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I still think Raiden is too much, I havenĀ“t played the game, my opinion is purelly based on videos so I could be mistaken but I still think the guy is overpowered.
It is a character I'm interested in, but I hope he is tonned down a little bit in future updates.
Raiden is like a time bomb, 25 seconds before you die.

Still can't get Seasons Beatings 5 out of my head from this past weekend, so many amazing matches. Really hope we can get something going for XIII which will, even if very remotely, resemble the kind of community and competition they have for SF4.

SB5 angered me...

PR Rog beat Daigo? I think Daigo's getting sick of the game, he needs to retire. That tourney was where I decided I'll never take SSFIV seriously. Flash Metriod posted on FB that he needs to step up his counter-pick game. If you need to counter pick to win that's a stupid ass game. American players annoy me too now lol, the only one I like is Arturo Sanchez. It's crazy to see how full of themselves they all are (especially Marn) then you have a player like Gamerbee saying he doesn't even consider himself a top player.

Just my 2 cents on the topic of SF4, while it is the best 3D game so far at adapting 2D style, and I like the non photorealistic 3D graphics, it just definitely does not play like a true hand drawn 2D pixel art fighter and this is because 3D graphics can't really translate many of the mechanics of real 2D graphic games.

A 2D game has more profound properties than just the visual aspect of being on a 2D plane.

It has more than the visual aspect of a 2d plane. When the game was first being made all the hitbox data had 3d properties. They changed this before release and the game's data all runs as if it's a 2d game. Idk that the game doesn't play like a 2d fighter, to me it seems no different from Blazblue/Guilty Gear in that aspect. For now I'm disagreeing with you but I'm not entirely sure I touched on what you meant.

Maybe I haven't payed enough attention but the games detection and 2d aspects never seemed much different from Third Strike. Though definitely far from the KoF games but no Street Fighter is very relate-able  to those.

And on the topic of SFIV being 3d or 2d, I don't think that you can't definitively say either. Really it comes down to what you define as a 2d/3d fighter. To me if you can't side step it's 2d. You couldn't side step in Fatal Fury, you could switch planes. It's not the graphics that determine it for me, it's the gameplay.

General Discussion / Re: Review
« on: October 20, 2010, 09:48:04 PM »
I see, though 12 as we know was a failed reboot and it's obvious the reasons they don't have all the characters is the redone sprites. The game is a lot easier to pick up than previous SNK games and I feel that's what they are going for. Before they really kick in the complications they want to attract a new fanbase through simplified but still fun gameplay. I've played KoF 98' and that's not that bad but games like Garou and NGBC can be overwhelming to the new comer. So I can agree the game could use more variety but as a relatively new person to SNK fighters it's really exciting for me. Though for the veterans I can see your frustration, this game is pretty much the bare minimum for you to be into it.

I'd love to see Gato as a redone sprite and I'd love to see Terry's feints from Garou with the infinite block string back too! Not really but TBH I loved seeing that done, trying it on my own was... lol I can't do it.

General Discussion / Re: Review
« on: October 20, 2010, 11:43:01 AM »
I have to give in man...KOFXIII is good, better than good. In the simplest form of word: Awesome. But I don't think it have what it takes to be the best KOF yet (by a very small margin though), It can still be even BETTER. I'll just sit here and wait and see. Man, KOF 98 is a huge shoe to fill.

and yes, we do need a bit more variety.

Too little variety? From watching vids and seeing all the different options I was under he impression this game had a ridiculous amount of variety.

Unless you mean in what character's are chosen then I'll agree, do you mean in combos though?

BOOOO! Hwa's glitch shoulda stayed, get the lead then fly away!

Hahaha I love glitches like that the video made me lol so hard.

WOOOOOW! So when Takuma was doing his EX moves without a full bar it was cuz of a game glitch? Lol I was under the impression that EX moves just cost 1/2 a bar. Damn, that woulda been cool (though ridiculous for a lot of characters).

If that was fixed then Takuma is no longer very effective meterless, or am I wrong? Idk how good his meterless combos can be but I didn't see a whole lot of em. If so, damn! I was so looking forward to him being my point man.

I don't understand how this game (KoF in general but mostly Xiii) doesn't appeal to someone that takes a fighter seriously. I'm sure many of us that played SF stopped playing as characters because their match ups were bad, and to me a 3 man team makes that obsolete. The fact that you have to learn 3 characters shouldn't scare anyone it should excite them. First off you get a whole lot more variety not only in fighting but with style also (which SNKp definitely knows how to put in their games). I'd say KoF would probably be more popular if it was 1v1 but I'd also say that it'd be more popular if Americans weren't such casual gamers that play easy ass games like MW2 then think they are good. When they play games that easy then try out a game that requires actual thought like KoF it gets dismissed.

I could rant about this all day, I've never seen a fighter that looks as good and as balanced as 13 does and the system it runs on with the 2 separate meters is genius. Again though if your friends are into SF but not this I'd question how seriously they take fighting games.

Edit: Last thing, after playing SFIV since launch and picking up SSFIV I can play as about 8-9 characters competently. So you're friends saying 3 is too much makes less sense to me still. Even in a 1v1 fighting game I have always been compelled to understand as many characters as possible.

Raiden / Re: Raiden
« on: October 20, 2010, 12:01:23 AM »
With that aside I've been thinking about how you are supposed to shut him down with strong offense to beat him and while watching the vids I never once saw him hop. My question is does he not have a hop? If not that's good, that seems like it'd be balanced.
Raiden does have a hop. Everyone in KOF(not counting bosses) does.  If he didn't have a hop people would turtle him hardcore and he'd have to use Drop Kicks and shoulder charge to close the distance.  Running is not that fast in this KOF from what I've seen.

Okay, TY. If the 25 second charge in the update is true then that seems to me to be much more balanced. pretty much if you miss one the option is gone. You can combo with the lvl 3 out of a jab still though?

Raiden / Re: Raiden
« on: October 19, 2010, 02:12:39 PM »
I've been watching some archive of a KoF XIII tourney between a bunch of Japanese players (I'm assuming) and Raiden really looks like the Sentinel of this game considering of the 10 players (not the actual number just an estimate) it seemed like 8 of them had him on their team. I can understand why, though I don't want to use him when I get the chance to play simply because his techniques are insane and the fact that once you have the charge an anti air jab can lead to...full health lol.

With that aside I've been thinking about how you are supposed to shut him down with strong offense to beat him and while watching the vids I never once saw him hop. My question is does he not have a hop? If not that's good, that seems like it'd be balanced.

Should be clear with this comment that I haven't played a whole lot of KoF. I'm extremely interested though!

Hwa Jai / Re: Hwa Jai
« on: October 16, 2010, 12:50:38 AM »
In the videos posted on the front page the 2nd combo is insane. That's a lot of damage without having to do any cancels. You guys seen anything like that or knew of it when you played? I was until now under the impression that he was pretty much the same as Joe but clearly they have their distinctions.

Another question is I saw Jai combo out of his slide, can Joe do that or only the step kick?

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