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Billy Kane / Re: Billy Kane Matchup Thread
March 14, 2012, 04:07:52 PM
Quote from: jinxhand on March 14, 2012, 07:21:05 AM
So I just realized how strong Athena is against Billy this time around... Anyone have experience with this matchup???

Oh, yes.
I know a guy who has a very good Athena, and at first he was destroying my Billy.
Funny thing is when I got someone else (Takuma, Shen, Ryo) it was a totally different thing.
To me, a very good Athena is Billy's worst matchup by far. Good fireball characters can give Billy some hard times, Kensou and King (in that order) can do some damage but I think Athena is godlike againts Billy.

Quote from: LouisCipher on February 23, 2012, 04:45:45 AM
What do you guys think are Billy's bad matchups and also really advantageous matchups?

Bad matchups: EX Kyo. Just because (like I mentioned) Kyo's jumping down C will beat the cr.C AA and if EX Kyo guesses right he can blow up your pokes. Benimaru can also give him trouble with his standing D (or C I forget) that leg poke is really good at keeping Billy out but his cr.A is a good anti-poke.

I really don´t agree on Kyo (regular or EX) nor Benimaru.
Benimaru and Andy can be real assholes but with Billy you have many ways of shutting them down.
I mentioned Andy because I think he has a lot of stuff that can be really problematic for other characters, but with Billy, you just pressure. When both Andy and Benimaru try to jump, you can jump C and cr C to destroy them. Both characters are extrematelly good when they leave the ground, but for some reason Billy can easilly remove that part of their game.

As I mentioned earlier, the worst matchups for Billy, at least in my opinion, are very good fireball characters.
Takuma Sakazaki / Re: Takuma Sakazaki (Console)
March 13, 2012, 05:32:19 AM
Quote from: Fadedsun on March 02, 2012, 12:58:12 AM
Any tips/set ups on how to land Takuma's command grab? I usually throw out an EX version on wake-up, but other than that I haven't been very successful in landing his command grab.

I use it sometimes, but you shouldn´t rely very much on that move, the regular version is pretty crappy. It is another option to surprise the enemy, but nothing spectacular if you use it as a stand alone move.
It is incredibly usefull in all his combos, and that should be the main usage for it. Outside of combos...not recommended (only in ocations, as I mentioned earlier, to surprise the enemy).
Snkp is releasing a new card game for GREE, it is called SNK Dream Battle.
Quote from: ShinBlanka on February 21, 2012, 05:44:17 AM
This is a message from Dark Geese:

Dark Geese and his MEXICAN KOF13 CARTEL is coming to bust some heads in KOF13 as they are signed up and ready to whoop some buttocks!  Can you stop the terror Dark Geese and his team has promise to unleash on the EC in KOF13?!?!?!?

The hype continues to grow as international players from Mexico, Japan, Brazil, Canada, and possible europe invade the US for Glory, Prizes, and a PIMP CUP FinalRoundXV is shaping up to be the CAN'T MISS EVENT this year!  

Lo estoy viendo, Sibarraz. La última vez que lo vi fueron bastante buenas las peleas.
Quote from: Kane317 on February 06, 2012, 03:05:56 AM

Hey, what's the deal with this Giovanni guy?
He sounds like is on crack or something. Is he really good? He keeps saying he is the champ or something, is he really good, have never seen him play?
Quote from: sibarraz on January 23, 2012, 12:53:56 AM
El gallo negro grande is like the best nickname in the history of videogames

I will watch the stream now, Jose is back so I gotta see it.
I checked the brackets and he kicked us, as usual.
I still think he shouldnt be able to counter against fireballs but we'll see how that turns out.
In my case I am waiting for Mr. Karate and also Nest Style Kyo since I am on PSN.
Results / Re: WP Cup 2012 Results
January 10, 2012, 04:35:43 AM
Epic performance by Kleber, he was sent to loosers bracket and after that, he wanted blood!!!
He got his revenge againts Renato.
Nice tournament, hope they do something like that in Argentina.
I watched it and as usual it was quite enjoyable (eventhou José wasn´t there).
I said it many times and I will say it again:
General Discussion / Re: Tier List
January 01, 2012, 04:30:42 PM
Quote from: Diavle on January 01, 2012, 04:07:19 AM
Kyo is one of the most solid characters in the game, going by what we've seen so far, yet each and every one of his moves is unsafe on block aside from the fireball (if used in a block string). So what?

That is the problem nowadays. It is usefull to make a technical analisys of the frames and stuff like that, but that is not the final word on how a character works.
It's like reading a book about basketball and playing it.
I read many people arguing stuff like "this movement is no safe on block, he is low tier", your example of Kyo proves that's full of shit.
I guess every DP and Flashkick (no matter wich) are bullshit because they are not safe on block, right?
In a fighting game you need to understand exactly how attacks work, WHEN to use them and how, distance is also a key factor for certain attacks, as well as timming.
Terry low tier, ha ha, some people just don´t have a clue about how to play this game.
Jenny, you are right, Robert is also extrematelly solid, but since you don´t see an easy HD loop or something that looks like Raiden's arcade DK people just think he is trash. Again, they don´t know how to play the game, I still remember everyone been afraid of EX Iori being broken, ha ha.
Leona is another character that I never saw too many matches, but I always though in this game she can be very dangerous in the right hands. She will have some tough match ups wich will really imply using her in totally different ways but still, I would like to see how she develops in a couple of months.
Quote from: DarKaoZ on December 30, 2011, 09:31:12 AM
I spam fireballs with King. =)

I also use King and her fireballs are a vital part of her game.

Man, can´t wait for Tuesday, I wanna make sure KOF will be at EVO so I can start with the visa paperwork and flight reservation.
Where can I watch the complete NorCal Vs SoCal? I can only find the first part.
I was counting the hours to get my hands on NEST STYLE Kyo....Fuck!!!!!
I hope they upload a lot to youtube cause I really can´t catch the streams this time.