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i don't know if anyones noticed, the gameinformer review is up.

I can't sleep. I was in class today and I was ready to say "GetmethehellouttahereIwannaplaygamesnAOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!". So bad.
lol. Its 3am over here, I got school early in the morning, and yet I'm still awake. Why?!


Reviews can be good, even for exposure, like for a lesser know game or one you're not sure about. All I care about is this. If the reviewer says something good, justify it. if he says something bad, justify it!
If your going to give it a bad grade at least properly explain why. I also don't want an asskissing fest because that sort destroys the reliability of the reviewer.

unfortunately, the reviewers don't really have to get acquainted with the games before they review. I really doubt they actually play the really niche jrpgs/srpg enough for the best opinion. Besides IGN is always looking to make early reviews or quick reviews for the sake of hits.

Anyway, another solid score for XIII via the Japanese magazine Famitsu, it gave 8, 9, 8, 9 (total 34/40).
(claps hands) very nice, if everyone else keeps this up, IGN's score will look like the unreliable ugly duckling in the group of good scores.

I just don't understand how you dock it down twice for the same thing with such a contradiction. How can a story be short and convoluted at the same time?
I think they're just nitpicking. I take this as good news as it seems they can't seem to find what to dock points on.
IGN guy 1: there like nothing wrong with the game except some small things. maybe ill give it an 8.5+
IGN guy 2: are you crazy! capcom could hear you!
Ono: what's this I hear...?

Solidshark, you should do what I'm doing and ignoring that IGN review. IGN=:\

Wish I could ignore them; if only the didn't speak to a lot of potential customers (i.e. growing competition). And also, wanted to see how much content they skipped or skimmed on (color edit, trial, etc.) and compare it to the 8.5 review UMVC3 got; I don't think netcode was even mentioned there.
Yeah I know but look at the reasons they gave for the low score. I mean, if someone is generally interested or even casually interested and checks out what they gave it the negative marks on, they can decide whether that's a huge issue for them or not. UMVC 3, unfortunately, is a capcom game, and those always ALWAYS have to score good(yes if I remember correctly, network was never brought up).
I don't like where this is going with IGN. The soundtrack got a bad score? The netcode brought down the score in 3 different sections? And the bosses are cheap? This review is not serious, can't be. There's too much emphasis on the netcode, cheap bosses, and how "convoluted" the story is.

Then they go on to say the story is short! OBJECTION!
See they can't even properly defend their score. They lower the score hugely for such small things, it's like they're looking too give it a bad score.

It's just preorders. We have to wait atleast a week to see who else might buy the game and see if there's immediate returns for it. There's going to be streams all over the place and reviews have been popping up with numbers that even out do Marvel.
I know but I think its nice to have some numbers to play around with. And immediate returns(blows raspberry) who would do that?
Even SRK is giving them props..
Now that is ...unexpected.

Solidshark, you should do what I'm doing and ignoring that IGN review. IGN=:\

The game sold out at Play Asia.

That's nice :), do you have any Idea how many copies we are talking about 100K, 200K or maybe 300k or more?
Also, has Atlus said anything about the sells here in the US?

>100K preorder in US
>50k preorder in Europe
Those are good numbers, maybe not good enough for SNKP, but they're decent. A lot more than I expected that's for sure.

It sucks I should be getting the game early tomorrow, but I have school to go to. I have KOF XIII and a paper both due on the 22nd and I think my paper may have suffered for my impatient waiting.

Meet & Greet / Re: Greetings
« on: November 21, 2011, 02:16:19 AM »
Welcome to DC. There are loads of new people coming onto the site, so there will be plenty of competition.

Just letting you guys know ahead of time. If possible; I'm going to troll online with Nude Clark.
Wow. The game isn't even out yet and people are already thinking about making nude characters.

lol Raiden looks like he's wearing some kind of prototype Nike bodysuit. At least that's what it looks like to me.

Yeah guys, what's up with that attitude. Is not about weather we win or lose, is to help bring exposure to the game. Do your part and VOTE!

You wanna keep it real? I'm game, shit I think MK is going to win but that doesn't stop my from telling every single person in this world that I know that plays KOF to vote.

P.S. Do you guys realize that the game is not even officially out and it was nominated?!
Hell if it gets enough votes, It might get others to check it out if it's a runner-up or (!)If it wins. Besides, it never hurts to click a button.

Hey, are there any KOF13 avatars on PSN?
Man I hope so. I would kill for a Kula avatar (Yeah say whatever you want about her, I don't play her cause she's good, I actually like the character. Her being good is just a bonus:)  ).

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