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General Discussion / Damage Scaling in KOF 13, and a problem
« on: December 04, 2011, 07:51:36 AM »
I'd first like to thank Laban` from #SNKPlaymore for helping to record this.

KOF XIII Damage Scaling Bug

As you can see here, the exact same combo is performed twice.  The difference, however, is that both combos have different damages.  Before I explain whats going on, I don't want people to freak out about this yet.  Chin has 5 drinks on just to show a bigger difference in the number and performing this isn't exactly viable as adding to it will incur damage scaling and that type of damage won't happen.

So what's going on is that in the second recording, chin uses his neomax, and as soon as he can activated his EX DM which begins dealing damage precisely following the final damage of the neomax.  This gives some insight into damage scaling.  Now I'm not going to pretend to be some expert on code I've never seen, but due to an issue that has been brought to my attention with Kensou incuring damage scaling outside of a combo, there seems to be two "rules" regarding damage scaling:

1)  Canceling via HD seems to directly incur damage scaling (This may be iffy.  There's been issues that seem to back this up, but then some other instances that make it seem unlikely)
2)  If there is no canceling, then there is a set delay between two different instances of damage

An example of #2 was in the arcade 1.1, you were able to cancel for example close ;c into kensou's punch DM.  If you purposefully delayed the punch DM to come out without it combo'ing, but quick enough that the close c was canceled into the DM, then damage scaling occured as if it was a full combo.  (Thank you Parapets)

So, anything that falls under either of those 2 rules incurs damage scaling.

This of course is all theory since I'm going off this (rather odd) instance of chin breaking damage scaling, but hopefully if any other instances like this exist, they can be found and reported to snkplaymore or atlus soon. That is my understanding of how damage scaling works and a problem with the way it works.  This does not seem to be a bug so much as an oversight.

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