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Anyone who has twitter should ask him why he took the review down lol!/AnthonyMole

Also give him a link to Haunt's review:

sucks that orochinagi is the ex dm for kyo nests. mu shikii would have been way sweeter.

can you see it guys, yamazaki standing in front of the entrance of ngland. man its like they only finished kof 12 with all the rest of the unused data instead of adding more new characters (yamazaki). i hope they can get some new team members if 13 is a big enough succes so we can see yamazaki again in hd. also i hope ill have the game tommorow. the wait is killing. and its even more depressing every time i turn on the ps3 i get invites for ssf4.

without shades.

yamazaki with or without that huge white furr coat? for that matter with shirt or sweater/vest?

I just checked the Futurezone website and they changed the date to fucking 30-11. If that is true i will go nuts.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: November 20, 2011, 10:46:32 PM »

This will be the first time I purchasing dlc for a game

Same here. I only get it when i know it'll be worth while. And evidently i will be playing this game for years to come.

I was planning on hitting training/trial mode right away to get a good feel of the game. Going online without knowing how the game feels is a bit silly.

Just a few more days before going in the hyperbolic time chamber and level up in XIII.

and here i was thinking i was bout to get the nicest guy in the world award...., asshole i surely didn't deserve though.

also i thought you was older than that running wild. in my days sf2 and later on ss2 where basically the mw games of that era. i think sf2 was the reason for the rise of fighters and the cult statis it got, and at the same time the reason for it's demise with all the updates instead of a true sequel. good thing almost 20 years later people got even more retarded than the 90's and re still buying every little sf update and even costumes to boot. ignorance is bliss like they say.

too bad im stuck posting here instead of playing XIII, so expect more bitching and moaning till next friday.

Next Friday? I asked the guys from Futurezone and they told me they were getting the game early next week. So i'm guessing Tuesday.

I'm pretty sure i can play just fine with neighbouring country France, plenty of skill there. If not i can resort to Brussels where Kenpachi opened a new arcade today, one that is focusing on fighters. (98/XIII/Motw/AE/3s/ST etc.)

lol judging by your reply you're the one who needs to take it easy  ;)

I assume we're all talking about Mandarin, right?

Mandarin, Cantonese and all the other Chinese languages share the same writing. So basically anyone from China can understand what it says though the pronounciation is different.

Never cared for tiers. I like playing characters that appeal to me in terms of looks and style.

I really love the fact that the game includes a full colour manual, something that is rarely seen these days. That alone deserves some praise.

SNK taking it back to the old skool.

Just checked the Futurezone website..

They changed the date to the 25th  :(

But i still believe they get the game earlier.

lol i skip class every now and then. As long as you pass the tests/exams and turn in your papers you're good.

The suprise on the website will probably be the official announcement of Rekka Kyo and Mr.karate.

Thanks Reiko, i wasn't aware of the fact that you had to click it again and then resume to video lol

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