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Page 13th to that console release edition!!

It’s probably best to start off with the good side of things. Those who already have The King Of Fighters 13 on pre order will also get a four disc soundtrack containing music from the franchise’s long and storied history, which is a huge bonus considering just how good the game’s music is. In addition to this… well actually that’s really it
But the game, who cares?! ROFL!!!!  hahaaaahaaaa

@ZenTzen: when will you get your copy?! (30 nov.?!)

@BioBooster, great, add me then! ;)

Meet & Greet / Re: Hello, It's About Damn Time!
« on: November 22, 2011, 09:49:45 PM »
Welcome to the community

i think i will have to wait at least 1 extra week to get the game becasue i would do it like i did with XII.All these rumors about a laggy online are not cool news for me right now.A lot of people say the online is good on dreamcancel....can they show it in a 1 min video?

it should look something like this and both players should have a decent connexion..if possible cable

KOF XII online Test - 13/06/2011

I am interested in the experience people will have with XIII with a decent connexion.The rest should get better internet.
Man, since I have the game I did a few couple of matchs, with guys from EU, HK, and US (i'm in EU)!
What I can say to you, is that (I repeat myself):
Its extremely rare I can play a match with an US guy in SSF4 with red connection (1 bar)
But with 13, I was able to do most of matchs, thing I never can do in SF...
And  2 bars ist playable
3 bars its not so bad, almost no lag
4 bars its very well, no lag

IMO, I think, that 13's netcode, its maybe better than that SF or equal quality!

BTW, @BIOBOOSTER, have you the game? I would like to test that, between EU and JP!  :)

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: November 21, 2011, 02:30:28 PM »
KOF XIII - Mr. Karate Maxcancel Combo Basic Demo

hope this wasn't posted already
so good!! SO GOOD!! Domo arigato! ;)  (love that 5~6th sec.  ...  xD)

Meet & Greet / Re: Greetings dreamcancelers
« on: November 21, 2011, 02:24:30 PM »
Welcome buddy! Glad to see you here!  ;)

Mais um tuga! xD

EX-Ky0 Movelist:
Issetsu Seoi Nage = throw
Geshiki: Goufu You = f+B
88 Shiki = df+D
Geshiki Naraku Otoshi = d+C in air

100 Shiki Oniyaki = dp+P (ex)
R.E.D Kick = rdp+K (ex)
212 Shiki: Kototsuki You = hcb+K (ex)
75 Shiki: Kai = qcf+K,K (ex)
104 Shiki: Aragami = qcf+A
--128 Shiki: Ku Kizu = qcf+P
---127 Shiki: Ya Sabi = qcf+P
---125 Shiki: Nana Se = K

104 Shiki: Aragami = qcf+A
--127 Shiki: Ya Sabi = hcb+P
---Geshiki: Migiri Ugachi = f+P
---127 Shiki: Nana Se = K

115 Shiki: Dokugami = qcf+C (ex)
--401 Shiki: Tsumiyomi = hcb+P
---402 Shiki: Batsuyomi = f+P
----100 Shiki: Oniyaki = dp+O

* Reversed 108 Shiki: Orochinagi = qcb,hcf+P (ex)
* Saishuu Kessen Ougi "Mu Shiki" = qcf2x+P (NO EX BAWWWW)
**Saishuu Kessen Hi-ougi "Totsuka" = qcf2x+LK+HK (neomax)

Mr. Karate Movelist:
Ippon Seoi = throw
Seiken Sandan Tsuki = f+A
Sokutou-geri = f+B
Ko'ou-ken = qcf+P (ex)
--Step = f,f after C ver Ko'ou-ken
Kohou = dp+C (ex)
--Brake = A+B after first hit
Shorankyaku = hcb+K (ex)
Hakyokujin = qcb+P (ex)(counter)
Zanretsuken = f,b,f,+P (ex)
Hi'en Shippukyaku = hcf+K in air only (ex)

*Ha'oh Shikouken = f,hcf+P
*Ryuukoranbu = qcf,hcb+P (ex)
*Kyokugen Kohou = qcf 2x+K (aka SHINING UPPAH)
**Kishin Sanga Geki = qcb,hcf+LP+HP (neomax)

Kohou = dp+C (ex)
Dreamed with it, log time ago, allways hoped... AND NOW!  SNK did it!! xD

Another one of EX-Kyo, with Max Mode!
KOF XIII - NESTS Kyo Maxcancel Combo Basic Demo

I can't believe!!
No discussion about the EX chars!!! wooow  o_O

(anyone knows, how to unlock them? xD)

I've played all the games below, and here is the classement for me, of Netcodes:

1- SF4(SSF4/AE...)
3- MK9
4- SF3OE
6- MVC3

I've done a new couple of matchs online, and I confirm, online is good!
+/- like SF4, if ist red -> lag (but here, the lag is not so hard like sf4, its smooth, and rarely disconnect, what dont append with SF4, when i played with red connection in SF4, most of the time was disconnections...)
yellow, are playable enough, to dont drop combos or rarely...
green, are good enough, no lag, maybe a little delay sporadically
blue, its ok, nothing to say, near offline

Thats it guys! :)
Long life to that KOF! :D

PS: oh, and for the colors you just need to play with your caracter, in arcade, or versus, or story, or online, and that will be unlocked step by step: more matchs more colors... etc (I think the first unlock comes when you've done 30or40 matchs with your char.!)

General Discussion / Re: PS3 player listing
« on: November 18, 2011, 05:00:17 AM »
@Nilcam, warning, you have deleted some IDs from the list in first page... ;)

Ok guys, I think here is some highlight points:

Ok some online impressions

- I was playing against a chilean friend who lives at 30 km from me (don't know how many miles are that, I think that maybe 20 miles)

- The game felt a bit laggy, but even though I was the host, he didn't dropped almost any combo, we had 3 bars, while the maximum is 4

- Now here is the deal,

1) we don't have the super connections that maybe lots of  north americans had
2) He was using wifi AND the pc which his wife was using
So overall, I couldn't yet give a proper impression

About the interface, well, in player match, select stage is random, you never pick it, that's why I was able to play on Esaka 96, this stage is cool, looks exactly like the original one, even the screens where the players appeared was replaced for the actual artwork of the game. And no, nobody purchased it since there is no dlc on the marketplace

You can save your replays on your own HD, which is nice since you could later upload them using some video-cable

You don't had titles, only icons, you had to unlock them

Even in player matches, you can upgrade your ranking, ala blazblue

and that's it, I hope to test it with northamericans, I had the feeling that will run better than against some chileans (IN sf IV I had a friend which opur matches are incredible laggy, but with other countries run fine)

And please no use wifi : (

Take all these facts in consideration! I think is satisfactory enough!

Now, (I remind: I'm in France and my copy is PS3 version)
Like I said I played vs an UK player, and NO noticable lag!

And this last point was literally shocked me!
I play vs a Saoudian, with 1 bar (red connexion)
and 50% time, the game runs properly, practically normal (without lag), and others 50% lag present, but, how to say... no cuts/jerks, the effects of lag are something very smooth, like a replay... like speed only slows down, but how incredible it is, all my commands and combos came out!!! o_O
to be honest, before match starting, and when i saw 1 bar (red), I expected someething ala SF4, cuts, or deconnection, but nothing!!!  and we were able to finish match quietly... AMAZING!!

so, I am aware, its just 2 matchs, but what I saw, I'm tempted to say that online is really better than SF4!!!

pending further feedback!  :)
(sorry about my engrish hahaa)

That's a promising sign, but I'd want to see more impressions, preferably by more known players, before worrying less.

(no offense intended, I just don't know if you're someone who can tell lag.  Some folks can't tell lag if unless it hits them in the face- I've known folks who defend pre-patch KOFXII netcode)

I hope more folks agree with you though, if that's the case then SNK pulled this out.
of course, and you are right!

Oh another thing: Loadings are nothing comparable, with we see till now!
the old big loadings about 20to40 secs, now are like 3/4 secs with install and 5/6 secs without install
and old little loadings (between rounds for exemple) about 10 secs before,  now are 0,5/1 (lol) secs with install and 2/3 secs without install.


(My copy is here)
Ok guys thats it:
Its very simple, THE BEST 2D FIGHTING GAME of universe is called KOF XIII !  simple like that!
OMFG, is so wonderful, so magic, so...  no, its too much! haha!! lol

And I have done one match vs an UK player (I'm in France), well what can I say is:
NO WORRIES, ONLINE ITS OOOOOKKKKKKK!!!!!  (similar to SF4, but keep in mind I've only done 1 match (nobody ATM online))!

And color edit, and arcade mode, and...  fuuuuuu  too many modes...  lol


c u soon guys!  ;)

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