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Messages - Nagare_Ryouma

I still don´t believe it.
You guys remember that guy saying he had super ultra hyper top secret info stating the game was not going to be released?
How about "there will be no balance changes on console version"?
Funny thing is these guys who are supposed to know stuff, never give any specific info.
"There's nothing really special about those 2 characters." What the hell is that supposed to mean?
They are recycled sprites? They are new characters but look awfull? They don´t jump like Michael Max in FF 1? They don´t have neo max? One of them is a big piece of Tofu?

Whatever, I choose not to believe any of this BS. The characters will be for "sale". People will have to pay to get them. Chances are, SNKP will release characters that have huge fanbase and will look appealing. Unless the price is like 1.99 each.
Nice info from Shiranui_ninja thou.

The answer has uploaded more videos from the Evo side tournament.
I am checking Romance Vs Bala. It is always nice to see some King.
Quote from: SAB-CA on August 21, 2011, 08:31:06 PM
From todays stream replay, and about 2hours and 48 minutes in, when Ryo wins a round by time-out victory, you can see him with a "new" winpose. It's pretty much the wind-up for his Neomax (slow arching movement of arm, before making a clenched fist)... but that makes a cool winpose!

Nice, I hope someone puts that on youtube.
I like the fact that they are trying to add more win poses, more voices to the game.
If they continue this way who knows, we might get fight intros in KOF XIV.
Quote from: Diavle on August 21, 2011, 03:06:12 AM
Sounds like BS.

Sounds, looks and smells like BS.
If those were secret characters on the disk....I might buy it, but for download? They will try to make something 90% of the fanbase will want to get, and be willing to pay for.
These 2 characters will be fan favourites, no Ex versions, no new characters, no never-before seen characters.
Honestly, I don´t think the other 2 characters will be Ex versions of existing characters.
It is possible, but besides Iori I think the rest of the DLC will be new (to this game).
I also have my doubts about this whole "Classic Iori is broken" chit chat. I am pretty sure he will kick ass, but being broken?? I really don´t think so. We'll just have to wait and see I guess.
I thought Eiji was a possibility...until I read that he makes a cameo in the Kyokugen Karate stage.
I would love for him to come back, a favourite of mine.
I was expecting classic Iori to have his crazy laugh, good to know it happened.
I was checking the japanese site from Snk Playmore.
There are some really nice pics of the Story mode, it seems you select a route (Ash, Adelheid or Heidern) and you follow the events prior to the tournament. You can also see characters like Bao, Griffon or Jennet in some pics.

I have seen cameos of Chris and Shermie. Has anyone seen Yashiro?
If not, that is another posibility. I have a hunch they are planning on bringing the orochi heralds back in the next saga (that includes Yamazaki) so it might make some sence to create a sprite for a character that will be used again in the next game/saga.

Yeah, those are my bets.
1. Vanessa/Blue Mary.
2. Yashiro
I think one of the characters will be Vanessa.
If it is not Vanessa then Blue Mary but Vanessa is my first choice.
The other character I have no clue.
I think you guys are reading too much into it.
They didn´t said that they will put cheap boss like characters, just that they will be good.
We already know that classic Iori is gonna be a great character, but do you really think he is gonna be god tier or like a boss? I heard some people even think the new Iori might be better because of certain attacks (like the neo max).
I really don´t think they will go and rebalance everything just tu put 2 characters that can fuck everything up.
I am not worried about this.
And I am one of the supporters of DLC, I want these guys to make as much money as possible.  
Thanks for the videos, Darkaoz!!
Hey, I just noticed Chris in the London stage, is that new or was he there in the arcade version?
Quote from: IceWater on August 04, 2011, 05:56:23 AM
Hopefully they provide an update for the arcades so the game can pick up some steam again.

Kei Yamamoto said that is not happening.
King / Re: King
August 04, 2011, 05:54:39 AM
Quote from: davidkong07 on August 04, 2011, 03:44:40 AM
King is getting hella buffs on console!!

In the EVO build, King's df D slide move is cancel-able on hit or block! you get free slide into venom strike all the time! really really huge buff. if you're near the corner, you can slide into your corner combo! makes her really scary at mid range. people are gonna be blocking low a lot now lol

also, her neomax doesn't suck ass anymore! they buffed the range so that all the fireballs go all over the place.


Thanks for the info.
I am definatelly happy, cause she is one of my main characters.
I hope in KOF XIV he gets his air fireball back, cause I know I am really gonna miss that when I play XIII.
I used to spam a lot with them.
Quote from: Zabel on July 19, 2011, 07:19:24 AM
Aint got one, if I'm playing a fighting game I'm gonna fuck a ***** up and maybe talk a little trash. If I'm playing someone in marvel they better expect me to hit them with a ROM, if I'm playing somone in MvC3 they better expect me to respect nothing they do and fuck em up, if I'm playing 98UM please believe I'm gonna be lame with some EX Geese. Personally I find honor codes weak as hell and insulting when it comes to stuff like this, that's just me and my background in games talking >.>

Ha ha, I agree.

I play by the rules, now if the rules aren´t perfect, it is not my fault. It´s the programmer's. I use every tool I can to win.
If your character is dizzy, your fucked. If I can spamm with a certain attack, and you can´t find a way to counterattack, well....not my problem.
I also talk trash, if I know the other player can take it.
By the way, I have the same phylosophy for sports.
I don´t play for laughs or fun, I play to win.