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Can someone please help a brother out and link to those MLG matches? I completely missed Romance vs Tokido and Tokido vs Bala. I don't want to wait a month for MLG to upload the matches.

Couldn't catch it all. Had to goto work.

I really liked Hiroaki's art what happened to him?
I love hiroaki's work the most and 2nd is shinkiro

Got my girls lookin juicy :)
Lol, I have a copy of this Arcadia. Got it shipped from Japan long time ago.

The way we tolerated the way Mai looks since the old days.

But, yea some people feel & think otherwise and do not tolerate it. As how he explained the way he felt in his article.

Which I just wana break down a bit because most of the shit he says is not 100% true or True Period.

" Then thereís Mai. Mai.. Has always been a fanservice character. Iím really not sure what to make of her. Words fail me, so hopefully a picture will do."

" Ash Crimson or Benimaru were given similar levels of fanservice. It would have been at least a nod to SNK knowing that women are people, and that they have fans outside of stereotypical male gamers; Drooling virgin post-adolescent straight men. I know plenty of guys who find this kind of thing uncomfortable, not to mention embarressing to play. But apparently the fanbase that SNK seek to cater for are those who enjoy this kind of fanservice."

" To compound the problem, many of the male members of the cast spend their time slut-shaming Mai for how she acts. So; letís dress our character up to be a slut, then shame and demean her for it through the voice of our male cast."

She's a Kunoichi, and Kunoichi apparel has always been varied.

" Real-life kunoichi were trained differently from male ninja. Their training focused more on disguises, poisons, and using their gender to an advantage.......

They would usually disguise themselves as geisha, prostitutes, entertainers, fortune-tellers, and the like to get very close to the enemy. It is thought that they would generally seduce the soon-to-be victim and when they get close enough, would poison them..."

Information from

If you just keep re-reading that article u can see he took shit way to emotionally.

Some other shit he said

"The Ďidealí fans they seem to be catering for are apparently a group of sexually-repressed straight white cisgendered guys, who see ethnic minorities as subhuman, women as objects and trans people as beings of scorn and disgust.".................

Yeah, SNK can go fuck themselves. ....

Fuck you, SNK. Fuck you.

Come on now, dont take this article to the heart. He takes the way SNK animates races to seriously. I find the races of the backround characters to be cartoon animated & not made to be disrespectful to any race.  But some people idiotically take it to seriously & seem to think otherwise.

F dat article. That's starting unnecessary controversy.

Like many other similar articles i've seen over the years about video game developers outlook on certain minorities.

Tired of those people who have have the will to express there unpleasant feelings through articles and make a big deal out of something that should\can be tolerated an left alone.

Using the words ( F**k, & Tit***s) in a article...  N**** please....


Know how it feels Cib.

Works taking up alot of my time too.
I too wish netcode got a little better. Plus the fact that my internet is ass dont make it any better lol. At least for me my arcade has XIII. 50 Cent a game.

General Discussion / Re: The Official What's Streaming Now Thread
« on: March 03, 2012, 05:47:53 PM »
KOF is up and running right now at FR


Hello everyone! Long time!

In SpekSNK we had the privilage to interview SNKP and Kei Yamamoto, producer of KOF XIII. You can read the interview here if you are interested on it. It talks a bit about how SNKP feels about KOF XIII and their future plans :)

Very Cool Interview.

They should give Ralf his command grab back. There's alot of characters that have altered move sets that still work well. He's still sick, but I really think he should get his command grab back.

 Im sure that asking for too much though, they probably make a few tweaks too some characters moves. Probably make some modifications to HD. Dont know what to aspect but I feel they will.

Social Club / Re: Where To Purchase KOF Posters?
« on: February 09, 2012, 04:07:14 AM » had some last I checked, but this site should also help out:

It has some classic posters with Shinko's artwork... There was one with Team USA, and I'm thinking about snagging on of those... I'm not patriotic though, that team was just dope!!!

Good shit,

hell yea, Shinkiro's art to me is legendary. He's been at it for a very long to producing art for KOF and other various games. And yea im down with Team USA.

Thx man!

After playing in the arcade for some time or vs a local opponent you'll find your self getting acquainted with the sounds of hop,& jumps from the joystick that your opponent makes. Furthermore, the sound of them hitting the corner of the inside the joystick during  ;dn ( ;df ) ;fd motions. It's not something you should always react to of course because you could mistaken it for something else. But there plenty of players out there that do so.

Is it humanly possible to play KOf13 at a high level using a pad? This was something I was talking with a friend of mine and we noticed that there are basically no top level players out there using any kind of pad playing this game or any other KOf for that matter.
Laban plays Pad IIRC.

He may not be top, but he's pretty damn good at his KOF tech/knowledge. As you may see his contributions to the KOF SRK wiki. Dark Geese played pad too IIRC as well as stick. He said he likes it because your opponents cant pick up the sounds of your movements or something like that. (cant remember exactly; it was years ago when I remember him saying that).

Social Club / Where To Purchase KOF Posters?
« on: February 05, 2012, 07:45:47 PM »
Does anyone know were i could find decent KOF wall posters.

Of course besides Ebay, Amazon, & a few other places Google has directed me too from there shopping network I've yet to find any good ones.

Preferably any that dont have K' or Mai on the damn front lol.

If anyone has any whereabouts please share.


General Fighting Game Discussion / Re: Street Fighter X Tekken
« on: February 03, 2012, 01:41:37 AM »
Vote for DeadlyRave-Neo!

Most Def. That wats up

General Fighting Game Discussion / Re: Street Fighter X Tekken
« on: January 31, 2012, 10:59:20 PM »
4 new characters for only 8 bucks? i smell fake.

Im with u

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