214A (Cornered, Close)
Hits : 4
Basic : 25
Correct : 21
It's seriously glitchy in corner, it'll push you out to the side and get less hits and less damage. At least this will give a good concept of possible damage scaling.

4A 5AAB 6C
Hits : 5
Basic : 54
Correct : 47
This is often used for loops and her high-execution BnB. 4A / 5A attacks does 8, 5B does 16, 6C does 14.

Should be enough data to work with for now.

Social Club / Pet Peeves Thread
« on: July 04, 2011, 06:42:57 AM »
Post your pet peeves here, these can be related to gaming or utterly unrelated.

As for me, it's Marvel players saying OTG means 'off the ground'. OTG = On the ground. I don't care if it lifts you off it, it hits you while you're on the ground. It's not that hard to understand.

Training Room / Buffering
« on: June 29, 2011, 10:06:30 AM »
Buffering is an important part to combos in the KOF series. It allows you to save previous inputs for use in later inputs, making many combos far easier, and making certain combos that were previously impossible, possible.

An example would be Terry Bogard's simple 2C 3C 6 236D.

This works by saving 2C 3C 6 as 236, while also doing the inputs. Directly after said inputs, 236D will take the buffered 236 input as 236236D, allowing you to execute a combo directly into his DM without much effort. Without buffering, doing 2C 3C 236236D would be extremely difficult, nearly impossible.

Another example would be King's typical Maxmode activation (2002UM), which is fairly difficult without buffering a bit.

With buffering : 6C 3D 214 BC
Without buffering : 5C 3D BC 63214C

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / NGBC - Akari
« on: June 14, 2011, 10:43:49 AM »
My site is being updated. I'll add a new link once the resources are back at my site.

4/6CD : Hard knockdown.
j.CD : Tosses them behind you, no-tech, hard knockdown.

Normal Moves
A : Poke, beats out most other moves in range, safe on block, able to cancel.
B : Very small poke, hits low, safe on block, able to special-cancel, can OTG.
C : Mid ranged hit, safe on block.
D : Avoid this move, mid ranged hit, safe on block, inflicts soft-knockdown.
cl.A : Extremely fast poke, combo-starter, safe on block, able to cancel.
cl.B : Same as regular B.
cl.C : Fast hit, similar to cl.A, short combo-starter, safe on block, able to cancel.
cl.D : Moderately fast hit, safe on block, able to special-cancel.
2A : Same as regular A.
2B : Generic low attack, combo-starter, safe on block, able to cancel.
2C : First hit inflicts hard knockdown, second hit inflicts soft knockdown, unsafe on block, able to cancel.
2D : Generic sweep, hard knockdown, safe on block, able to cancel.
j.A : All-around jumping move, short range.
j.B : Avoid this move.
j.C : Air-to-ground move, extremely big downward hitbox.
j.D : Air-to-air move, crosses up.
4C : Command normal with fantastic range and priority, most often used in combos, has two followups which can be done out of any normal, safe on block, able to cancel.
|-> 6C : Good priority and speed, safe on block, no cancel.
|-> 2C : Hard knockdown, no-tech on second hit, good in combos, unsafe on block, able to cancel.
j.2B : Bounces off the enemy, has four followups which can also be done out of 623A/B/C, unsafe without a followup.
|-> 8B : Jumps back and spins, safest option when 2B is blocked.
|-> 2B : Slams down, hitting five times, hard knockdown, no-tech, unsafe, can OTG.
|-> 7/8/9A : Spins and does 24 hits depending on the angle, vulnerable if it doesn't connect, hard knockdown, no-tech vs ground opponents, long recovery. Primarily use this as an anti-air move out of air-to-air 2B or a whiffed 623A/B/C move, no OTG followup.
|->8D : Jumps up and slams down, hard knockdown, no-tech, unsafe, can OTG.

Special Moves
236A/C : Projectile, soft knockdown when close.
28B/D : Uppercut spin, unsafe on block, hard knockdown.
|-> 28B/D : Followup, hard knockdown, able to super-cancel.
63214A/C : Command grab, can be chained into.
214B/D : Runs forward, has three followups and the ability to cancel, primarily used in blockstrings.
|->A/C : Forward thrust, able to cancel.
|->B/D : Counterwire, hard knockdown.
|->CD : Backturned command grab, hard knockdown.
|->44 : Exit the run.
623A/B/C/D : A/B/C are close/mid/far, D falls directly above the enemy and has roll followups, hard knockdown, no-tech, A/B/C have multiple followups.
|->A/B/C : Rolls forward, backward, and in place. C can be followed up with all of the same as j.2B.
|->j.2B followups are all valid after A/B/C.
6BD : Parry, covers high/medium attacks, hard knockdown vs jumping enemies, able to super-cancel.
|->BD : Hard knockdown, no OTG followup.
|->236AC : Higher damage of the regular BD followup, hard knockdown, no-tech.
4BD : Parry, covers low/medium attacks, able to super-cancel.
|->BD : Hard knockdown, no-tech, no OTG followup.
j.6BD : Parry, covers air-to-air attacks, hard knockdown
421A: Temporarily inverts left / right directions on hit, can OTG on fall, hard knockdown vs air opponent, costs 1/2 power gauge.
421B: Temporarily inverts up / down directions on hit, can OTG on fall, hard knockdown vs air opponent, costs 1/2 power gauge.
421C: Temporarily inverts punch / kick buttons on hit, can OTG on fall, hard knockdown vs air opponent, costs 1/2 power gauge.

Super Moves
2141236A/C: Dives forward, can OTG, costs one power gauge.
236236A/C: Fast upward attack, good anti-air, costs two power gauges.

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