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Biki Interviews Reiki
This was done a few minutes before we got started. It's nothing fancy and the sound's kinda gimped because we did this on a public street (cause we grimey like that at Southtown!!!!) but overall I enjoyed the atmosphere of it. UNFORTUNATELY I totally forgot that I was gonna do this with Kane CmD Duck and 4leaf =\!!!! The reason why is because I want to make this somewhat of a regular thing, maybe start a blog centered around the Southtown scene/Bay Area KOFXIII/General KOF stuff, but for now I just plan to be doing these at every Ranbat I can attend as well as other events. Hope you enjoy!

Hey guys, sorry this took so long, been busy with some stuff like turning my youtube channel into a more professional looking piece of work..whatever that looks like!

Southtown Ranbat Interviews - Demoninja

Demoninja discusses with us exactly what was going wrong during his match at this ranbat, with some "encouragement" from our beloved Roger Dodger.

Southtown Ranbat Interviews -Isaiah

2nd place runner up Isaiah let's us know what's on his mind post grand finals. Couple of things about Giovanni that every player striving to be at the top has most likely been asking themselves. Also he shares with us his thoughts on the growth of the newer players

Interview with Jose at Dragon Lounge Monday

And we have...a very "Special" impromptu interview conducted on Monday 8/22/11 at the Dragon Lounge, starring Jose, a much lesser known player with.. a lot to say?

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