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Alright guys, leave the other fighter hate for another thread at least.  SF isn't my cup of tea but if we're going to really grow this community we gotta respect other games as well.

That is exactly why I stopped posting in the Cibernetico thread about KOF being a 1v1 game.
I could spend hours talking about SF but there is no point.
This forum was created to support KOF, gather people who like it, grow the scene in the states, etc.
SF is a very maintream game, wich means a looooooooot of people like it, wich means that if you say something bad about it, people will jump right out to defend it. It's just numbers.
While I always encourage debate and I think it is great to discuss about absolutelly every kind of topic (games, politics, sex, sports, human behavor, whatever) it will always end in the same way in this case. "Hey, SF 4 is a piece of shit!" "Ah, you don´t know what your are talking about, it is a masterpiece, you just don´t have the skills to play at a high level". It will just go on and on and on. In my case it is even worse, since to me it is difficult to type in English so I decided to stop wasting time talking about why I don´t like SF 4, it is just not worth the time for me.
There is a place to talk about SF 4, and that is Shoryuken. You can share your love for it and post your hate comments for it (but better be ready for what´s coming to you, ha ha).

Now, back to KOF XIII, reading Dr.Faust's posts reminds me that the only thing that I really don´t like about this game is how you can juggle everytime. I know I am part of a minority here but that's how I feel about it.
I don´t like the fact that you can juggle so much, for free, that you can even do the same atack a couple of times and keep juggling (if you are in HD mode, that's a different story). I see combos that with doing a cancel, in wich the characters do the exact same atack over and over, I just don´t dig that.
I know most people like it, but I dont.
Anyway, besides that, this game is really looking extrematelly cool and I really REALLY wanna play it.

Meet & Greet / Re: Yo new guy here
« on: October 30, 2010, 12:09:52 AM »
Welcome to Dreamcancel.
Hope you can find some people here to play KOF in your area.

Meet & Greet / Re: Hi there!
« on: October 30, 2010, 12:07:04 AM »

Will do. But I hope to play XI and XII before that.

Welcome, nowadays I play XI. Last time I played it with my friend for 9 straight hours (always on team vs), he he.

Kane317, you pretty much expressed how I feel about Elizabeth.
She seems to be one of those top tier characters that have a couple of tools that you can troll around all the time.
I must say that reviewing my post, I was talking about Raiden before and that he should be tonned down somehow, so it seemed I was suggesting the same for her, wich I am not.
As I mentioned, I still need to try the game, so my impressions are not based on actually playing the game (wich is...the most important thing to get an accurate feeling on the matter), but she just seems like one of those characters that can make you angry when you play against them.
On the other hand, characters that can really, REALLY get on your nerves is one of KOF trademarks, ha ha.

Hah.  That's actually true.  Having characters that lacked one or two things is what made them unique.  If everyone has the same amount of tools I think it would be'd be kinda like the old Mortal Kombats lol (I went there!)  
Same fucking normals for everyone. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

World Heroes 3.
Ha ha, just kidding.
I think they should work on KOF XIV.
I don´t think the company is in economic situation in wich they can revive other franchises.
Back in the days the were releasing games all the time, now the situation is different for them.
I hope KOF XIII also sells very well on consoles worldwide and we can have a KOF XIV with new arc (wich means new characters, new hero team).

Raiden is like a time bomb, 25 seconds before you die.

Ha ha, so it seems.
I also have the impression that Elizabeth is kind of cheap also, but I would definatelly had to play against her to make sure. She might be just a regular top tier character, wich is just normal in any fighting game.
The console version has not been anounced yet, wich means it will not be released until next year, so it is possible we could see a new update in late November or December (I don´t think there will be more updates after the console port is released).

Yeah, good point.  Didn't even think about that.  I'm just so used to thinking of 3D fighters as games like Tekken/DOA/SC where you can sidestep and move freely between planes.  But following that logic, an argument could be made that Fatal Fury is a 3D fighter, so I guess it just becomes a semantics issue. 

Fatal Fury is a 2D because even if the characters play in 2 or 3 planes, it is still a 2D engine of gameplay.
YuYuHakusho for the megadrive was also a fighter in wich you played in 2 different planes and was also a 2D fighter (and one of the best fighting games ever, I might add, AMAZING SYSTEM).
I think ViolentRyo is right, I think SF 4 is the best adaptation of a 2D game so far, but in the end, that is what it is. A very faithfull 3D adaptation of a 2D fighter.
I also think that, just like Musolini said, SF 4 is noob friendly, while KOF is DEFINATELLY not.
Just like he said, it is a game aimed for veteran fighters.
Of course we are talking in general terms, this doesn´t mean that a veteran fighter can´t be a fan of SF 4 or a 15 years old kid could be interested in KOF 13 and become a fan for the first time in his life.
I am still not sure the Team system could be an issue for newer players, I am not really sold on that idea but I guess it could be a reason. The Vs series of Capcom has always been sucessfull but on the other hand, it has Marvel characters wich assure you a very big market.
I always had a feeling the KOF characters were not so appealing to the American public but that is just an assumption, I could be wrong.
I would still like to know if Fatal Fury was indeed popular or not in the states, I always though it was.

I still think Raiden is too much, I haven´t played the game, my opinion is purelly based on videos so I could be mistaken but I still think the guy is overpowered.
It is a character I'm interested in, but I hope he is tonned down a little bit in future updates.

Meet & Greet / Re: (´・ω・`)
« on: October 20, 2010, 10:12:24 PM »
Japan? Cool.
Welcome, man.

Mature / Re: Mature
« on: October 20, 2010, 10:09:59 PM »
I can´t wait to see some videos of Mature in actions, depending 100% on her skills, without any infinite bullshit.

When did I say it was similar to the old ones?  Also, just because it has a different feel from SF 2 and 3 doesn't make it a 3D fighter.  The only 3D aspect of the game is its graphics.  Your movement is restricted to a flat, linear plane, which is the definition of 2-dimensional.

You didn´t say it, it is just some of the arguments I heard about the game.
I don´t recall anyone saing Street Fighter EX was a 2D fighting game back in the day, but now... wow, SF 4 suddenly is a 2D fighting game, ha ha ha. I even remember SF EX being called a "3D version of SF". I guess depending on the time of release and marketing, a game can be "2D" if it sounds nice.
3D graphics= 3D engine = 3D Game.

quite simply put, no. most of the market consists ofb scrubs, noobs and casuals. the reason for tekken popularuty is that people can button mash and know a few tricks and still be able to play it and have fun with it.

sf was never a big selling in the US after the 2 series. mainly cause people didnt play fighters that often (unless it was tekken). now fighters are making a comeback, sf4 is like the go to game and its gotten pretty noob friendly at the same time. biggest selling point is probably the 3d graphics. i doubt it would have sold half of what it did if it had been real 2d.

now to kof, when tekken is the go to game, sf is like the only other game most people that casually understand fighters will play. they can learn a character and play. having casuals play more fighters is asking for too much. especially a game like kof where you have a team of 3 characters to learn. add the fac that kof never been that known in the US and even most fighting fans never played it, i doubt most people would take the risk and learn a new game and get their asses kicked.

I agree with most of your points.
How about the Fatal Fury series? I always though that they were kind of popular in the States (at least the first 2 or 3 games). Is that true or they were not popular at all?
On the other hand, I remember the snes/sfamicom port of Art of Fighting 2 was released in Japan only...

SF4 has 3D graphics, but on a 2D plane, making it a 2D fighter.  The only Street Fighter games that aren't 2D are the EX games.

Nope, it is not a 2D fighter.
Many times I heard something like "It has 3D graphics but the mecanics and gameplay is 2D, JUST LIKE THE OLD ONES".
Bullshit. The game is 3D, just by using 3D graphics, the physics in the game are tooooootally diferent.
The way the characters react to being hit, the way the blocking system works, not to mention how the jumps work....just because it looks kind of similar to earlier incarnations doesn´t mean it is. It can have the same basic system (on paper at least), you can performed everyone's classic normal and special is still 3D, as I said earlier, it doesn´t work the same way.
Even if you don´t play in a 3D plane like Tekken or Soulcalibur, it is still a 3D game.

I agree with JohnCrawley's first reply.
Cibernetico, your friends can try to play KOF 1v1 since there is an option in console ports to do so. All the games that you mentioned that they play are 3D (unless they play an older SF) so I don´t think KOF is their thing anyway. Even if they try 1 on 1, I don´t think it will appeal to them.
"True Warriors play 2D."

I am fairly confident in a few months everyone at AI will be happier once that they've explored newer characters, ultimately what we want is everyone to play Random to demonstrate a better mastery of XIII (which comprises of 31 characters).

I am still intrigued about any secret characters making it to the console version.
SNK is taking their time to announce the console port....maybe if we are lucky they will add new characters.
Problem is this time they can´t just get them from another game, they have to redraw them back from scratch (unless they put in a classic Iori, in wich case only the special moves had to be re-made).
It would be great to have extra characters but considering how much it took to re-draw and animate the new sprites......I am not so sure. Unless they have a couple of them already done for KOF XIV (like what happened with Mature and Elizabeth in XII).
Ha ha, I guess my comment has nothing to do with the ratio discussion but honestly...everyone already express how they feel about it and it seems the discussion is going in circles now.

One question to people who are playing this game, does K' still says "nandato?" when he is defeated?

From what I've noticed, ever since they made Shen also say "Nandato!" since XII, K' just screams every time. I always found it weird, since Shen says it in a very similar way to K' in previous games .

Thanks for your reply. Those are supposed to the catchphrases of the characters, I don´t mind Shen saying "Shikisho" & "Nandato"....but why take that out from an older and classic character like K'? Or they have some kind of issue with 2 characters saying the same line??? If that were the case (eventhou it is ridiculous), let the older character keep his line...besides, "shikisho" was Shen's original line....
SNK has usually been kinda faithfull to their characters so it is really weird.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: October 18, 2010, 02:35:56 AM »
lol links would be nice

I think these are the new ones:
Problem is as Shiranui said, they are from the original version.
I would like to see more regarding the 1.1 ver.

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