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Great work on this.
Social Club / SO what has SNKP been up to lately?
April 05, 2013, 08:13:09 AM
I sorta quit playing KOF13 and went back to MK9 and Garou. I still love this company but I haven't followed much of what they have done since 2 months after the console release of KOF13.

Have they announced any plans to make new games for any of their series? Or have they pretty much gone quiet and not said much when it comes to the videogame section of the company?
I'll gladly join you guys for MK2 and VF2 anytime. My GT is Positively Ralf. Look forward to playing with you guys.
Zero Black from Chile has his stream up

I should try to give this game another chance. Always did love the KOF games but I guess life just got in the way of me giving this game as much time as I wanted or any other game in general.
No MK9? I'm surprised, because that would've easily brought out the best players from NY.
So word is that Luis Cha is going to be attending MLG this weekend. This will be pretty damn hype but from what I've heard, he has to use a japanese stick which some people say he has no experience with. Hopefully he can adjust and show how good he is because he is one of the monsters from Mexico at KOF.
Just found out that Virgin mobile is offering the Evo 3D, which was one of the best phones a little than a year ago and now Cricket is taking preorders for the iPhone. Meanwhile, Boost Mobile is going to be getting the iPhone4/S by the fall and will soon be taking pre orders for it aswell.

I'd figure they would eventually start offering more powerful phones on their services but I thought we were maybe 2-3 years away from seeing the iPhone on a prepaid carrier. I'm sure it wont reach the speeds as the contract versions but still, big win for these companies.
Hey btw I wanted to chime in on something that was discussed a few pages ago.

I can honestly say that I'm one of those players who just isn't good enough to fully do HD combos so it sort of pisses me off when I do an accidental activation of HD mode. However, it does seem that so far, HD move is pretty much only relegated to those insane combos and props for people who do them.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing if someone out there is experimenting enough to see if there is more to the HD bar than just HD combos. And what I mean by that is someone who pretty much doesn't do HD stuff and uses those bars to make their defensive or offensive games better through good bar usage.
Quote from: LAB Falken on May 27, 2012, 11:59:14 PM
he should get some kind of award for playing on that pdp stick

Out of curiosity, who was playing on a PDP Stick? And are we talking about the Mortal Kombt layout PDP Stick or did PDP release a stick with the traditional 3 on top/3 on bottom layout?
General Discussion / KOF13 or KOF2k2UM?
May 18, 2012, 09:22:36 PM
Ok, I think the console version of 13 has been out long enough to ask this question. We all knew it was coming sooner or later and the reason it is asked is because I remember a lot of people recommending 2k2UM as a good starting point if you wanted to try 13. And why not? Both games system's are almost identical and it's just the most logical choice to pit both games against each other. And let's not forget, KOF13 has been hailed by the FGC for being one of those fighting games this generation where it does not stray at all from what made the older games very good and it is not looked at as an "easy" game compared to others out on the market.

Now that 13 has been out long enough, which do you think is the better game?

And as an extra if you guys don't mind, would you please explain if you've had a hard time going back to 2k2UM after playing 13 or vice versa? Do you still prefer one game over the other or do you still dabble in both equally?
I think the most amazing thing to me about Virftua Fighter is how with only three buttons at your disposal, you have access to just a ton of moves. It's really remarkable how much this series has come from a fighting game standpoint.
Quote from: Mr Bakaboy on May 17, 2012, 10:48:21 PM

Then show me a fighting game that in the past had load times between matches and it didn't stress the system? Most fighting games I've seen don't have the load times there unless they had to condense the memory packets cause it was too much for the system to handle all at once. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm not talking about the system can barely run it when it's going. I'm talking about memory management. If you have loading times more then likely to are having to compile and condense a lot of memory on the fly. The more info the computer has to work with the more taxed out the computer is to do lightning quick connection adjustments. Kinda works the same with using up all your ram on your computer. Suddenly it's not so fast anymore.

Rival Schools on the PS1 immediately came to mind when I read your post.
Offline Matchmaking / Re: NYC: SNK
May 18, 2012, 12:00:27 AM
Did anyone go to The Gamer's Edge tournament? I was there and me not playing this game in 2 months showed but I sitll had a lot of fun. Anyways, if anyone who went there wants to, we can meet up there and have some games in if our schedules allow it. I'm always usually there for MK Thursdays but there ar elots of us who plays other games on the side aswell. Let me know if you are interested. 
Does anyone know if SNKp is going to be taking the same path with Climax as they did with 13? You know, keeping it arcade only for about a year before importing all the changes over to a console version?

And if they do do that, are people hoping that maybe they could possible have a surprise and add 2 or 3 more EX character and release something like a complete edition with all the climax changes and possibly a better online system? This is obviously all hoping but what are the chances of this actually happening?