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Sign me up, please.
Name: Saika.
Team: EX Kyo, K', Iori (Tsume), EX Iori
Region: HFIL

Saiki / Re: Saiki
« on: August 18, 2013, 08:46:59 AM »

Anyone knows any good Saiki players I could follow. Reynalds Saiki matches; I cant find them.

Look up Violent Kain from Mexico, search on DarkGeese's & ChetosGame's YT accounts, Zeal from NY, and Mr. KoF plays Saiki sometimes still

AFAIK Violent kain doesn't play saiki at all, you're thinking of el rosa more likely.

Iori Yagami (Claw) / Re: Iori Yagami (Console)
« on: July 16, 2012, 05:13:20 PM »

1st: Flame Iori's Neo max tracks yes, but at the same time The Neo max isn't the fastest in the world (18 frames after animation to be exact) and you need to make a pretty nice read on your opponent to catch them with the neo max. Reason being is some characters with faster recovery on their projectiles will be able to jump away before flame touches them. Also I would think meter is pretty important to flame Iori so, I think that it's a massive gamble to do that neo max HOPING your opponent throws a fireball at the right time, or that you timed the neo max to hit them at the right time before they can be mobile again.

this is precisely why used phrasing like "certain moves" and "depending on the matchup". moreover i would say that, in my experience, anywhere within half a screen away is plenty of time to react to and punish a fireball or some such (baltic launcher/ice breath/what have you) from a good portion of the cast (basically anyone with ash's A ventose-esque recovery and up) without "HOPING" that an opponent threw a fireball and foolishly trying to yomi it with something as expensive as a neomax. furthermore, it's more of a "massive gamble" for claw to throw all his eggs into one basket and try to raw neomax any character at pretty much any point in the match (save for against an opponent who is down to their last character with less than 400 life left) than it is for flame, considering that flame is so much less meter dependent in his general gameplan than claw and that claw without meter is infinitely less scary, as he needs meter a) to hold any kind of water against zoners, b) to deal with the fact he has NO meterless reversals worth using EVER, and c) has poor damage output without resources, not to mention the fact that he has virtually no hardknockdowns without said meter. this forces him to rely heavily on reset mixups that are much less scary in a game where "positive edge/advanced input" allows you to easily get auto-corrected reversals even if you aren't a charge character with a down-up motion reversal. of course you can bait pretty much any reversal in the game but the point is now you have to worry about safety during your own mixups. wouldn't be as much of a problem with safejumps, i say.

Best case scenario for Claw: Claw Iori's Neo max (6 frames) The fireball goes through Iori and My opponent eats the full 480
Worst case scenario for claw: I trade with the fireball users and eat 50-70 damage, but my opponent eats 360-400 damage

Best case for flame Iori: You hop over the fireball and blow them up for 480
Worse case for flame Iori: You overestimate the recovery time, and your opponent dodges. Result: you get punished

actually best case scenario at half screen still has you hitting them for only 400. you need to be within 2 character spaces of the opponent to get that sweet red light district damage. guarantee you aren't reacting to fireballs within that space. anyway, your opponent either dies with their last character in that exchange or your opponent now finds himself fighting a suddenly much less threatening claw iori. best case scenario.

worst case scenario, again at max range: you find yourself playing against a halfway decent opponent with a lame character that is already wary of ex akegarasu (not even paying mind to the neomax) and isn't throwing fireballs at an as consistent and predictable rate as a training dummy on your home console because he's already trying to bait you into wasting the bar on ex akegarasu (as any player with some claw match up exp has a tendency of doing), they're doing everything in their power to mess with your trigger finger, crouching into standing jabs and shorts to fake fireball motions, hopping in place, whatever, their character has decent recovery on their projectile and when they finally throw that damned thing you react a moment too late because you were making sure it wasn't actually some kind of move often used to bait anti-fireball moves. yatagarasu has 6 frame startup meaning it gains its first active hitbox on the 6th frame, not necessarily that its entire animation and according hitboxes extend in those 6 frames, regardless, it's still fast as shit but you're opponent manages to block as their fireball passes through you. result: any character in the game gets to run all the way up to you for a free punish. even at max range, almost every character in the game gets to do this unless you were both midscreen which is doubtful when taking into account the nature of someone facing a claw iori with anywhere over 2 stock and full drive.

As for the Range on Claw Iori's neo max is about the same as flame iori's. Claw Iori's neo max's range is very deceptive because he runs forward then slashes meaning my range for punish is slightly past half screen. That means I've effectively shut down my opponent's fireball game simply by having a neo max from about 1/2 screen making my entry that much easier.

i agree it is very deceptive (i don't agree that ex iori's is the same seeing as how his can tag an opponent from about a character space and a half behind claw's max range but i wont argue that point since i think it would be very unwise to use it in a spot like that anyway) but that does not "shut down an opponents fireball game". if people just stopped throwing fireballs and let you in everytime you had the meter to do 400 in one shot then become a much worse character in pretty much every regard, this would be a much worse fighting game, perhaps more akin to svc where the threat of guard cancels every other second makes you pretty wary of even touching moves that arent cancellable normals lol. point is; people wont stop zoning on the off chance that you're going to raw neomax or super or whatever no matter what character you are. they're just going to be smarter about when and where they do so. on top of that, as i said using flame iori's neomax to kill fireballs within the halfscreen mark, as you would with claw, is pretty well within the range of being able to punish many fireballs in recovery without having to worry about most characters recovering in time to body you free for whiffing raw neomax. still has the same pitfalls against intelligent zoning and isn't as fast but it'll get you 480 everytime if successful and won't leave you with a burnt out husk of a character afterwards where claw's leans pretty much the other way on both counts.

Now, You are correct about the whole "run and stop type" St.B thing doesn't make it worse. But In matches it is Very easy to have an execution error on those type of normals is my point even pros do it. Reynald for example does it with Kim's overhead sometimes when he wants to do run far st b. Claw Iori just removes the whole possibly of messing it up in general is my point.

i have no qualms with that. i respect it.

2nd: Claw Iori's Overhead (21 frames) is faster and easier to use than Flame's (24 frames).  The reasons it's easier to use are. First, It's faster (I am captain obvious). Second If you look Iori's QCB+K and his Kui and compare them both have the same or about the same start up animation up until Iori pulls his hand over his head. So, you can use the similarities in animation to your advantage to mask your overhead. Flame has NO move whatsoever that looks anything like Gofu In.
Last, Claw's overhead is superior to Flame's because of the amount of time you have to cancel a raw one into a super and have it still combo. Claw Iori's overhead has more hitstun and it's easier to notice/take advantage of a hit. While flame's is kind of you have to expect the hit or be buffering then wait for the confirmation to input it.

this has already been discussed. read further back. to say one is flat out superior to other is pretty narrow-minded when they each have their strengths and flaws. although i don't know why you would try use the similarity to a move like qcb+k that isn't low hitting anyway to attempt trick the opponent into not blocking your overhead correctly. someone earlier mentioned it was similar to his that made more sense.

3rd: Flame Iori's "Frame traps with rekkas" Aren't effective if you know the Iori player is -9 on block at best on the first rekka. At that point using rekkas for pressure does not become a reliable means for frame trapping PERIOD. -9 rekka is a free super, Light poke into an hd. You can't do jack with it outside of knockdown into mix ups so I don't know where this frame trap stuff occurs. So what do you truly have up close besides normals. Even his fireballs are horribly negative up close (don't know why you would want to throw fireballs up super close with Iori anyway but eh.)
As for mix ups his better mix ups will come off a Knockdown from shogetsu. But you still have great options of a Akegarasu. Also Landing an akegarasu on an impatient opponent is an easy bait on top of the other mind games you already have in your hip pocket.

...........where on earth did you get using rekkas themselves for frame traps? i was talking about using them as a confirm from your farthest reaching cancel-able normals. max range cr.a still chains into forward a which is enough time to confirm into rekkas. the whole point of that entire last direct-to-dreamcancel short novel was that he has better pressure because his normals give him better advantage on block, are easily confirmable into rekkas anywhere on screen, and never leave you in a position where you would commit to special move on block (if you were to do this with honoo iori, and you shouldn't, his fireball should still pretty much always be the go-to-special because at the very least it isn't punishable unless guardcancel rolled pre-emptively but that can punish both shougetsu and akegarasu and whatnot as well). even with claw, committing to a special move on block (especially since none of his are +f on block or leave him at a distance where it wouldn't be advantageous for the opponent to move) is tantamount to saying "my turn is over, now press buttons". hell, even honoo's cl.b link to cl.c is more lenient, as if to tell you that you shouldn't be using a low forward>hadouken mentality with your offense with the character.

and on the topic of using aoihana outside of combos, if ever you WERE to do so, it should pretty much be the way we've seen from the japanese players, the korean players, b.a.l.a. (when he was messing with flame), the answer (same), basically anyone you ever saw play that character that had half a clue what they were doing in this game and basically any iori player at all in any of the previous kofs, although the difference now is how it works on block. you would use it as long range poke in a similar vein to the way people abuse duo lon's rekkas. in a game as aggressive as kof, having a move that starts up quick, covers a decent distance ahead and tags anyone in your hop space is definitely not a bad thing. it is, in effect, an ein trigger that covers hop space and pretty much denies any overzealous advancing on your opponent's part, which is an intergral part of just playing the game. of course there is always the possibility that they just stood there and waited for you to rekka yourself to your doom (in this case you're doing rekkas outside of combos entirely too often anyway) but the fact still remains that they ARE rekkas and they CAN be staggered. it's not nearly as helpful in this game, since the pushback on block isn't as great but you can easily tag opponents mashing cr.b or st.c with your second rekka if timed properly. i don't really agree with this as a legitimate strategy either but i think what you're missing is that when frame data says that the rekka is -9 on block just means it has you're still in recovery for 9 frames after the opponent has left blockstun if you just did the one rekka. it doesn't mean there is always at least a 9 frame period between the 1st rekka and the 2nd, that always varies based on how soon the player inputs the second rekka. even more importantly, while the opponent can just say "fuck it" and dp or reversal for some guaranteed damage, option selecting a punish on the first rekka at the same time as beating any second rekkas in start up clean; the threat of a staggered rekka has forced the opponent to give up their optimal punish for some guaranteed but sub-par damage. then there's opponents waiting for the second rekka altogether giving any punishes on single rekkas on block which is in turn a whole 'nother mindgame sighhhhhhhhh it's tedious to explain the entire r/p/s of staggered rekkas to someone. if you don't already understand and its a pretty messy situation i'd say. i prefer to just not use the rekka's outside of confirms too often. i think i got off track. we weren't talking about rekka frametraps before. "the frametrap stuff occurs" in the usage of his superior normals. the rekkas are for confirming off of said normals. the point is he has better pressure because he has better normals PERIOD

4th: Up close Claw Iori has a far better command grab and EX command grab that Flames in terms of speed and IMO Mix up potiential.
Claw Iori: 9 frames Normal and 5 frames for EX
Flame Iori: 13 regardless of version just EX has Invincibility
Not only is Claw's Faster but it produces more damage without drive meter burn.Reason being is Flame's command grab does 0 damage, BUT Still scales your next hit meaning you are opening the opponent up but you are losing damage.Claw's however does 50 damage puts them into a juggle state and allows for massive follow ups.
Flame iori's max damage combo without burning drive hits about 496 and that's me command throwing him into the corner and using 3 bars for ex rekka>DP> ex maiden masher
Claw Iori Pops 410 off this hcf+P> DP+C> Ex maiden masher Anywhere on the screen
in the corner with no drive and 2 bars 495. But If Claw match Flame at 3 bars he hits for 552 in the corner
This means Claw get about the same damage for a whole bar less or way more for the exact same amount.

right, i think i touched on this a little bit already but being faster doesn't make it better, it would make a difference if it was a 1frame throw, then at least it would be a useful punish, but it isn't and being 9 frames doesn't make it any better when not ex'd. it's actually more prone to lose to accidental switchblocking and the EX version's poor invul makes it more prone to getting beaten by mashers and it can't be used as an anti-air AND anti-safejump tool the way ex iori's command grab can. also the fact that ex iori's keeps the opponent grounded leads to mixups and resets of its own. on top of that, if ex iori is in the corner with no stock and only 1 drive (a tough spot for any character) and he lands his invulnerable reversal, which again claw does not have without stock, he can drive cancel it into his command grab to put the opponent in the corner WITH hard knockdown. if the opponent wasn't grounded, he can still drive cancel into kototsuki for hard knockdown and get out of the corner. there is no such use for claw's command grab. it's purposes are entirely linear. open up opponent or extend combos.

also i get 418 for command throw cl.c>forward a>rekka(2)>Empty Cancel>EX maiden masher. ahem. ANYWHERE ON SCREEN thats 2 stocks/ no drive.
I can hit for 515 in the corner for three stocks and no drive using command throw blahblah EX rekka>EC>rekka>EC>dp>EX maiden masher and thats not even close to optimized it took literally like a total of three seconds of thought to cobble together when i had a few spare moments to play the other day.

These are quite a few of the main reasons why Claw's Game up close is a lot better than flames. Hope it this is more understandable. lol

lmao you were much more clear this time, thank you. but maybe you shouldn't make such bold statements, just based on what i've read from you so far your thinking in terms of ex iori and his tools should be a little less um (basic? outdated? cant find the right word here) linear (thats it!) than it is before speaking about how much better you know claw is.

Iori Yagami (Claw) / Re: Iori Yagami (Console)
« on: July 16, 2012, 12:53:56 AM » I don't even know where to start.... mostly because you made it extremely tedious to address your post piece by piece by using the quoting system poorly...

I guess for starters, I would have to ask; who are you playing that is throwing projectiles within the range that they can be neomaxed? Do they know the zoner - claw iori match up? Also considering you said that the fireballs would go through you while you tagged them in recovery with the neomax, i would hazard a guess at the probability that you didn't react to a fireball and run into range of yatagarasu, buffer the motion and watch the claw sparks fly but rather that you either successfully yomi'd a button or that the opponent made some very grave mistakes in their spacing. More importantly, the fact that yatagarasu CAN get full damage when used is raw isn't the point. Rather it's the opposite, while a bit less than 400 is nothing to sneeze at, ex iori will ALWAYS get 480 for landing a raw neomax and the ability to use it reaction to certain moves at a much greater range than claw's (depending on the match up of course, characters like Athena and king are much more difficult to punish for their fireballs at half screen if your reactions aren't on point) makes homurahotogi a much more viable raw neomax. Especially when KOF is full of (much harder to react to when being pressure) hops and claw's neomax is only about as fast one of ex iori's non-ex dps, having similar pitfalls when not perfectly reacting to or reading a hop, simply put you react a second too late and you get accidentally safejumped and die.

And SNKPLAYMORE already explained that Ex iori's loss of auto-target on his neomax when maxcancelling IS in fact a glitch. I don't really know how to address the rest of what you wrote because it looks like you accidentally quoted the rest of what I wrote but put it in the wrong place.

Claw iori's close up game is not better than ex's in any aspect outside of the damage he gets for simply opening the opponent up "for multiple reasons".

1: your problems regarding inputs do not reflect a weakness in the character. I have no difficulty with dashing st.A's and St.B's. In fact some of his close standing normals have better +frames to help you out with "start stop start stop"-ing if you aren't really used to it. This also has to do with our 3rd point but before that...

2nd: IMHO post-akegarasu "mixups" arent even comparable to rekkas and safe jumps in terms of continuing pressure. First of all, there isn't much you can do with that slight frame advantage that would beat the moves in this game that would beat safe jumps aside from immediately hopping over any invincible command throws after you've trained the opponent to think you're going stay grounded, this still loses to pretty much any other kind of strike-based reversal though, even ones that actually couldve been easily safe jumped. Also throw invulnerability lasts for a good while longer than actual hitstun and command grab after akegarasu on hit is a pretty shaky mixup since you have to wait a moment for the opponent to become "throwable" again. He barely has any frame advantage on hit so its not much different than tagging the opponent with a random close normal except with much less potential for good abare outside of drive cancelling it on the spot. It is decent if you can get your opponent to respect the possibility of Cl.St.C or Cl.St.b then you can finally start to do other things. And while his QCB+c does have some decent lower body invul and can be confirmed into some pretty scary damage if you yomi'd a low and tagged the opponent, it'll still lose to much more commonly mashed on normals like say cl.c. you're better off doing basically what you said and using cl.b or cl.c to train the opponent not to press anything or yknow move at all. Though its all still vulnerable to invincible reversals where a safe jump is much less likely to get blown up by such things. And now moving on to what I really wanted to address..

What in the world are you talking about? Up close claw iori has pretty much nothing on ex iori outside of damage output and a faster command which sometimes can be detrimental thanks to the inconsistency in throw invul in this game thanks to sometimes (even unintentional) alternate guarding, not that this is hard to work around though..but even so I'd rather take the somewhat invulnerable ex command grab that takes longer to startup and probably won't get blown up by some accidental alternate guarding. This, by the way, is referring to the two command throws in general, not to the situation regarding akegarasu. anyway, ex iori generally has the same or better frame advantage on all his normal moves (see Cl.a, Cl.b, far.a, etc.) In fact, the only two normals that are better for claw are FAR St.c (which is still minus frames btw just 1f less minus, big deal for a normal that is usually cancelled into something anyway) and his St.CD. his Cl.St.c is actually exactly the same in terms of frames. I don't know what you were trying to say but don't spread misinformation. I feel that none of your reasons for why claw is better up close are very valid or are at the very least concrete enough to argue on with the exception of the damage he gets when he actual lands something.

I think a seperate thread should be made for comparing the two yagami's. A lot of this is just clogging the claw thread with things that may not necessarily be useful for people who actually just want to play claw and learn more about him specifically.

Iori Yagami (Claw) / Re: Iori Yagami (Console)
« on: July 08, 2012, 09:37:52 AM »
Claw and ex iori have the same damage on their neomax's. Maximum 480 and 240 at minimum scaling. Claw however gets less if the conditions for making the red and black shadow effect on the screen occur are not met. Also flame iori's neomax can be used to punish some projectiles and other similar moves such as kula's ice breath from half screen without having to worry about getting less than the full damage (as in the case of using claw's as an anti-air). As far as the loss of autotarget glitch on the neomax, in my experience, you really have to screw up your maxcancel, doing it ridiculously late, to actually trigger the glitch. With things like advanced input in the game, this should never be the case. Also some testing with the maxcancel has had some interesting results but I'll post those up when I have more time to fully explore it and will do so in the appropriate section.

Also I have to agree with Kane in that I believe honoo has better frame traps. Some of his normals have better frame advantage and even the push back on block is slightly less for simple strings like Cl.5a (slight delay) Cl.5b 6a/whatever and he has in his rekkas a much better (opinionated) and further reaching confirm into a basic bnb from, as an example Max range 2a>6a, than claw iori's shougetsu or akegarasu, as the former is somewhat challenged in terms of comboing from normals that hit at a distance and the latter gets no knockdown and doesn't really lead to much damage unless drive cancelled into EX command grab or something that would allow for a decent damaging confirm.

Iori Yagami (Claw) / Re: Iori Yagami (Console)
« on: July 02, 2012, 05:19:58 AM »

Though it's true that you can super cancel the ovrheads, you'd be pretty foolish to do it. Both Ioris are completely punishable after super by a close normal into an HD or whatever. Many characters' meterless B&B combos from a close normal deal more damage than Iori's super. You're totally free if you do this, and you can't really hit confirm from either overhead since it's a cancel. So when you do it, it's a 50/50 guess for you, and the risk versus reward is just nowhere near good enough.

You CAN do it, but you should pretty much NEVER do it.

Would you call reynald foolish for all the times that he's super cancelled ryo's overhead into ryuko ranbu even against, say, bala (who lord knows would punish to the fullest extent possible) which is similarly punishable to a maiden masher but by taking the risk has put the opponent in a much worse spot in terms of health, positioning on screen or characters left? Especially in the case of getting hardknockdown with characters who have strong oki games involving safe jumps, command grabs, good normals, good crossups and lol the possibility of future overheads, all the while the number of times they have to get opened up before they run out of life has just decreased by, as you put it, one "meterless B&B combo from a close normal". which I also have to disagree with, outside of the corner bnbs of say kyo, k', andy, etc. I don't see over 279 (exiori 6b>yamisogi) coming from "many characters" without the corner and a jump-in or spending some sort of resource. I would say that putting the opponent in a position where they're more likely to make mistakes or take risks themselves is pretty damn important. Granted ryo's overhead is 17f iirc and claw and flame are 21 and 24 frame start up respectively but the whole point of overheads is to do them when they are extremely unexpected, in places where the opponent has been conditioned to block low or not press buttons. If you've ever so much as played fighting games before you should have some semblance of a clue as to how often and where you should be throwing out overheads. Remember 3rd strike universal overheads? Couldnt combo off em unless they hit towards the end of their active frames, right? That means it has to be done early during the opponents wake up to make it meaty or has to be spaced correctly far away to make it hit towards the end, giving the opponent more time to react. Universal overheads had 16f start up, to be able to combo of them you'd be giving them anywhere between 22 and 25f start up. And the animation for every single character's uoh is telegraphed enough to react to with parry imho. Despite that risk they definitely weren't seldom used. Look at melty blood. Some overheads are as slow as 30f and usually very telegraphed with a very obvious flash of light plus being an anime game theres even less incentive to sit there and take pressure than kof where there are much less options for once leave the ground. On top of that, the shield/parry system makes it even more risky if the opponent reacts with shields well. On the topic of risks outweighing rewards, if you look at dps that way it would never seem worth it to do one. Especially considering the fact that in addition to getting baited or not, theres always the possibilties of safe jumps, intentional or not. Yet that doesn't stop daigo or valle or poongko or madkof or bala from using their easily punishable/baitable reversals in any of the games that they play or have played. That's just fighting games. Good players don't take just take risks for some paltry damage. You have to look at the aspects outside of that before simply dismissing it. I think not counting something like overhead > super as viable or the idea that its something you "should pretty much never do" is beyond idiotic (that is, i believe the concept is, not you. I mean no offense by saying that and respect that you have your own opinions whether or not I agree)

EDIT: Furthermore ex iori's overhead reaches from f.d range and is cancellable into, the -6, 236236a super which is difficult even at slightly pushed back ranges to punish with a close normal into HD. Which is assuming they have 100% HD in the first place, guarantee either iori has at least 1 stock more often than an opponent has 2 drive bars.

Iori Yagami (Claw) / Re: Iori Yagami (Console)
« on: June 29, 2012, 11:56:25 AM »
Tiny nitpicks:

I haven't looked at the frame data for both of their command overheads yet, but I would give the edge to Claw for the better overhead option. First of all, both of them are only able to follow up after their overheads with HD activation, and Claw obviously gets more damage from that.

This is not even close to true. Both claw and honoo can cancel their overheads into supers and at low levels of scaling, flame iori's supers do more damage. Players are more likely to have 1 or 2 stocks than 100% HD at just about any given point in a match so this is actually very relevant. Although I do agree that ex iori's much easier to react to.

I think (s)he means Flame Iori's dp A+C , as his qcf~hcb+AC isn't invincible, and his EX DP is also a 3f.

You're right. ex ya otome isn't invincible but ex oniyaki is 4f start up. If you're reading 3f somewhere then it probably is listing strictly start up and not counting the actual frame that the move first gains an active hitbox (which is the 4th frame in this case. Thus it cannot punish moves that are -3 or less on block)

Also Kane:
As far as I remember testing early in the discovery of ec-ing, rekkas cannot be empty cancelled on block and the 1st rekka can't be empty cancelled at all with the exception of the ex version's 1st hit.

Ash Crimson / Re: Ash Crimson (Console)
« on: June 25, 2012, 11:34:27 PM »
Ha you were right. I kept messing with it in little ways and I got to 100%. Does 1002 with full j.c as a starter, 1000 with full j.d and hop c, and 998 with hop d but it needs the corner. Will try to record it later for posterity to improve on.

Ash Crimson / Re: Ash Crimson (Console)
« on: June 21, 2012, 01:23:37 AM »
yes thank you! I was looking for that earlier. I was actually trying to see if anyone had come up with an Ash 100% ending in his neomax with out using some sort of situational confirm from a j.CD or genie in the corner. The best I've been able to squeeze out from a jump-in in the corner is about 990 with 514 before the HD activation. I was wondering if anyone knew a more damaging HD than the generic b.D > A ventose > C ventose loop that lends itself well enough to ending with kick super > neomax. If not, is there a known sans culotte sequence or something that can lead to over 514 damage before activating HD using only 2 stock and obviously no drive? I know it isn't at all necessary to have with the character but its something that's been bugging me for awhile and I miss the ole Trinity Two.

Ex Iori (Flame) / Re: EX Iori (Flames)
« on: May 22, 2012, 02:30:51 PM »
As for the news that it might have been removed in climax, I really hope that it isn't so.
It isn't.

Sharnt, I do not know you personally and will, in all likelyhood, never see you irl but know that you are loved. No homo.


BTW, is there an English translated list of changes for Climax?

I like how this is probably the least opinion filled and relevant statement to current events in kof xiii on this page, including this one right here, and it goes ignored in favor of bullshit opinionated seiyuu/voice actor dribble.

Please god the empty canceling! Quickly please check... before... I die...ex iori... Nrhhhrhrhdhhhhhh...

No but seriously if you could please do me a favor and check if ex iori can still cancel the recovery of his rekkakens by using empty super cancels I would greatly appreciate it. Also Shen far st.c should be a free hd combo if you auto guard most  standing normals or certain specials. Did they change something? How does it suck?

Thanks in advance.

melty blood is an infinitely better game than pretty much all of the above in my honest opinion except maybe ggac, the only problem is that unless you live in japan it's not nearly as rewarding to learn it due to a lack of as big a scene over here. but don't regret it too much, the people and members of the community you meet for that game are cool peeps and its a lot of fun to play. besides there still no word on a climax patch for console yet so i don't think you should start counting that as a game you missed out on for not buying one.

The subject of that section is Arcade Version -> Climax version. So most of the changes are probably already known.

well seeing as the ex characters, billy and saiki weren't actually in arcade version, could you pretty please tell me what it says in their respective sections? is it just a general overview of the characters? again, if there's anything regarding EX iori's empty cancels i would like to know before i waste any more time hoping its still there.

Was wondering if someone could translate this.

If not the whole thing then could someone translate the ex iori section. I would like to know if ex iori's empty cancels have been removed from the game.

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