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Meet & Greet / Hello! KOF XIII player from Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
« on: December 23, 2012, 07:26:47 AM »
Hi everyone! I've been using the dream cancel wiki a lot for help to learn KOF XIII since my friends recommended it, but I'm finally making an account now. I'm really grateful for the resources available and would like to contribute to the wiki where possible.

I started out playing Street Fighter II on SNES when it was new (though I was mashing then), then learned about KOF(started with 98), Marvel Vs. Capcom and many SNK games from a friend years later in around 2001, i played various fighting games casually, then had a long Garou: Mark of the Wolves phase. I was playing that mainly even through 2009 with the comeback of fighting games on new gen consoles, and I heard KOF XII didn't work out so well, but KOF XIII's trailer sold me instantly. I met Giby online from playing lots of Garou: Mark of the Wolves and he told me about this Facebook group where I met a lot of local players:

I was surprised to find others locally that also liked KOF since I thought it was really only played in Asia, and it was awesome to have two majors this year within the city (Toryuken and T13). I'd never been to a major before and I found the KOF community to be really friendly. It's been a great experience meeting people and learning the game and I'll be going to EVO for the first time next year.

PSN: TofuriousWolf
XBL (expired): TofuriousWolf
IRC Nickname: karn (lurking in #SNKPlaymore on EFNet) and also our channel #torontokof

Hoping to find more local players here to play in person; I'm kinda stubborn and don't play KOF XIII Online Edition since I can't use two-hit confirms and reaction DPs in delay, but I play a little bit of Persona 4 Arena. I hope some contributions to the wiki will be of help to somebody.

If anyone wants to see a bit of the Toronto scene, you can check out (organizers of local and major tournaments) and (the main venue in the heart of Toronto where gamers from around the area meet up).

I've been improving with the help of my friends that I play with in the Toronto area and the Dream Cancel wiki's helped me a lot too. For anyone interested, here are streams from our multi-game tournament last Sunday. I was going 0-2 in the earliest tournaments this year, but I've made lots of progress!

Link 1 (starts at KOF XIII early matches):
Link 2 (starts at KOF XIII Top 3)

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