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General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: July 30, 2016, 03:42:42 AM »
Arguments based on assumptions, amusing. Maybe wait to actually play the game before talking about Kensou's place on the tier list?

King of Dinosaurs / Re: King of Dinosaurs
« on: July 24, 2016, 01:36:56 AM »
Heres what seems to be the best for 1/2 bars with Dinosaur-

1 bar- cr.b, cr.a, Ankylo Hammer a (1 hit), Dinner of Dinosaur b, Giga Compy b or D =323

His best for 1 bar because its dead easy and you can do 2 cr.a for 5 more damage if youre slow at confirming. The free Giga Compy gives a nice bit of meter too. He has max mode stuff without super but it does about 20 less damage and gives no meter. Another annoyance with Dino is having 1250/1500 max as 2nd or anchor doesnt extend his combos at all, also his most efficient damage is from 1 or 2 bars (1 bar specifically) so you should probably play him on point imo. Bearnin mind you can use EX Dinner in this combo but he doesn't get the free otg so its only about 50 more damage.

2 bar- cr.b, cr.a, max, cr.c, fwd.a, Super Zetsumetsu =391

You can start this from cl.d, fwd.a, max, cl.d, fwd.a for 473. Dont use cl.c at all because it has way too much pushback, and be wary of cl.d because if you're not point blank you get a far standing d.

I like Dino but his damage without meter is terrible, its cr.b, st.a, Zetsumetsu or nothing basically and even that only works if youre practically hugging your opponent. I cant find anything into climax thats worth the meter, his max mode is pretty worthless and his EX Dinner does comparatively crap damage. Im still using him on point though

General Discussion / Re: KOF XIV Demo Impressions
« on: July 20, 2016, 02:47:24 AM »
Heres my impressions from first time kof player

Graphics and music are really, really great. Not as technically impressive as something like Street fighter 5 but the design is fantastic, the characters remind me of 3D versions of old snk artwork (forget the artists name, they drew all the capcom character portraits in cvs2). Everything looks nice and clean too, none of the horrible stippling that Street fighter 5 has. Special move and system effects look nice too. Counterhits are easy to see due to that weird noise they make (not sure how important counterhits are in kof)

I was doing flashy stuff within 20 minutes messing around with Sylvie. Although I still had to concentrate to keep the combos consistent I didnt feel like anything was closed off to me (my execution isnt the best)

Footsies felt more important than I was expecting, as a street fighter/cvs2 player I enjoyed that. I will say it almost always seems to be better to do a max mode combo after a confirm, rather than just super-cancelling.

Training mode has some nice modern options although recording actions is still awkward.

Overall im super impressed, Ive had no interest in kof ever and i wasnt interested in this, but after playing the demo ive gone and preordered the game lol

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