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Sange maybe? Tokido vs Zeroblack was a good one Zero's 1st match of the day too. I really wanted to see Haregoro's Joe and ET's Clark in top 8 I think those two characters would have been hype on the big stage.
I just hope it gets a good crowd and a hype top 8. Hopefully I can get lots of games at EVO.
Pro-Gear / Good way to download Nico vids?
June 20, 2013, 10:08:29 PM
Anyone know of a good way to download Nico vids? Tried NicoFox but can't seem to get it to work and aimersoft recorder picks up all the lag.
Yo that is godlike. Also hate to bring this up again but there is less hope of KOF being on Sunday with SF4 being best of 5 for top 8.
We should be able to see more of Ren and ET this month on South East Asia Major. I have hope KOF will have a Sunday spot since it was so hype last year.
I didn't know Naoki was coming that's great. Dune also mentioned Koukou and woo were coming to EVO on a tweet although he didn't say if those players were trying to come or are confirmed. I also hope Mexico can send their strong players here.
What a good day for KOF with NCR and Stunfest with Stunfest being my favorite Japan and Europe put on a good show.
Not sure I thought it was just doing the move off a backdash he posted inputs on his twitter.
644123B , 464123B or 6321443B
Yeah still really good matches though.
Thanks for the heads up want to see ET again. It seems Rentime doesn't stream or at the least archive their stuff anymore.
The only Robert player that comes to mind is Azuki Neko KoF XIII : Nishinippori Versus (2013/2/16) [Part 2]
Verna and Guts did pretty good if I remember right they almost beat team picnic their first match.
Didn't know about the Korea vs Japan this weekend. I thought the CafeId guys were just trying to qualify for KCE cup more matches too enjoy so thats good.
Yeah players from other countries is one of the reasons EVO is so hype.