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Meet & Greet / Hey everyone! (Sorry I am a bit late)
« on: February 12, 2011, 06:33:57 AM »
Hey everyone, nice to meet you all!
Iím TAG7191 (or just TAG) my very first fighting game was SF2 on SNES, first SNK game was KOF 95 on the PS1,  and my first two fighting games I took seriously were SF4 and CVS2 in early 09. But in 2005 I got into some KOF games (mostly 98 and 2002) I had fun doing 100% combos for every character from combo videos lol.

Since summer 2010 I got tired of how noob/scrub friendly (S)SF4 was compared to most fighting games I remembered playing. Since then I wanted to take KOF seriously, now I already know KOF plays NOTHING like sf4 (I mean mashing out DP type moves, rewarding bad habits, etc) and I know MOST of the basics about KOF already. I usually use female characters because most fighting games the females are always the fast, rush down/pressure type characters. My main weakness is when Iím the one being rushed down (Iím use to fighting turtles in SSF4 and being the one who does the approaching) and my reaction isnít that great (compare kof2002/98 speed to SF4).

Basically I would like to train with people much better than me to help to me improve my weaknesses.
 Thank you!

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