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I just worry about the lack of spectator mode putting a damper on the growth of the community. KoF already has a tiny fanbase, and now its offering a product that doesn't have basic features other, more popular competitors have. The few hardcore gamers like us will buy it, but that kills a lot of the attractiveness of the game for many players, a game that already has a lot stacked against it(Capcom fighters left and right, consumer trust completely out the window after KoFXII and all the other shitty netcode titles SNKP has had for years NGBC aside, etc).

WE, at DC, are gonna buy it, but quite frankly, for this game to succeed, we simply aren't enough. We need important features like Spectator Mode, or I can quite easily see this game dying before it even gets a chance.

Just because you don't care for Spectator Mode isn't a good argument for it to NOT be in the game. It's a great way for friends who never see each other to connect in one room, watch matches, commentate, shoot the shit and catch-up, and grow the community in general, bringing an arcade like experience to online play. And now that's all gone, because SNKP didn't implement one of the most basic fighting game features in Spectator Mode.

Will this stop me from buying the game? No. Does it suck? Absolutely.

Maybe not KILL the game, but I know a lot of people who were on the fence about this game, the lack of spectator mode definitely loss some potential fans. After the complete and total debacle that was KoF12, SNKP should be doing everything they can to win consumers' trust back, including basic features like Spectator Mode.

So, they did a test build of KOFXIII using GGPO and GGPO didn't work well.

I'm feeling the hype deflating from the building here... :(

Got confirmation of no spectator mode, big pretty hype killer :/

Some guy asked if they were gonna do Samurai Showdown vs Soul Calibur :/

Who are asking all these dumbass questions :/

Damn, looks like its been streamed on one of those phones from the 1990s. Can't hear shit either  :(

Fix all that loading Atlas, shit was like Wrath of Cortex

*sees all the godlike trailers and info*

...pleeeeeeeease don't suck ass, netcode

Joe Higashi can apparently charge up his neomax now, the way it looks? And is it me, or was that damage off full screen 4 meters just insane?

Ah, the gloriousness of being able to do EX DM Max Cancel into NEOMAX with only four bars. I think that should make characters like Hwa Jai more viable regardless of his buffs, and he could always dish out crazy damage, but he needed the meter.

Another question I have is what I seen refered to as "autoguard". I've seen K' jump  ;d Shen right when he was doing his st. ;c, the ;c stopped/freeze-framed for a second, then kept going like nothing happened and knocked K' away.

What's up with that? What moves have those properties? What is the limit of their effectiveness(and yes, I've seen the "Maxima Guard Points Everything" video, which just made me more curious)?

The new Mortal Kombat is awesome.

Best fighting game of this year, so far. Until 3SOE comes out.

Also funny hearing someone call the new Mortal Kombat shit when they play Melty Blood lol.

You wanna talk shitty fighting games, look at the vast collection of old crappy Neo-Geo fighters.

lol 15 year old neo games ARE better than mk9, mk is ass and mk9 is no different. your probably one of those folks that plays mk and mk vs dc and talks about how great it is and the next year talks about how he thought it was always a shit game. mk is shit, its for people who dont know great fighters and like retarded ass designs. you know who plays mk here? people that dont know how to play fighters. you know what people that actually play fighters play? real fighters. and no, mk is not a real fighters. its a fighting game, and a shit one at that. same way those old neo games like the aof series, gangan and savage reign are shit games, same way ff1 and 2 are shit games. mk9 is not even on ff3 tier, and ff3 is weak compared to actual great ff titles like the rb games. mk is just shit, its like clayfighters, ki and whatever shit series there is. /rant.
For the love of god why do we not have an ignore option here.

Yeah, even as a person who hates the game, that was...painful to read. Its like he just discovered this wonderful word called "shit", and wanted to see just how much he could cram it into a bunch of poorly-formatted sentences.

So how does the game differente cl. ;c from regular throws( ;fd;c)? Sorry, I come from a SF3/4 background where throws are done with two buttons, and I'm used to pressing forward while getting in on the offensive. When you want a close C, do you just let go of the joystick and hit  ;c so not to get a throw?

Because its a shitty game

Behind every "inb4*blank*" lies a hint of truth.

So about those questions Atlas was suppose to answer this week >_>

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