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This is an interesting find over at mmcafe, apparently someone dug into the KOF-i achievements.  Take it with a grain of salt.

Interesting, some people might get hyped about that, but I really don´t think they mean anything.

Some of the trailers were nice, but I can´t stand the Sousai one. It looks retarted imo. Sorry, but I don´t like what they did, KOF doesn´t go with some cute pop song. KOF is supposed to be bad-ass.
Anyway, at least we will have an update on KOF´s blog soon with something and I really hope there's some direct feed videos from Paris Manga but I seriously doubt that will happen.

I'm curious to see some high level Raiden action without relying on the Drop kick TOD.

Wait until I get the game. I am gonna be kicking some serious ass with him.

Let's be honest. The initial sales of XIII were never going to be very high. Most people who are on the fence about the game are waiting for reviews on the netcode. That doesn't mean the game can't be a success, however.

I'm personally hoping for sales that exceed Blazblue's levels. That seems like a surmountable goal (I hope). Also, I think KOF's market is different enough from UMvC3's market that they won't be completely at odds with one another.

I don´t agree.
There is a reason they are offering the 4 CD pre-order bonus. Why would they do that? Because they just want us to listen to some nice themes?
No. This works similar to the box office of the film market. I mean, it´s not exactly the same but kinda close.
The first weeks sales determine the level of success you had on the market. A game eventually can make a lot of money throu time, but it is not really advisable to bet on that. No company would actually bet on that.

You said KOF's market is different from Capcom's. That is correct. But like LouisCipher pointed out, the real problem is there is no real "market" in the US for KOF. THAT has to change.
That is why, releasing the game with no competition on the genre, is the best scenario. That will guarentee attention from gamers who like the genre but don´t have anything new to play for the time being.
If there is nothing else on the market, they will try it. Some might even turn into fans and ditch their previous fighting game. But if the usual shit they like is on the market, why try something new? To make things worse Kof is anything but a user friendly game but lets save that for another discussion. Point is, if the usual KOF fans are the only ones who will get will fail.
They need to make themselves a place in the market, and for that, they don´t need the support of the usual kof-ers, they already have that, they need new people.
Imagine you released a film, and the only people who go and see it are your friends. It will make you proud and you might enjoy that, but in terms of bussiness....YOU ARE FUCKED.
Remember I am speaking in terms of bussiness, not of quality.
Hope it was clear, it is difficult for me to type about this type of stuff in English.

Correct, but initial sales are key factors on the success of a game.
Just like Darkaoz said, I don´t like this scenario at all.
Assuming the game gets delayed in USA, I hope the same thing happens in Japan. If that doesn´t happen, there might be a lot of people who will choose to import the game, wich will also lower the sales in America. That´s why I liked the idea of releasing the game in the same week for both markets.
Anyway, eventhou a delay will be a pain in the ass (cause I can hardly wait for the 25th of October, imagine November), what worries me here is the possibility of lower sales.
This game needs to have an impact in the sales, I am not talking about beating Crapcom or being the Number one selling game. It just needs to have a great & solid performance in the market.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: September 27, 2011, 01:56:25 AM »
Thanks, SAB-CA.
On the second video, Kensou appears to do an alternate victory pose when he defeated Athena.
It didn´t use new animation but the audio sample is new. I wonder if this was already on the arcade version.

I just thought of a possible scenario, maybe the Nov release is a misunderstanding by retailers.

Most retailers don't know KOFXIII is been published by 3 different companies, so some retailers will update the date to the latest one been announced. In this case it can be RSG November launch date is been confused to be ATLUS new release date in the case of Gamefly. For, they might think ATLUS release date is RSG release date, which is still by the end of October. This is just something I thought, but it's a possibility.

Let's us wait until tomorrow Monday, since I bet no one at ATLUS is working, since it's still Sunday in the US. Hopefully we get a clarification and the date is still October 25th. *crosses fingers*

It makes sense.
I hope your theory proves to be right tomorrow.

Damn, since it's Sunday, I don´t think we will get any official confirmation or denial until tomorrow.

First I'm gonna play arcade mode to defeat Billy and unlock him then I´ll do what ever is required to unluck Saiki.
Unlocking the characters is top priority for me.

I still don't get why people are expecting news from SNKP about the netcode, unless is GGPO I don't know any other netcode, so is obvious that their information will be ''yeah this netcode will gonna kick ass, is amazing''

There are other well known netcodes out there, but in the end, even if the netcode is good, people will complain about the lack of spectator mode.

Yeah, but I rather listen/read 100000 complains about lack of spectator mode than more of this bullshit trolling.

I love Street Dancer!!
It is one of those super upbeat songs that I consider great for a fight.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: September 17, 2011, 07:15:31 PM »
Great KOFXIII walkthrough by Atlus in GameInformer website:

EDIT: Obviously Aram made some mistakes in there, but is expected for a non hardcore KOF fan. But he tries his best to explain it all and not cause confusion. lol

Anyways, it it shows a lot of the story mode so far, still looking at it.

Ha ha, he even said that Billy was confirmed as DLC!!!
Thanks for the link, story mode looks cool, as expected.
Damn it, we are not even in October yet!!!

KOF XIII in France!!!
I just read in Orochinagi that KOF XIII for XBOX 360 will be at Paris Manga on the 2nd of October.

An Atlus rep confirmed in their forums that the story mode will just have text, no voices.
I expected it to be like that but I know some people were expecting voices.

I'm quite surprised by all of the negativity regarding information we've had for months. Shortly after XIII was announced, it was made clear that there would not be a clan 3-on-3 mode. A few days later, we were told there would not be a spectator mode. Honestly, most KOF players would have been happy with a straight port with online and we're getting so much more than that and the negativity is spiraling out of control.

fans are like babies. They ask for one cookie, you give them two and then they cry for a third one.

The most important issue was rebalancing the game, they did much more than that.
It just feels like a lot of hard work was put on this game, in many different categories. A lot of stuff was included that wasn´t even necesary in terms of gameplay but they went threw the trouble of doing it just to please fans (like classic Kyo outfit).
I just can´t wait to have this and play it.

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