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Ha ha, while I am posting this, I am listening to Kim's theme from KOF XIII. Great track.

Training Room / Re: Will playing against Very Hard AI help me improve?
« on: August 02, 2011, 10:48:41 PM »
I agree 100% with Fatacon.
I also think that even training mode is better than CPU.
You need to play againts other people, there is no other way, just like in sports.

Yup, that's the new winpose. You can also see her 2 hit Standing ;d in the vid, too.

Yeah, saw that one, nice.
To everyone watching the video....I suggest turning the audio off, just a suggestion.

Can´t wait to have more news about this game, I hope by the end of this month we get something.

Bad quality video.
But we can see the Alley stage and Vice's new winpose I think.
FGF- KOF XIII Console Version! Feat. Max Action and Saiki Gameplay

SAB-CA, thanks for the info.
I noticed the new samples in some of the videos. Iori said something different also instead "Sono mama shine" in one of the matches.
This port keeps getting more and more exciting.
I wish Vice would not be the only one, having 2 win poses for everycharacter would be sweet.
Another character that could be back is Shingo, I think he has a lot of fanbase in Japan.

I want Eiji because I love him (use him all the time in XI) and if he comes back we can have the original Rival team from 96.
The other characters I want to be back are Geese and Yamazaki but I don´t think neither of them will be in this game.
Blue Mary is a posibillity, if she is not added as a secret character, I am 100% sure she will be in XIV.
Griffon is a character I never used, but I honestly think is great. Great design and the seiyuu is a delight. I wouldnt mind seeing him again.

Considering that the original version had 31characters, that means that they will add 2 teams, if maybe iori is dlc and is not considered, maybe the final 4 will be characters related to billy and saiki

The other could be that Iori is considered, and they could still form a team with saiki/ash/botan, billy/?/?

Saiki and Ash seems to be in cahoots at the beginning of the game

If there are 4 characters coming I see botan and one more for boss team with saiki, Mary and yamazaki with billy. I am 100 % positive that yamazaki will be included. Ppl ask for him everywhere

I hope saiki meat version and dark ash are not included in the 37 characters

i agree with this. lots of people want him, doesn't make cameo in bg, has nothing been shown or talked about him, this almost makes it certain but i dont wanna jinx the shit.

He doesn´t appear in any backround, but there is a wanted sign with his face in the London stage...
I am not so sure he will be in this game, but I know for sure he will be in KOF XIV.

General Discussion / Re: Console Exclusive characters
« on: July 30, 2011, 08:21:31 PM »
I like the fact that Iori has been confirmed as the download character, and they already showed Saiki, but on the trailer after showing Billy and Saiki it says "more characters coming soon".
With Classic Iori and Billy, all I want is Eiji to come back. Man, I would love to have him in this KOF.
Yamazaki & Geese are two other characters I would really love to see again, but apparently there are no plans of bringing Geese back for the time being.

Yamamoto confirmed that there will be no update for the arcade version.

Some guy asked if they were gonna do Samurai Showdown vs Soul Calibur :/

Who are asking all these dumbass questions :/

Ha ha, Yes!!!!!
I hope he was being sarcastic, otherwise.....

Yamamoto talked about K', Raiden and his DK, ha ha!
A guy just asked if Geese is coming back!!
But the only one I can clearlly hear is the Atlus guy.

Social Club / Re: Articles for Stories in Fighter's
« on: May 03, 2011, 10:56:37 PM »
Fighting games don´t really need a story, it is a big plus, but it is not necesary for a game to succed.
The best thing about fighting games is Versus mode. Just like in sports, the competition is the best thing about them.
I am not saying it is not good to have a good storyline, I enjoyed many of them, but it is not as important as in other type of games.
I mean, what would you prefer, to stick to the story or to be able to play with Geese?
As Omegaryuji said, I have to mention that SNK uses the story to affect gameplay as he previously stated, wich I think is great and is not common.
I  think that besides the story, SNK has managed to create great personalities for the characters, and that is what really shines.
Characters having a regular seiyuu, all those catchphrases when characters attack, evade, roll, die.
I have always been a fan of Street Fighter, as I mentioned in another thread, to me, the Zero 2 was really the SHIT...but when I compare the characters from SF or any other game to the SNK...they all look kinda unidimensional and silly.


I don´t understand what it says but I haven´t seen those pics before. Is this suppose to be new art for the console release?

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:51:15 AM »
Holy cow,  the K'/Raiden/Maxima player was just too good, his K' taking out entire teams by himself alone, his gameplay was nothing flashy but it was very efective.

As a K' user since forever, sometimes i don't care to see too much K', since i can learn something new from watching those matches and top players.

I guess if Mai was the top-tier character and everybody were choosing her, you wouldn't complain, probably you would be watching and enjoying the vids trying to learn something from them, the same with ->insert favourite character of any random player<-.

I don't want to open again the old debate of tiers, but that is how i think about the (over)usage of the called top-tiers characters, which for some reason ended being my favourites characters since a long time ago.

Ha ha, I can´t stand to see any of these characters in videos anymore: K', Elizabeth, Kula & Raiden.
I am too a K' user, but I just can´t stand to see him anymore, fight after fight after fight.
That´s why when I see those matches that go something like "K', Raiden, Elizabeth Vs Kula, K', Raiden" I just skip to other matches.
I loved the Takuma, Kim and Ryo matches in those vids.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: April 29, 2011, 08:39:32 PM »
There was a nice variety of characters in that video. King, Takuma and Ralf amont others.

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