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Samurai Shodown / Re: Samurai Shodown Sen
« on: October 26, 2010, 03:57:33 PM »
I wasn't saying its weird to have a tournament for the game, I know they still hold tourneys for Fighters History Dynamite (a great game imo)... I just found it odd that this game in particular was tournament-worthy...

Anyway, Kirian's mano a mano move actually dodges some moves. It requires some crazy timing, but it does have some use... When I played with him, he didn't have much in terms of juggles, but he did have some stun combos to speak of... Personally, I'd prefer Charolette over him, because she's more versatile than he is, and although she doesn't have an evasive move, she has better pokes, combos, and damage overall...

Samurai Shodown / Re: Samurai Shodown Sen
« on: October 25, 2010, 10:08:45 PM »
I was actually thinking about putting a thread up but you beat me to the punch (lol)... Yeah, this game is nowhere near Samsho4 or even 5 (I personally liked Tenkaichi Kenkakuden also- I'm a Mina player and Andrew was fun, too)... I liked some of the combos, but at the same time, I wished there was a counter... I mean there were counters in the previous versions, so why not this one... Most people, even in Japan, never really got into it... It was more of a time killer... I did see some matches on Youtube though, although I'm rather surprised that there were tourneys for this game... I still play it from time to time though, as some of the new characters are fun to play with... J sucks imo though, especially with a useless stance that only has one move out of it...

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If they were to make a SvC2, it needs to be either like KOF (3v3) or NGBC (2v2), with the typical KOF game mechanics... What made CvS2 so good was that you were given an option to use either a Capcom or SNK groove, and each one had their system intact... So if you were a KOF devout and only used KOF characters and systems, you could do just that... Plus a majority of the SNK characters were playable, and not broken (except for that Kim C-groove infinite)...

It would be good to see this come out though... I'd like to see the options of having SF links and KOF links and some of the other sub systems available...

Last Blade 2 / Re: Is it fair to say that EX mode is useless?
« on: October 21, 2010, 07:47:55 PM »
One thing that boggled my mind was how P-characters could still combo and do more damage than S-characters, even though I was under the impression that P-characters weren't technically supposed to be able to combo... Granted, most of the combos were A, A xx Special_Super, but it still did damage than that exact character's S mode...

I will say that EX-Zantetsu is a fun character to use imo...

World Heroes 3.
Ha ha, just kidding.
I think they should work on KOF XIV.
I don´t think the company is in economic situation in wich they can revive other franchises.
Back in the days the were releasing games all the time, now the situation is different for them.
I hope KOF XIII also sells very well on consoles worldwide and we can have a KOF XIV with new arc (wich means new characters, new hero team).

Man, WHP was great... I wouldn't mind seeing another addon to the series... I remembering watching the Japanese tutorial videos they had online (I think they're on YouTube now)...

I personally voted for NGBC2, although I was also thinking about MOTW2... I remember way back there was some talk about it, but nothing else really happened... I like MOTW as it was the best alternate to 3S imo... My only wish would be for a few more characters (some returning characters would be good, too)...

King of Fighters 98/UM/FE / Re: Quick question about XBL
« on: October 21, 2010, 07:01:43 PM »
I got a few good matches here and there, but its no NGBC in terms of netcode... Hopefully KOF2K2UM's netcode is as good as if not better than 98UM's...

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC General Discussion thread
« on: October 21, 2010, 06:20:56 PM »
Nah, matches are only arkward when there's lag (from either the tv or netcode)... As far as putting on an offense is concerned, it kinda depends on who you're playing with... Some characters don't have much of an offense depending on the situation... I know if I were to play with Mars People, I can't just constantly rushdown like I could with say Geese (and he's better at corner traps imo)... I would have to throw out a projectile (qcf+D), and react to what the opponent does (use s.D for anti-air at right range, maybe attempt for a crossup, or go for an overhead hoping that the fireball helps to keep me safe)... Other than that, I'd zone for a bit, then attempt to close in for the command throw when possible, and if I can't do it, hit confirm c.A to c.A, c.A, df+D and mixup from there...

I'm still learning to play with him, so I don't know all the "tricks/shenanigans" per sé, but I do know enough to put him to good use. He's like a Dhalsim with better mixup options imo...

I tried that Jin Chonsu "infinite" last night (in practice mode), and when I canceled the dp+C to the super, I watched my opponent fly up, then swerved behind me, and I know that wasn't possible in the ps2 version (I bought the import back in 05/06 can't remember which year)... The motion was worse than the recovery animation for Hanzo's dp+C move... Was this SNK's attempt at fixing an infinite, and are there any other "anomalies" that are in this game that weren't in the previous versions??? Thanks for the input...

Not really into matchups, because I believe that anyone can win with any character depending on how much time they put into the character (I play some low tier in other games also), but what's the official matchup between Tung and Big??? I Know its probably not too great, but I'm trying to come up with some anti-Big (and eventually anti-Kim) strats... I play Big too, so I know a little bit about him, but I haven't played enough Bigs online or offline to truly figure out what moves Tung has that work (or has priority) against Big...

I forgot, GCFS = easy way to get in, depending on the situation...

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