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I checked the Playstation Lifestyle global update this morning and saw KoF94 Re-Bout for Hong Kong PSN, this also got me thinking it will probably come to Japan aswell,  just giving a heads up to anyone who missed spotting it.
Quote from: solidshark on August 27, 2014, 09:07:51 AM
It was listed that Pachinko was separate from the other things:

- The Last Blade (Gekka no Kenshi)
- The King of Fighters
- Maximum Impact
- Athena Asamiya (note: this was filed earlier in 2014 as well)
- Beast Busters (a rail-shooting game franchise)
- Others (pachinko, mahjong, etc)

Maybe NESiCAxLive, which I think is a better step than pachinko. Hopefully it's more than that though.

Which means King of Fighters 20th anniversary edition, Last Blade 3 or 0(prequel), new Athena mobile or action game, and Maximum Impact 3 or regulation A brought to last gen consoles in HD.
Can't be that complete your still missing alot of characters like Ramon, Vanessa, Blue Mary, Eiji, Kasumi, Malin,
Chang, Jhun, Yamazaki, Hinako, and some more.
Quote from: sibarraz on November 25, 2011, 12:33:05 AM
Hey guys, has anybody bought or has  a preview of the premium themes for the xbox version?

I will buy  one but I need to see how they are

I bought them for the PS3, they seem to be good.
Quote from: The Dynast on November 19, 2011, 10:17:56 PM
I don't know if this has been mentioned yet, but XIII supports custom music on the PS3.  Just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone who cares.

YYYYYeeeessss! someone finally answered my question, and it hase custom tracks this is great. :)
Does anyone know if this will have custom soundtracks?
General Discussion / Re: PS3 player listing
October 18, 2011, 03:51:10 PM
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