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General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: February 20, 2016, 06:12:46 AM »
I have no problems with the way the game looks (PS2 Tekken wotever)..
My issue is the speed, it seems very stiff and slow, sluggish even..
I saw someone do Robert f+A, it look so slow u can see it a mile off..
also Im not a fan of the contact sounds.. sounds like u hitting a empty box.. makes the moves
feel light..
Also the game look pretty strict, doesnt look combo friendly, I can see new players
been put off after a week..

Lets see how future updates go, but speed issue needs addressing..

General Discussion / MVP Player of 2015
« on: January 12, 2016, 10:00:25 PM »
I just listened to Episode 62 and there was talk of the KOF XIII MVP Player of 2015..

I managed to compile a list of the tournaments of the 3 main players..
I might have missed a couple..


1st - [150301] # Cannes Winter Clash 2015
1st - [150318] # FINALROUND XVIII
1st - [150531] # KOF XIII 2015 Xiuluodou
1st - [150718] # EVO 2015
1st - [151225] # GCC Dubai 2015

2nd - [150117] MADKOF # Yacheng Cup 4 KOF13
2nd - [150406] MISTERIO # IGT 2015
2nd - [151011] MISTERIO # SCR2015


1st - [150406] # IGT 2015
1st - [150418] # Lonestar Admonition II
1st - [150512] # Torneo KOFXIII despedida - MISTERIO
1st - [150801] # SUMMER BATTLE
1st - [150913] # DKOSE3
1st - [151011] # SCR2015
1st - [151114] # LoneStar Admonition III

2nd - [151213] Violent Kain # Furia Tica 2015
3rd - [150523] TOKIDO # STUNFEST 2015

Violent Kain

1st - [150524] # JAPONAWA 2015
1st - [150711] # The KOF Challenge III
1st - [151018] # Thunderstruck 2015
1st - [151213] # Furia Tica 2015

2nd - [150301] KULA # Chaosdimention
3rd - [150718] XIAOHAI # EVO 2015
4th - [150614] TOSHI # The FIGHT
5th - [150620] LUIS CHA # HYPER BATTLE 2

Someone mentioned Canton Cup but Xiaohai won that in 2016.. someone also said Madkof didnt even reach the final, but as far as I know Madkof never even entered..

The recent Dubai tournament had some crazy ooh ahh moments, lol..

The 1st match of the Grand finals between madkof and XiaoHai. the way that it ended..

The 1st match in Loser Final between madkof and freezer, also the way it ended..

 :) :)

Results / Re: NEC 16 and Furia Tica 2015 results
« on: December 17, 2015, 03:07:00 AM »
Im actually happy to see Chris G place very high.  at least he's still playing kof 13...

The scary thing is, if he actually spent some time in learning some basic HD combos he can be even more dangerous..

Results / Re: NEC 16 and Furia Tica 2015 results
« on: December 16, 2015, 04:51:08 AM »
Congrats to the winners Pedro and Violent Kain.. ^^

Its sad to see a player like Mr kof who was once 3rd best in Socal only behind Bala and Reynalds, to not even make it out of pools and to top it off getting OCVed by Kula..

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: December 06, 2015, 06:35:45 AM »
Early days , but from wot Ive seen the game looks pretty limited in the combo front.. I saw a vid of someone with Kyo trying stand C, f+B, HCB+K, and even that didnt work, lol..

I know someone did a speed combo comparisson with the 3rd trailer and XIII, but watching XIV on its own, the game does appear to move a lot slower..

but its early days as i said so lets wait n see

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: September 29, 2015, 02:15:39 PM »
The roster in King of fighters and SNK in General is huge.. so I think a mixture of old, new and characters from other SNK titles that have yet to appear in a KOF game.. is all that is needed..

Just gimme Shermie and I'll be happy ^^

General Discussion / Re: Top 5 kof 13 players of all time..
« on: September 28, 2015, 02:56:01 AM »
No I wasnt asking for a top 5.

The list I gave is who I think ARE THE BEST 5 EVER..

And its up to u guys to debate it and agree to disagree, lol

Emil_kof : U say I pick popular house hold names, but it just so happens that these
house hold names win competitions..

u say "Kof has many many international players BUT the game is not big enough
for companies to want to sponsor players. The result is that almost none of the
best players are able to actually attend tournaments outside of their own country,
due to large travel costs and low tournament prizes"

Yes kof has many good international players, but not good enough to be in a Top 5 of all time.

U say "Madkof, Koukou, Haregoro, Picnic,'s hard to choose because there
are many other strong players. Madkof might not even be top 5,
as good as he is. Woo is a toss up, as well as Kaoru...and possibly Misterio
can be added in there, he is much stronger than I anticipated."

KouKou - Very good player, no question the best KIM in existence.. but take Kim out and
he becomes not as strong..
Entered Evo 2013 and failed to get into Top 8, Entered IGT 2014 and lost to Tokido,
entered a Tournament in France and finished 4th I believe.

Haregore - Another very good player, best Joe no doubt, but again prob relies on Joe to much,
take him out and he's pretty much done..
Entered Evo 2013 and didnt make Top 8 entered IGT 2015 and lost 3-0 to Xiaohai in the first round.
Had a Money match before IGT with Misterio first to 3, and lost 3-0..

Woo - A very good player very solid, and getting 2nd at EVO 2013 is no fluke.. but lets be
honest.. he should have won it.. Up 2-0 in Grand finals in the winners side, and he goes
and loses 6 games in a row.. this means he panicked, didnt have the winning mentality
to get over the line. Placed 5th in Evo 2014 losing to Tokido, and entered IGT 2015
but didnt get into top 4..

Picnic and Tenkawa I dont really know much about, so I wont comment..

U say "As much as I love Tokido, you have to realize that he hadn't played kof for very
long - he was getting trained by the true grandmasters in Japan, players like Dune,
 Koukou, Haregoro, etc. It's hard to call him top 5 because of that."

Kof 13 came out in console at the end of 2011, I know Tokido was playing it in 2012, and has
been playing ever since so not sure where u getting ur info from?
Yes he was trained by the best in Japan, and u know wot, he got better than them..

To be known as a great u have to go outside ur comfort ZONE and prove u can WIN..

General Discussion / Top 5 kof 13 players of all time..
« on: September 22, 2015, 06:49:46 AM »
As kof 13 is near the end of time with kof 14 just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to have a healthy discussion about who the top 5 kof 13 players are of all time..
Its only for a bit of fun and banter..

Top 5 in no order:

MADKOF - has won 4 international tournaments.

1st - EVO 2012 (Not only did he had to come from Losers but he also had to over come the rowdy crowd who were clearly against him)
1st - Seasons Beatings 2012
1st - WGC 2013
1st - Canada Cup 2013
1st - Yacheng Cup 4 (Literally Owning EVO champ XiaoHai)

Also in 2013 Korea and Japan had a 5 v 5, Madkof came to the table with Korea down 4-1. He won 4 straight to win it for Korea 5-4, defeating some of Japan's best in the process ^^

BALA - In 2012 he was virtually unstopable ^^.

2nd - EVO 2012
1st - MLG Columbus 2012
1st - MLG Anaheim 2012
1st - SCR 2011
1st - King of fridays @ UCI 1.1 (Not a big tournament, added for the fact that Bala came from losers to defeat MrKOF 6-0)
1st - CEO 2012
1st - ATLUS Fighting Championships
1st - NEC 13
1st - THE KOF CHALLENGE (Bala had to come from losers, and in Grand finals was 0-2 down after 2 OCVs)
1st - COLISEO Versus 2
1st - REVO 2K
1st - International Video Games Cup 2014
1st - FURIA TICA 2014
1st - GAMECON 2014

TOKIDO - The Murderface has proven himself to be the most clutch KOF player of all time ^^.

2nd - EVO 2014 (In Losers he manages to reset the bracket)
1st - IGT 2014 (In Losers he was 0-2 down and 2 characters down against FOX. He followed that up in Grand Finals with 2 Reversed OCVs in the first 2 games, on his way to a 6-0 over ET)
1st - Treta Armageddon 2012 (Grand Finals against Kléber Yagami was hype)
1st - Da Ultimate Crushing 2k13
1st - April Duels II
1st - Northwest Majors VI
1st - SEAM 2K14
1st - Hypespotting 4
1st - STUNFEST 2015 (Defeating the player of the moment Misterio)

XIAO HAI - Possibly the GREATEST KOF Player of all Time ^^.

1st - EVO 2014 (Defeating the Hottest player of the moment TOKIDO)
1st - EVO 2015 (He had to come from Losers to defeat 4 kof champions)
2nd - IGT 2015 (Narrowly losing 3-2 to MISTERIO)
1st - Shadowloo Showdown 2k12
1st - Cannes Winter Clash 2015

MISTERIO - The Money Match King ^^.

7th - EVO 2014
1st - IGT 2015 (Defeating the Evo champ 3-2 with a OCV)
1st - Treta Aftermath 2013
1st - Maligno Tournament (In Grand Finals won 3-2 coming from 0-2, but he was in Winners)
1st - MALIGNO CUP 2014
1st - VGM TEC 2014
1st - U.A.F.G (UnionArgentinaFightingGames) (MISTERIO won game 2 in Grand finals reset with 100% full health, lol)
1st - Torneo Fighter 2.1
1st - Meliblipa's Tournament - Endieciochado 2014
1st - Tournament
1st - Lonestar Admonition II
1st - DKSE 2015

Why is he Money Match King? check out some of his best results below:

10-6     XiaoHai        (Double EVO Champion)
10-8     Tokido        (IGT 2015 Champion)
10-0     Khannibalito  (SCR 2014 Champion and 2nd at EVO 2015)
10-0     Lacid           (Cafeid WE LOVE KOF Champion and 5th at EVO 2012)
10-0     Frionel        (Game of Rhône Champion)
15-7     Reynald        (EVO 2013 Champion)
15-12  ET           (The KOF Challenge II Champion)
10-7     Luis Cha        (NEC VX Champion) - Misterio started the set 0-6
10-2     WHIP        (Torneo de Fin Da Ano Champion)
10-0    VFM Ichisim  (Top player in Morocco)
10-0     FOX        (Shoryugame Champion and 7th EVO 2013)
10-1     Tom Saywer  (Top player in France)
10-1     Freezer        (Top player in Morocco)
10-1     MAO        (Top player in Japan)
10-4     Tinty           (top player in Argentina)
10-2     Ssong        (Top player in Korea)
10-2     Canno        (Top player in Argentina)
6-0     Realkim        (KIM expert)
6-0     Mario E        (Frosty Faustings VI Champion)
6-1     Pedro        (KingsofCO leader)
5-0     Verna        (3rd EVO 2012 and 7th EVO 2013)
5-1     777           (The KIM Master)
5-1     Chriskof       (NCR 2012 Champion and 5th EVO 2015)
5-2     SangeTencho(Leona Master)
5-0     Salim        (Stunfest 2014 Champion)
5-0     Atma        (Strong player from UK)
5-0     LaziFredy        (Dreamcancel mod)

So theres my Top 5.. It was actually a TOSS UP between Reynald and Misterio.. both deserve that top 5.
But because Misterio won the money match 15-7 I edged it to Misterio.. but truthfully Reynald prob would be in it.

Knocking on the door of the top 5 would be Kula.. I think he is very very strong player, but is unproven internationally, which is why he cannot be in it..
But Mexico-wise he is clearly in a league of his own at the moment..

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: September 15, 2015, 08:18:12 PM »
I think the game looks pretty good, I can't wait to see more  :)

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: November 10, 2014, 02:03:43 AM »
US as a whole has never really been big on KOF, u get groups of 8-10 players scattered around the country, but thats as far as it goes.. many other casual gamers who played it a few times move on to the next big fighting game on the market..
and that causes it to slowly die..

On the other hand Japan, Korea and Mexico have always been big on KOF, which is why even 2 years from now even if there isnt a new KOF, they will still be playing KOF XIII..

IMO XIII is the finest KOF ever made, its got everything 98 has and then some..

As much as I like 98, I've always seen it as a toned doen version of 97.. ^^

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: November 07, 2014, 07:34:01 AM »
EVO 2014, Toshi vs ET, when Toshi does RED kick with kyo, for ET to auto-armour with Clark, then on wake up Toshi does dp with kyo for ET to auto-armour again with Clark, man that was crazy, lol

EVO 2014, TOKIDO vs Violent Kain (Mr Rekkas), that first round of the first match where mr Rekka got the EX Iori infinite going and didnt drop it..

EVO 2014, Woo vs Layek, the end part of the final match was pretty crazy..

FT15 MISTERIO vs REYNALD, when Misterio done that thing with KING, still not sure wot he did, i think he somehow auto armoured in HD then activated King's Neo MAX, I remember seeing that my Jaw was on the floor, lol

I'm sure theres loads more, but these came to my mind first ^^

haha I thought KOF was meant to die after EVO, I just watched 4 tournaments this past weekend ^^

Which ones? Give us links man. :)

1/ Resistance 2 , won by Pachukof

2/ FIGHT AGAIN! , won by Foomy

3/ KOF XIII Mini Torneo , won by AGUILA (high level stuff here)

4/ CACOMP VI , won by Robkof
(Can't find the link anymore, its a Brazilian tournament)

haha I thought KOF was meant to die after EVO, I just watched 4 tournaments this past weekend ^^

This will maybe be the last time we see KOF 13 at Evo as a main game, so what better way to end it
then to have a KOF Legend take it..

Remember Kanobilito predicted on Dream Cancel Podcast that he thought either ET or XiaoHai will win Evo..
Well one got 1st and the other got 3rd, so he really knows his stuff..

People might start saying so and so wasn't there etc..
would it have made a difference? it might have..

A week before Evo ET won a KOF Challenge Tournament in Tijuana, and that tournament had killers
that didn't attend Evo.. like Kula, Koopa, Huevo, Juan.. would they have placed into top 8?
who knows..

Would Reynalds had made any difference to the outcome? Tokido already beat him at NWM
and Misterio got the better of him on a couple of money matches.. but again who knows..

What I'm trying to say is this Evo win is legit regardless of what anyone will say..

As for the Grand finals it self I absolutely loved it, I didnt know who was going to win it
and I loved how technical it got with the little pokes and spacing..
To me this is KOF at the highest level..

people will start saying.. oh its boring they all playing Karate, Kim, EX Iori, etc..

And that is true to some extent.. but its not who u pick but how u play them..
example Tokido uses Karate different to XiaoHai, same goes with Ex Iori...

Overall I really enjoyed this Evo and would like to thank kingsofCo for streaming the Pools..

hypest Match was without doubt..

Tokido against Violent Kain..
I so wanted To see Kain in top 8.. the crowd would have gone nuts over the rekkas, lol

Another hype moment was in the match with ET against Yoshi with the Clark auto Amour on Kyo's DP...

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