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King / Re: King
« on: July 30, 2010, 08:28:35 PM »
Is there an SDM version of Double Strike? If so, what's different about it? I assume it would be similar to '98UM EX King.

No there is not, she only has Ex Surprise Rose.


So, how is KoF XIII doing in USA? Is any hardcore street fighter players give a try for this game?

Almost daily we're seeing more and more people trying the game, it's hard to tell who's going to stick and become a regular, but I've counted 3 so far in AI and growing.  A few of the '02UM players are rubber necking all day at the XII machine coz we draw a crowd, especially as our gameplay has improved a lot already.

I was thinking of buying a copy of one of those. has the arcadia magazine but what about the master guide (mook?). I think it would be cool to have one of those and take it to AI when we go play, for new players.

THE ANSWER, no need to buy it online, just buy it from a Japanese bookstore.  Mitsuwa in Costa Mesa carries it usually, I checked yesterday and they think it should come in next Tuesday =(.   They carry Arcadia monthly, but I dunno how it's going to work out for the mook.

EDIT: Apparently The Professor over at mmcafe got himself a copy of Arcadia (it helps to be in Japan) and has the following interesting things to say:

Very very quick notes on that latest issue of Arcadia magazine--

1. Arcadia's top tier picks are K', Mature, and Iori. The three characters weren't listed in any order of ranking because that's the teamup that the magazine expects to see a lot at the Tougeki tournament (preliminaries starts from Aug.1). The magazine also picked Kyo, Elisabeth, and Maxima as their secondary choice of characters.

2.Raiden and I *think* it was Takuma, was also mentioned because they have some powerful combos. In fact, Takuma apparently has a knockout/100% combo that can be done as long as he has about 70% of his drive meter full.

IMO, Raiden is powerful but hard to use. He has some weird attributes, like his closeup fierce kick is an overhead. He's in my choice of teamup.

Toxico: Hopefully there'd be some sort of update, at least for the home console version. There's some balance issues too, with K' and Iori making the game feel like XI all over again.

So I take it that it's different from the mook coming out August 6th?  EDIT:  I might just pick this up today.

Leona Heidern / Re: Leona Heidern
« on: July 29, 2010, 12:23:29 AM »
I heard someone mention that f+B now connects from lights (e.g. c.A or close s.B). Is this true?

Confirmed. :) Just avoid charging down back coz you'll get her [back]fwd+K instead.

Leona Heidern / Re: Leona Heidern
« on: July 28, 2010, 05:52:40 PM »
UPDATE2: (damage included and additional notes added)

-s.D, B Grand Sabre (charge b~f+K) (141dmg)
-d.C, Moon Slasher (charge d~u+P) (146dmg)
-s.C, f.B, X-Calibur A (air.qcb A) (202dmg)
-d.B x1~2, s.B, f.B, X-Calibur A (154dmg and 175dmg for two d.Bs) / V-Slasher DM (air qcf~hcb+P) (~290dmg)
-s.C, Slash Sabre DM (qcb~hcf+K) (292dmg)
-s.C, f.B, V-Slasher (338dmg)
-s.C, Ex Earring Bomb (qcb+BD), Slash Sabre (393dmg)
-s.C, f.B, Ex V-Slasher (423dmg)

-Vertical j.D, X-Calibur A / V-Slasher DM

-(anti-air) Moon Slasher, [DC] D Grand Sabre, Slash Sabre DM (332dmg)
-d.B, d.A, Moon Slasher, [DC] Ex Grand Sabre, B Grand Sabre (307dmb) / Slash Sabre (420dmg)
-(Corner) s.D, B Grand Sabre, [DC] Ex Earring Bomb, D Grand Sabre, V-Slasher
-(Corner) s.C, f.B, X-Calibur C, C Moon Slasher , [DC] D Grand Sabre, Moon Slasher (344dmg) / V-Slasher (456dmg)
--> Note, you can charge db~ub+P (Moon Slasher), f+D (buffers into charge b~f+D)

-d.C, HD, d.C, B Grand Sabre, [HDC] C Moon Slasher, [HDC] D Grand Sabre, Slash Sabre DM, [MC] Leona Blade NM (qcb~hcf+AC)
-s.C, HD, d.C, (A Moon Slasher, [HDC] B Grand Sabre) x5, A Moon Slasher, [HDC] D Grand Sabre, (Ex) V-Slasher
-j.D, s.D, HD, s.D, f.B, X-Calibur C, ( C Moon Slasher, {HDC] B Grand Sabre) x3, Slash Sabre, [MC] Neo Max (qcf~hcb+AC) (901dmg)

-Slash Sabre dashes fullscreen.
-Ex X-Calibur doesn't seem to connect to anything ground or corner.  EDIT: Read, but needs confirming, if you catch your opponent in the air with a Baltic Launcher (charge b~f+P), probably the C version, j.D, Ex X-Calibur connects (cool!)
-j.A, j.B, and j.D are all cancelable
-Mid screen, only the B version Grand Sabre connects from d.C/s.C/D
-Both hits of s.C or s.D cancels; s.C does more damage (78 vs 106)
-(Ex) Baltic Launcher doesn't seem to connect off d.C/s.C/D, even in the corner
-Easier way to buffer Vertical Jump D into V-Slasher: qcf (no button)~up+D --> (buffers DM) qcb+P
-Charging moves: charge db~ub+P works for Moon Slasher
--> ub~f+K works for Grand Sabre but ub~df+K does not work hence you need to return to db if you want to charge a Moon Slasher again
-Only Ex V-Slasher can be Max Canceled, normal version does not (Slash Sabre still can be MC'ed)
-(air) qcf~hcb+ABC does a V-Slasher while activating at the same time, great shortcut to MC into his Neo Max


HD Combo
- (mid-screen) cr. Bx2, [HD] cr. C, b~f+B, [HDC] (d~u+C, [HDC] b~f+D]x5, qcb hcf+K

- cr. Bx2, [HD] cr. C, b~f+B, [HDC] d~u+C, [HDC] b~f+D, [HDC] d~u+AC, [HDC] b~f+Dx2, d~u+C, [HDC] b~f+D, d~u+C, [HDC] b~f+D, (SC) qcb hcf+K

Maxima / Re: Maxima
« on: July 27, 2010, 09:52:42 AM »
Maxima's Technical Reference

Quote from: PenPen
Maxima impressions per FightClub.

Normals have changed some. Seems to have a larger range. Autoguard is pretty much the same (far D seems to be longer).
Low A is slower, but has increased range. Low B is a totally new animation, comes out fast. Not sure if can cancel into anything yet.
Far C is slightly faster but has less range. Stays out longer. Close C and low C are the same as before.
Far D is slightly faster than before, and has a longer autoguard. Low D is really fast and reaches farther.
Hop C is like hop A from before with a better range. Good for air to ground, combos easily to close C after doing as jump in. Jump D hits downwards, so you won't get low attack air counters as easily as before.
Standing CD is same as before, jump CD is same as XI.

df+C is his only command move, only good for anti-air, but it hits really high and will miss most crouching opponents.

Lost his qcf+P chain and his hcf+K.
VAPA KANNUN has strong version with autoguard (not sure with weak version), 2k2UM's dp+P VAPA KANNUN is in here as well. Jump qcb+P has him do the VAPA KANNUN diagonally downwards, good to catch dps. The air version will have him do a hop backward afterwards, and if it misses Maxima's screwed. EX VAPA KANNUN wires regardless if it's a counter hit or not.
dp+K flies higher and farther, at times he jumped over the opponent.
hcb+K has a followup qcb+P, light version is a grab move (not a running grab) and can combo. Heavy version has him dashing forward, has some startup time but dashes really fast, can use as anti-air somewhat (like Adel in XI). This is his main move.

DM so far is his qcfx2+P, comes out fast, autoguard on startup, but not really high damage.

Neomax is his KOF: MI chest beam super. Has dramatic pause effect (Pen: He said "lock frame" which means animations are suspended for a second or two?), even if the opponent does a weak attack from afar, or is almost landing from a jump, it'll hit, but damage isn't as high, around 35%.

-Maxima Press B is unblockable, it's considered a command grab however when it connects it'll press him against the wall. The whiff animation looks like any command grab.
-Maxima Press D is unblockable but has a slow start up.
-EX Maxima Press is blockable but is fast.
-All of Maxima's ground strong normals, have Guard Point (autoguard); d.D is the only exception.
-Vapor Cannon C will wire if it's a counter, EX Vapor Cannon will counter wire every time.
-d.C empty cancels (I like doing it into df.C for some reason).
-GP'ing takes no tick damage at all.  I once Guard Pointed Joe's entire Screw Upper DM (qcfx2+P)!

Quick notes between these two combos:
--> EX qcb+P (wire), df.C, (df.C), Ex hcb+K -->
--> Ex hcb+K.qcb+P, [DC] Ex qcb+P (wire), df.C, dp+K

Is to use the second one for more damage, but first one if you only have 2 stocks and no Cancels.  Arguably, both combos can be extended but would personally use the first one for SCs and MCs as it uses one less Drive Cancel already.

Maxima only has three special moves (if you count air.vapor cannon he has four).  The cool thing is he does massive damage and his limit is his stocks (the more he has the more creative the combos can get).  df.C has pretty good horizontal range as well.

-d.B, d.A, hcb+B.qcb+P -->
-(d.Ax3)/(d.B, d.A, df.C), Ex qcb+P (wires), df.C, (df.C), dp+K /Ex hcb+K.qcb+P -->
-Crossup j.C, d.A, df.C, qcb+P/hcb+B.qcb+P -->
-Crossup j.C, d.A, df.C, Ex hcb+K.qcb+P, [DC] Ex qcb+P, (wire) df.C, dp+K
-Hyperhop/hop C, Ex air.qcb+P, Ex qcb+P (wires), df.C, dp+K

If, --> Ex hcb+K.qcb+P, [DC] qcb+P, [SC] qcfx2+P
If, --> hcb+K.qcb+P, [SC] qcfx2+P
If HD, --> [SC] qcfx2+P, [MC] hcbx2+P NM

-d.B, d.A, df.C, Ex qcb+P (wires), hcbx2+P NM
-qcb+P (counter), hcbx2+P NM

Chin Gentsai / Re: Chin Gentsai
« on: July 27, 2010, 09:32:52 AM »
Chin's Technical Reference:

From CX:

Quote from: sugarboy
through my experience playing with chin in this KOF this is what i got



rdp + A or C
it is really hard to pull it out, the key to pull it all the time is u have to make sure to hold the lever at the corner at the end of the bdp before hitting the punch button, if u do it this way you will never miss it any time and it will b a piece of cake

qcb + B or D
other than being able to counter opponents physical attacks he can also dodge fireballs and react to them as if they were physical attacks B or D version (probably works only on normal fireballs, might get hit by fireball neglecting fireballs)

hcf + B or D
MY FAVORITE MOVE, it's his key move in this game other than being able to escape fireballs except the ones running on the ground he can also get Maxima's balls while doing his (what ever) cannon (qcb + A or C) without getting hit, and many other moves like Maxima's.
the most important point in this move after it lands on the opponent (either blocked it or got hit by it) u r able to free cancel into any other special move (except his DM) for example: hcf + Kick -> df + B OR qcb + A OR qcb + Kick, depends on either you want to charge in to continue a combo or pushing your opponent forward to have enough recovery time to block or to trick your opponent and run backwards and u might get a chance to counter him.


hcf + B or D
please read the tactic section before this.
u can free cancel it into df + B then qcb + A (100% at the corner and 70% mid screen) or just to make sure u don't miss such chance just cancel it into qcb+A

df + B (once only)
in this KOF if it lands on your opponent in midscreen or corner you can connect it with qcb + A all the time, forgot to mention that u have to wait a sec or 2 until you enter the next command

qcb + A
to drive cancel after it is the key to giving your opponent a lesson to not underestimate u ever again for picking chin.

if you are in the middle of the screen it is recommended that you drive cancel it into hcf + B and then you will have free cancel chance after hcf + B lands on your opponent you can hit qcb + A again (or df+b but not sure if it connects all the time in mid screen cause i got it connected many time and not connected many times too so it is still under research)

if you are in the corner you can cancel it into df + B then df + B again *OR hcf + B then qcb + A again!! (i guess you got yourself the HD combo loop in your head now huh?)
or qcb + A -drive cancel-> df + B -> df + B -> EXDM (only? still under research)

and i got an experimental combo didn't try it out yet just thought about it
at the corner qcb + A -drive cancel-> df + B -> qcb,hcf + Punch (got to have at least one bottle).

HD Combo Suggestion

his HD combo i was able to pull so far goes like this
at the corner: jump D -> C -> B+C -> C -> [df + B (once) -wait a sec or 2-> qcb + A -HD cancel-> df + B (once) -wait a sec or 2-> df + B (once) -wait a sec or 2->]

repeat the loop between those [] brackets and u can pull the DM when ever u feel like it and u know the rest

of course u can mix hcf + Kick inside that loop but it will be tricky and much more harder so take this loop as starters and then make your own

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: July 26, 2010, 10:02:30 PM »
Arcade Infinity Casuals Playlists uploaded by Kane317:
KOF XIII - Arcade Infinity casuals #1-5 July 20th '10
KOF XIII - Arcade Infinity casuals Day 1&2

July 29th '10 KOF XIII - Arcade Infinity casuals

Arcade Infinity - King of Fighters XIII Casuals 1
Arcade Infinity - King of Fighters XIII Casuals 2
Arcade Infinity - King of Fighters XIII Casuals 3

AI combo vids:
Mr Kof's Andy combo
Mr Kof does an exhibition of Robert combos
Shen combo 1 - Kane317
Shen combo 2 - Kane317
Shen combo 3 - Kane317
Chin double Ex combo - Kane317
Chin 3 stock+drink+HD 100% - Kane317
Chin 2 stock+HD 785dmg combo - Kane317

08-21-10 AI Tourney
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top 8 Mr. KOF vs Pepe.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top 8 WF Reynald vs Mr. KOF.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top8 Yoshi vs Chris.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top8 Romance vs Kane317.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top8 The Answer vs Chris.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top8 Kane317 vs Pepe.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - Top8 Kane317 vs The Answer.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - LF Reynald vs The Answer.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - GF 1 Reynald vs Mr. KOF.
King of Fighters 13 Tournament - GF 2 Reynald vs Mr. KOF.

10-23-10 AI Tourney Top 6
King of Fighters 13 Tournament 2 - Top 6 The Answer vs Romance
King of Fighters 13 Tournament 2 - Top 6 Chris vs Pizzaro
King of Fighters 13 Tournament 2 - Top 4 Chris vs Romance
King of Fighters 13 Tournament 2 - Top 3 Romance vs. Mr. KoF
King of Fighters 13 Tournament 2 - GF Reynald vs Mr KOF 1
King of Fighters 13 Tournament 2 - GF Reynald vs Mr KOF 2

Arcade Infinity's Team Chao Kim combo exhibtions by realkim

Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: July 26, 2010, 08:17:05 PM »
Greets.  I have been playing all the KOFs and the first few FF series (til RBS) forever now.  Excited to move this community forward and help keep this board moving in the right direction. =)

Name: Kane317
Online IDs
PSN: Kane317-AI

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