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Kukri / Re: Kukri Video Thread
« on: August 28, 2016, 08:24:50 AM »
Messing with Kukri. I don't think these are maximized damage but just shows some combo potential.

Mid combo links after ;dn ;df ;fd ;a (...spacing/frame advantage matters.)
2 bar - 598 dmg -
1 bar - 449 dmg -

Max Cancel into  ;c ;d into  ;dn ;dn ;b ;d then do what you want

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Training Room / Re: Precision practice with combos and movement
« on: November 26, 2011, 07:41:22 AM »
God knows this is my main issues. Getting comfortable with constant short hops and all the commands.

I think I might just scrap combos altogether and just get the basics down so good that combos are only damage boosters. Cause despite doing relatively well in MVC, SF, and BB, this KOF is on another level when it comes to execution.


"Voce joga bem" is Portuguese for "you play well". Joga is like the Spanish "juego" and bem is like saying bueno... Voce is almost like saying "tu" or "you" in Spanish, but I know in Argentina some people say "vos", which also means "you"...

Thanks. u just taught me something.

oh and Chris, Kensou, and Shingo kill the blue/ jeans...crip squad. Leona is just badass. ^_^ she has blue hair  too. (just being humorous. folks were getting a lil hype with the netcode issues.)


yay I met some folks at some GG/BB streaming event here (atlanta, ga) and i told folks im trying to come up in KOF. a few folks played on the downlow and said they needed some new comp. gonna try to get up more. they told me about about the buffering in this game and how motions get stored for a minute....i'm finally getting my supers in the combos lol.

my dude played with Terry and I swear he combod like three special moves into each other.  Do different special moves have the ability to be canceled into complete different special moves? I know with Orochi Chris I can cancel the end of his command grab with any of his other specials.

im starting to feel a lil more comfortable with this game. KOF in general. I still know NOTHING about 90% of the cast and alot of move moves with projectile invincibility. so im getting shits and giggles at the revelations  midmatch lol. theres honestly ALOT more to take in compared to sonic boom and flash kick. omg @ nameless and kula >:(

Fought a few folks online. some lagged but overall not bad for me.

Played ALOT last night with one guy without a prob. told him "gg new to KOF"....he replied "voce joga bem".....da hell does this mean??? that doesnt even look spanish.


Ive been playing almost exclusively with Chris, Kensou, and Leona. anything i might not know about them? I'm thinking about picking up Shingo. I played a lil with him last night hes kinda cool. (u all see the trend in my team lol)

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King of Fighters 2k2/UM / Re: 2K2UM XBLA Player Compendium
« on: November 07, 2010, 05:33:30 PM »
Wu Fei
Gamertag: Splackavellie G
Location: ATL, GA pimpin'

oh leh do it

Online Matchmaking / Re: KoF mentoring?
« on: November 06, 2010, 05:42:58 PM »
Me Too!

really wanna learn KOF.

had 98 and MOTW on 360 but lol @ netcode.

i got 2K2UM now.

360GT: Splackavellie G

ill take u guys word for it then. ggpo only, for online play.

are the xbox games still viable for offline play? trying to see if friends may warm up to snk with me.

i doubt they will.... :( ....."negro turn this shit off and put blazblue back in >:[ "

well my friend said the online works alot better than Garou motw. so i was thinkin bout buying it...guess its still not good enough? cause Garou was the worst thing ive ever had to deal with.

i'd love to get it on ggpo but i can NEVER get it so that i can fight or connect with others. Does madkatz fightstick work on ggpo?

ive only touched the demo of total noob to the franchise.

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