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Keep running into EX Iori online, this DLC needs to be out today.


Mr. Karate at least can be a totally different, more violent and vicious character as an EX, and there are storyline reasons why he can't /doesn't do things like normal Koho's, not to mention all the vastly different variations he's had over the years.

I've never heard of these reasons! Care to elaborate?

Well at first glance I would've thought that KBlackNoah was going a little too far with his criticism of KOF XIII, but when you look back at SNKP's track record I've had my doubts as well. SNKP has let me down probably more than any other company has. Specifically when they....

- Left horrendous slowdown in the PS1 release of KOF 95.
- Decided to censor LB2 for DC for no apparent reason, and left sound glitches in the game to add insult to injury.
- Let Garou for DC ship with bizzare sound glitches.
- Promised us they'd fix KOF XII's netcode and left it a mess.
- Had a half-assed port of Garou for XBL with terrible netcode.
- Released Samurai Showdown Sen... Really?!
- Don't bother to go back and fix the netcode for their other games when NGBC has near perfect netcode.

Of course, that's not to  say I hate me some SNK. I don't. I love the games that I have, even though a lot of them are flawed in ways they shouldn't be. With all indications though, KOF XIII looks to be a home run. After the things they've pulled though, the best I'll give them is cautious optimism. Who knows which point of view will turn out right.

Speaking of Garou I remember reading that the sequel was supposedly well into development when it was cut. I can't see why they wouldn't just dust that off and complete the damn thing. Is there any information about this floating on the net?

Social Club / Re: Ono Interview about the Future of SF
« on: August 12, 2011, 05:07:17 PM »
I'm gonna have to agree with MUSOLINI on this one, I mean pitting MK characters versus SF would make about as much sense as Thundercats vs SF. Although there would be one hilarious result of a MK versus SF crossover if you think about the way Capcom's been maiming their own characters on the teaser cinematics. Instead of having Ryu beaten within an inch of his life they'd probably just go ahead and finish the job.

And going on topic... Ono can flap his gums as much as he likes about the supposed future of SF. His whole casual split scheme sounds like a giant pipedream to me and who knows if Capcom will fund TWO SF games rather than just letting the "casual" players buy the "hardcore" game anyways and just suck at it.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: August 09, 2011, 12:00:57 AM »
Great videos there SAB-CA, man could the hype train for this game get any bigger?

I think they should have a Neo Geo Pocket Color version.


SNK Games / Re: Metal Slug Series
« on: August 07, 2011, 10:00:12 PM »
3's my all time favorite too. Especially back when I had it on Xbox with limited lives. The day I beat that damn final stage was one of the most epic moments in gaming I've ever had. It may be long but its a non-stop adrenaline rollercoaster that never lets up.

Social Club / Re: do you have a code of honor when playing games?
« on: August 07, 2011, 06:50:53 PM »
I generally don't like to trash talk, but the only time I'll blast people with messages is when they rage quit online. I mean really. It's not like online standings do anything for you. Plus it gives you that satisfying exclamation point to a rage quit victory.

I love the explanation, let me quote it for you:

(It's in the Q and A section)
Q: How do I prevent motion sickness when watching Quake?

A: If you're one of the unlucky sufferers from motion sickness in Quake, we're sorry to say the answer seems to differ from person to person. Try sitting closer to the screen, or further away. Dim the lights in your room, or turn them on high. Adjust screen brightness up or down. Take a break from Quake and rest your eyes every hour or so. One or more of these tricks, in combination, ought to work."quoted from the Quake Manual

What worked for me was turning the game's brightness up and dimming the lights in my room.

General Fighting Game Discussion / Re: Who getting UMVC 3?
« on: August 07, 2011, 06:41:27 PM »
1. I hate SF4 and I need at least one popular game to play.
 quoted from Dr. Faust

That's how I view MVC3 now. Although I'm hoping KOF XIII explodes and theres a good scene online.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC - Mudman
« on: August 05, 2011, 03:19:22 AM »
Since I main Mudman I thought I'd add some of the BnB's I use:

 ;dn ;b,  ;dn ;a, mudslider is one BnB
close standing  ;b,  close standing  ;b, mudslider is the second

Both of these can be linked to his Mud Launcher of either strength, as long as you run in quick enough
You can also link them from a  MudMan Attack  ;a at full screen for extra shenanigans
Close Standing   ;c, MudMan Attack  ;c, and Heaven's Gate  ;b Version is a good corner combo, subsitute Heaven's Gate  ;b for the  ;c version when out of the corner

Close Standing  ;c,  MudMan Attack  ;c, and Super Mudman attack (any version) works out of the corner

All of the combos above can be linked with the Mud Launcher and a full screen MudMan Attack  ;a, but you absolutely have to be in the opponents face for it to work (after you've launched at the appropriate distance). You have to be pretty close for the close standing  ;c to work. Basically if you don't see his head whip you've done it wrong.

(credit goes to Remzi for the MudMan Launcher combos, and Orochinagi for the BnB's)

Social Club / Re: megaman legends 3 cancelled
« on: August 05, 2011, 02:23:18 AM »
I'm pretty sure it was during, I remember the fallout on Destructoid when he left in the middle and the MML3 team even gave a response to him being gone.
There is also this

Of course, that doesn't rule out that Capcom was undermining things, for all we know the game could've got the secret red light when he was working on it and thats why he left. He could've elaborated though, because its obvious he has no love for Capcom anymore.

Social Club / Re: megaman legends 3 cancelled
« on: August 05, 2011, 12:16:04 AM »
The biggest insult about this cancellation was the fact that Capcom is citing the lack of people on the fan development site, when all along they were saying that the success of the  DEMO was supposed to be the deciding factor. Thats like flunking someone out of school prior to them taking the friggen exam. Although I can't help but be at least a little dissapointed in Inafune, I mean he left Capcom for the right reasons sure, but couldn't he have stayed for one last hurrah being the ultimate conclusion to mega-mandom?

Did anyone ever read the Quake manual's little spiel about motion sickness? Funny thing is the solutions they list kinda work.

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