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General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: November 03, 2011, 04:35:29 AM »
Here are the matches from Wednesday Brawl Live 02 November.

Based on what was seen, DLC Iori's Neomax doesn´t work as antiair.

Atlus has updated the KOF site, but I was expecting something more specific in the DLC section.
Very generic information.

Kuso was puling of that new Clark supercancel (wonder if it works outside the corner).

It works anywhere on the screen, the elbow drop puts them into grab range.

Kuso, thanks for having the guts to try out DLC Iori at the MCM, unlike most of the other bozos that just used their regular characters.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: NorCal KOF!
« on: October 30, 2011, 08:51:03 PM »
Oh, ok.
I don´t watch arcade videos anymore, but the Southtown ranbats are the exception.
I will check the stream next Sunday then.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: NorCal KOF!
« on: October 30, 2011, 08:15:25 PM »
Are you guys gonna have the tournament today?

Thanks everyone for clearing that up for me.

There are videos with clark supercancel?
I don´t think there are videos yet, when they are, check Kusogaki vs TKO Supa. It was the match for 3rd place, took place right before the finals. They also use DLC Iori (both players).

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: October 30, 2011, 07:14:08 PM »
Thanks, a11111357, I watched it non stop, ha ha.

I have a question to everyone who goes to tournament regulary.
I have seen in the stream that nobody sets a button to do both punches or both kicks or strong punch and strong kick, etc.
Is it because it is not allowed in tournaments or just cause they didn´t want to?
I am asking cause I play with pad, and usually use R1 & R2 for those type of things.

And they are playing in Mr Karate's stage!!!
Only Iori was supposed to be available at MCM expo.

Can't wait to see Nest's Kyo and Mr. karate he must be playable since they are playing on his stage.

I hope we can see those characters tomorrow in the stream, man, cant wait for the stream!!!

And they are playing in Mr Karate's stage!!!
Only Iori was supposed to be available at MCM expo.

The secret is finally out, I have to repost this from the elive thread since this announcement is pretty huge in the kof world!

Sorry, but I don´t understand.
In the games line up, they don´t mention KOF, yet some famous Japanese KOF players will be there.
What game will they be playing? They will have KOF XIII? They will play 2002? Or...

Manly Biceps, from Atlus posted the following statement in the atlus forums, regarding the VGChartz preorder charts.
Ok, guys, I'm establishing a new rule. You are never, ever allowed to quote VGChartz estimates on this forum.

Without revealing exact numbers or anything else, I'm going to tell you that number is absolute bull####. It's literally been kidnapped right out of Crazytown, located in the heart of Fantasylandia.

Mmmm, and those numbers are only from America.
This is indeed very good.
I thought it would be the amount of preorders for PS3 and 360 combined. Apparently these numbers are only for 360.

Meet & Greet / Re: Greetings from Davis, California!
« on: October 25, 2011, 01:02:56 AM »
Nice presentation. Welcome.

I've been going to tourneys in my local area when time permits. I'm still shaking off the rust as its been so long since I've played competitively and my now-old-man reflexes really are NOT helping.  :(

Haven´t you seen Takuma?
We old people have the experience, we have the grey hair, we still have the skill. In other words, we kick ass.

Jeauxactu uploaded a short summary and a video preview of XIII.
It is in French.

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