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Quote from: KLSADAKO on July 10, 2012, 04:19:14 PM
What I'm also surprised is that decent solid players like Justin Wong, Ryan Hart and ChrisG  lost both games in their pools.. I thought all 3 would make it out of their pools as winners.. unless they only went to Evo to really try hard at AE and Marvel?

I don't know about Justin Wong and Ryan Hart, but ChrisG was in my pool and he didn't show up. Like only 5 showed up. Maybe the pros only wanted to focus on one game to increase their odds of winning and bailed on their weaker games.

At the finals, I thought MadKof's Doulon was the problem. Bala didn't have the time to find an answer for it and it looked like the constant character changing was him trying to find a counter.
Even thought I missed my losers bracket match, I enjoyed the tournament.
Thanks for organizing it.
General Discussion / Re: PS3 player listing
November 22, 2011, 08:15:56 AM
PSN: freddie1999
Nanaimo, British Columbia
Skarlet was on disk but incomplete (No xray, no fatalities)The other dlc characters were patched in.
Jill was incomplete with missing damage info and no voices. I guess the rest of her was patched in when they nerfed Sentinel or something.
Arsonist Iori and the gang are probably largely on disk, maybe.
I can't really tell from the videos if those are from a hacked disk or a demo unit or leak from SNK labs. Their stages seem to appear randomly online. Thats free, just not controlable.
The fact that this game got released on consoles with extra modes, with colour edit, new stages & characters, at $50 is good enough for me.
The dlc is optional (unless you're a pro, then its part of your job)
I want in.

PSN freddie1999
Maybe its not being promoted until the loading/slowdown bugs are fixed or there something new to show.
Quote from: Xxenace on September 27, 2011, 09:07:17 PM
well i talked to a friend of mine who worked at gamestop and he said the release for KoF was late november instead of october

Since my answer is in the minority, It looks like its' delayed til November (I don't have a freind working there either :P). Its weird though, the games looks done. What are they add or fix in three weeks? They had a year.

Also the website just changed the date so yeah...
I asked the ebgames by my work today and they stated oct 25. Ebgames is owned by Gamestop, but I'm in Canada so maybe it takes longer to update the computers here :/
Meet & Greet / Re: Hi
September 15, 2011, 12:29:59 AM
Heres hoping that KOF XIII becomes the game that puts Snk back in the mainstream.
Meet & Greet / Hi
September 13, 2011, 07:47:40 AM
Hi, I'm freddie1999. 
I've been playing fighting games since sf2. Nothing serious. I'm really hype for KOF XIII (although this wait has been too much but at least it will be released).
I'm on PSN under freddie1999.