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General Fighting Game Discussion / Re: Battle Fantasia
« on: April 23, 2013, 01:39:28 AM »
Im plus now so I had the game

What I'm supossed to do with it? I don't get the game

My most humble apologies for this über late reply...

You pretty much can play the game like Street Fighter, minus the input shortcuts, and the slow footsie game... There's still footsies, but it's drastically different imo...

This might help: (char guides and system explanation) (frame data)

Here's the info found on Dustloop... I also recently put a gangload of info here:


For those who don't wanna get on dustloop, here's the crapload of info I came across over the past few weeks...

I've been grinding the mess out of combos with several characters lately, and I came across something with Cedric that I'm not sure people know... Anyway, here we go:

Of course we might (or might not) know that Cedric in heat mode can throw 2 projectiles at the same time from one [4]6P. Cedric of course is also a ranged character; however, if you happen to trap your opponent in the corner and are in heat mode, know that if you are close enough and connect [4]6A from a 2B, you can link another 2B afterwards. Please note that this link also works with the C version of [4]6P (all it does is add more dmg).

What does this mean for Cedric??? If you're charging a dropkick (like most Cedric players should be anyway), and you land this link, you can follow up with the dropkick and start doing some good combo damage. You're easily looking at doing about 1174-1281 dmg. So far I came across 3 combo possibilities, the only determining factor for the first 2 combos is how long you have been charging D. The last combo I will explain later.

***IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind all of these combos are in "Heat Mode"!!!***

Here's a combo that can be done if the first dropkick after the link was level 1.

2B~[4]6A, 2B~]D[ ~[D], ]D[ ~[D], 2C, ]D[ -----> 1171-1174 dmg

(Note: Changing [4]6A to [4]6C changes the dmg to 1255)

Here's that combo that can be done if the first dropkick after the link was level 2. This makes the opponent bounce off the wall and over Cedric.

2B~[4]6A, 2B~]D[ ~[D], ]D[ ~[D], 66 2C, ]D[ ~[D], 66 2C ----> 1281-1283 dmg

I don't immediately know how much is added when using [4]6C vice [4]6A. This combo does take you from the corner to about mid-screen, and you can still have a charge readily available... I'm currently testing out some things to see what can connect after that last 2C. Currently, the dropkick will not connect at all.

There's the 3rd combo: 2B~[4]6A, 2B~]D[ ~[D], ]D[ ~[D]

Now, the thing with this combo is that this will only happen if you do combo #2, and if you do the 2nd dropkick too early. This will make the opponent fly back towards the corner. If you have another charge for a dropkick, you can use it. Other than that, I'm not sure what else can connect with this combo, and I don't know the dmg output as of yet... I'll update this accordingly...

UPDATE: Another link I found is this: 2B~[4]6A, 2C

[4]6C will work with this link. In fact, it seems to make 2C connect alot easier than when using [4]6A. I wanna say there's a 1-2f window to get this to connect, but I'm not sure. I don't see the benefit for using this other than a quick reset. Besides, using 2C in combos kinda decrease the chances of anything else being added to it.

I'll update this post with more info pertaining Cedric. If any of this has already been discovered or known, I apologize... I didn't see any of this in the plethora of match videos I've seen since '07(?), nor is it on the dragoninstall site or curryallergy blog...


New combo:

(Heat) 2B~236236P, 66 66 ]D[ ~[D], 2C, ]D[ ----> 1412-1699 dmg depending on which move you started with.

If the starting move was:
5A/2A - 1412
5A, 2B - 1530
5B - 1567
2B - 1625
5C - 1793

3G~Heat, 66 66 5A, 5B, 5C, 236236C, 66 66 ]D[ ~[D], 2C, ]D[ ----> 1349 dmg

If you don't have a dropkick charge you can substitute the dropkick with [4]6C. The first projectile will hit and end the combo, causing a reset, and the other projectile will be right there forcing the opponent to block. I don't remember how much damage it does though...

Just came across another strange thing. When in the corner in heat mode, if you connect with 2C, you can combo with 5A~]D[, and it will connect even though the combo reader only says 2 hits.

(Heat) 2C, 5A~]D[, 2C ----> 511 dmg
(Heat) 2C, 5A~]D[~[D], ]D[ ~[D],  ----> 695 dmg
(Heat) 2C, 5A~]D[~[D], ]D[ ~[D],  66 2C ----> 822 dmg

In Heat mode, you can also combo with Throw, 5C~]D[ anywhere in the screen, and follow through accordingly. In the corner, you can either use 5C, or simply substitute it with 5B, since it hits low, allowing you to get a slightly longer charge on your dropkick possibly doing more dmg despite the damage sacrifice with 5B. Throw into 5A~]D[ works, too, but you have to walk slightly into the opponent and then connect with 5A. Honestly, you're more than likely going to be more successful landing the dropkick by itself, but you'll sacrifice some damage by doing that alone. You can also use 5B after throw, but it sets up that weird "reset", and since the opponent can't block in the air, you can use dropkick and it will combo, even though the combo counter will only say 2 hits.

This anomaly can help extend Cedric corner combo potential. For instance, you can do this:

2B > [4]6C > 2C > 5B~]D[~[D] > ]D[ ----> 952 dmg

Throw > 5C~]D[ ~[D] > ]D[ ----> 669 dmg

I believe there's more that can be done with the 2nd combo. Note, that while you can connect the dropkick from 5C at the initial position, it's easier if you slightly walk forward with Cedric then tap 5C. Doing this makes 5C hit the opponent closer to the ground, but not close enough that he/she can tech, and it makes the dropkick connect more consistently.

Most people would simply do dropkick after the throw anyway, plus you have to time the 5C just right, so what's the point of doing 5C to dropkick after the throw? Think of it this way: imagine if you didn't have a dropkick charge available, and you decided to charge D right as you threw the opponent, the 5C will add just enough time to charge the dropkick from lvl 1 (212 dmg) to lvl 2 (295 dmg). This also adds more damage to your combo from 408 dmg to 502 dmg. Also note that the 2nd combo can be done from anywhere on the screen, so although Cedric has better options if he were near the corner, there's always some form of max damage he can get even if the dropkick wasn't readily available.

----Some poking notes regarding 2B----

Also, keep in mind that you don't want to throw out 2B with Cedric by itself in an attempt to hit confirm. It's -5 on block, which means most characters can do their 5A/2A/2B into a special/super, or if they have the meter, expect a super punish. At the right range, Cedric can't punish himself in a mirror match. Urs might have trouble as well. Deathbringer can't punish Cedric's 2B though.

You don't necessarily have to, but you can follow up 2B with his projectiles at least. It helps create that distance, so Cedric can get back to zoning. You can do things like 5B~[4]6A > 5C~[4]6A/C to create a sizable gap between you and the opponent.

2B seems to be "safe" for now... I tried punishing it from all ranges with the fastest moves (4f), and Cedric was able to block everything...

*******Meterless Corner Combo Stuff*******

If for whatever reason you are in the corner with Cedric and connect 5C, you can cancel that into [4]6A, and then link with 2B~]D[!!! With that alone, you're looking at 676 dmg if the dropkick was lvl 1, 698 dmg for lvl 2, and 790 dmg for lvl 3. If the 1st dropkick wall bounces, you can end the combo with another dropkick for 891 dmg. If the 1st dropkick doesn't wall bounce, just finish with his [2]8B for 858 dmg. 5C is relatively safe, being +3 on block, but I'd still recommend that you use 5C~[4]6A to consistently keep the opponent in block stun...

This is indeed a lot of info, but eventually I'll try to consolidate it to something that's less "all-over-the-place"...


New Cedric tech in post #433...

I stand corrected: Cedric's 2B seems to be safe that it can't be punished... I've tried using 4f supers, 5f lights, etc... Nothing seems to work apparently... I'll keep testing eventually...

DonValve ------------------------------

DonValve's 6B to super throw can be stopped by either jumping right after the attack (leaving you open for his air grab super), or jabbing out very quickly... DonValve can always go into Heat mode to open up other options for himself, mainly having super armor so he can defend himself against the incoming attack, and then use 6C easy throw...

Don't go spamming that air throw super, as it can get gatchi'd!!! I had it happen to me a few weeks ago at Saltmines...

Face ------------------------------

Face has an unblockable setup in the corner in Heat Mode. From 623B, you can 5A, causing what would be a reset; however, if you quickly input 236236A, you can get a free 6 hit combo, stealing more damage than normal. Here's an example combo explaining the difference in damage. Remember, this is in Heat Mode only:

Combo without unblockable:
(corner)- close 5C~623B > 236236A ----> 1111 dmg

Combo with unblockable:
(corner)- close 5C~623B > 5A > 236236A ----> (727+580-601) 1307-1328 dmg

Face builds meter quite quickly using his rekkas, 5B~5D, his throw, and especially his 6C overhead, so getting enough meter to use this unblockable shouldn't be too hard to do.

Deathbringer ------------------------------

Heat Mode combo into Final Strike
6G~Heat Mode > j.A > j.D > land > j.D > land > 5A > 5D > Final Strike ----> 1547 dmg

You can time 2 j.A > j.Ds instead of doing just one to add more damage. DB has several other ways to combo into Final Strike. I'll post some more in the future.


Apparently, the strongest followup from 5B > 5D is 623A, which does 1127 dmg. Using 623C does 764 dmg, and doesn't twice like the A version. The best followup for most hits seems to be 623A. If you're quick enough, from 5C, 2C, 5B, and 2B, you can use 623C.

There is a way to get an unblockable setup with 6D after hitting with the charged version of 41236D, but the right spacing is required. I'm still testing this out for now.

Another High Gatchi~Heat Mode combo into Final Strike:
6G~Heat > j.A > j.D > land > j.C > land > 2C > Final Strike ----> 1560 dmg

Looking at the frames, if you do poke with something like 5B or 2B, go into 41236B to keep you generally safe. If you're good on hit confirming, then you should be able to go for 623C if 5B/2B connects, and 41236B if they don't connect.

Whenever you knockdown, CHARGE(214B/D)!!! This is DB's goto pretty much...

Omg, dash into super jump covers so much!!!

5B is the only normal that moves DB forward.

Urs ------------------------------

This dude is pretty strong imo... He can almost break 1000 dmg with 1D~623C (913 dmg on both NH and CH). That combo alone does 1018 dmg on G-counter. Anyway, Urs is able to take 2006 dmg from a successful Gatchi Drive. Here's that specific combo (NOTE - In order to perform the combo completely, you have to "step" forward to connect certain moves, otherwise you'll whiff):

6G~Heat > 9C > step > 2C~236A/C > step > 5A~236A/C > 214B > 236236B/D

This does about 1/2 life or more to the whole cast, except for Freed, Face, Deathbringer, and DonValve. I did have an issue with weird hitboxes in the corner with Cedric, and Deathbringer when I tried to connect with 236236B/D. Another anomaly was with Freed. Apparently he juggles really high, so landing this combo on him is somewhat harder, especially landing the super at the end. If you desire, just swap 236236B/D with 236236A/C. It does slightly less damage, but it's better than whiffing altogether. If you decide to not spend more meter, you can always finish with the simple 623A/C.

Urs does have some unblockable setups with his 236B/D. You can hit with 5A, 2A > 5B, or even 5C if you time it right, and you can cancel into either his fireball, or another 236B/D, but the timing is kinda strict. If the unblockable used was the fireball, nothing is guaranteed afterward.Nevertheless, its still something worth using if you're about to run out of Heat Mode and you connected with a 236B/D. If you decide to use another 236B/D instead, you can extend the combo of your choosing.

Just for shits and giggles, Urs can 236236B/D and combo with another one if meter is available.

Marco ------------------------------

Marco, well he is the "Ken" of the game, just as Urs is the "Ryu", but Marco only has the ShoryuReppa, and the speed factor that Ken has... He actually has way more mixups that lead to all kinds of extra damage. In fact, outside of Gatchi Drive and Heat combos, Marco barely does 1000+ damage and that's with the help of Final Strike (236236B/D). Marco imo does better damage off of hit confirms into super outside of Heat Mode, since Heat Mode for Marco means flash in terms of combos instead of actual damage. If you do happen to go into Heat Mode, apply those mixups like a madman...

While Marco does benefit in the mixup department, he can combo with his dragon after a Gatchi Drive going into Heat mode. The thing with Marco is that he's so small, and his moves don't take him far enough to combo consistently. There are plenty of combos that don't do much damage past 1000, but are pretty damn flashy, especially when comboing with Charsiu. Here are some combos that do work, but you'll have to accurately position Marco just right to finish them:

6G~Heat > 236D > 66 > 6D > 623A~236236B/D ----> 1815 dmg
6G~Heat > 9C > land > 6D~236A/C > 2C > 66 > 623C ----> 915 dmg (This one is more flashy than damaging). You can add more damage by dashing in right and connecting with 236236A/C and/or canceling it into 236236B/D if in the corner. That in total does about 1506, which isn't worth it tbh...\

One thing that kinda sucks about Marco in Heat Mode is that his specials get locked until you use a Charsiu-specific move (236A/C [fire], 236B/D [high/low dash]). Marco can't even do his supers without using his pet first. So, if you do try to combo in Heat Mode, please keep this in mind.

One strange thing I just came across is with Marco vs Face. If you're too close to Face, and you try to Gatchi Match his 5A, it will completely whiff. Marco has to be at least a character's distance for the Gatchi Match/Drive to work. This isn't too bad, because Face can't cancel into anything from 5A, it can't even self chaining.

Odile & Dokurod ------------------------------

Odile has some pretty good safe normals for the most part. I'm noticing that since her 5B and 2B are both low, and they chain into each other, going for a low/low mixup while "appearing" to go for a low/mid-high mixup can benefit her. 5C is a special mid, which really hurts her, since it doesn't really give Odile other overhead options aside from 2A > 6B.

One thing I do see in all of this is that she can put the fear of lows into the opponent, which can give her an opportunity to go for a grab. Odile can recover from her lights to jump quickly and use her drill attacks (air 2B/2D). 9D into drill works, too sometimes.

Fireball isn't as big as Ky's 236D, but it how it works kinda reminds me of that. It get's big in Heat Mode, and kinda reminds me of Quan Chi's fireball in MK4.

Odile's damage output is relatively smaller than the rest of the cast, even Watson. She definitely doesn't to much damage with her combos either, even in the corner. To even get close to 1000 you have to use her 214B/D move and combo into that.

214B > air 2D > 2A > 2B > 5C~214C ----> 1330 dmg
If you're in the corner, you can add a j.C for a grand total of 1470 dmg plus a hard knockdown.

Odile also doesn't have much in terms of range. 5C so far seems to be the farthest normal next to 2D (one of her worse normals to use period).

4/17: So apparently Odile can hit confirm into her air super (j.236236B/D) from afar with her projectile. Both versions of the super do the same amount of damage, but the projectiles do not (A - 336 & B - 384). Connecting it all gives you 1421 dmg from full screen.

In the corner up close you can do simple block strings that will allow you to hit confirm with the projectile using 5C. Here's an example:

2B > 5C~236A
     + Assuming the first two hits are blocked, if the projectile connects, you have a chance at comboing with 5C~214C and follow up with whatever afterwards (super, 9C, 9D, etc). Her 5C is safe on block, so if you want to there is the option to go into another 5C~236A/C and continue the pressure. If the projectile is blocked, and if the opponent is tall enough (Face, Freed, DonValve, DB, etc) you can go for 9C, but not much is guaranteed afterwards. You'll just be a bit closer to the opponent, although you obviously don't want to be too close to DonValve.

After using a BnB combo like 2B > 5B > 2B > 5C~236C, Odile can connect her air super if timed right. The only catch is that the opponent has to be combo'd close enough that he/she ends up in the corner for the super to connect. I currently have not been able to make it connect midscreen, although I feel as if there is a way for it to connect. **EDIT** Odile can shorten the combo to 2B > 5C~214C, and then quickly get an air super in. That in total amounts to 1271 dmg.

9A crosses up, but even better, 9C crosses up!!! 9C is actually useful because you can connect 2B > 5C~214A/C at least. The downside to 9C crossups is that it only works on DonValve, Freed, and DB, but considering their damage output vs Odile's, this makes things a bit easier for her in the damage dealing department.

Just a reminder, if you're gonna learn Odile&Dokurod, start becoming friends with her 2B > 5C string.

Divertissement super (214214A/C) is only good as a punish and maybe if you connect with a short combo that can go into it like 2B > 5B > 2B~214214A/C. That combo does 945 dmg, which is way less than hitting with the super raw and getting the full 1195 dmg instead.

From any corner combo that leads into 214C, you can use 9D~2D for crazy resets. Odile lands faster when using the dive attack, so she'll have even more time to do certain attacks, or simply bait the opponent's attack/gatchi match.

I'll post more later... Any questions or corrections needed, lemme know...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: April 23, 2013, 01:28:55 AM »
Where's everybody at!?!?!?!?!

Oh real quick, my new alias is "Dorinku"... Yep, that's DO-RI-N-KU... jjsmack you know wassup!!!

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: March 27, 2013, 02:37:36 AM »
Sunday's event had an awesome turnout!!! There was definitely tons of talent there and great potential for many to become stronger players.

Real quick, if there were a KOF2002UM tourney happening, how many of you would be interested in entering???

On a side note, I wish the VSav tourney happened earlier, because I know despite the huge turnout that had, there was at least 3 or more players who could've entered if the tourney started sooner.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: March 20, 2013, 04:58:16 AM »
I'd go but my wife's b-day is this Friday...

I leveled up in life last Monday btw...

Real quick, how many KOF setups are we gonna have??? I'm bringing my 360 at least...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: March 20, 2013, 01:47:56 AM »

I registered for this... I wished they'd stream it, whether I sucked or not...

Best believe I'm rocking the DreamCancel shirt, and of course a good 'ole O's hat!!!

Time to crack open the keg 'o shenanigans!!!


Neo Geo Battle Coliseum / Re: NGBC XBLA Players
« on: February 25, 2013, 08:13:23 AM »
Anyone here still play NGBC?

I just got KOF13 last week and I was wondering if anyone wants to play NGBC or KOF13 on the weekends?

I still play... It's been usually just practicing and doing local casuals with other DC & Dustloop members, but I'm always down for online matches.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 22, 2013, 07:52:48 AM »
what time are you guys gonna be there?

A lil after 7pm...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 22, 2013, 04:00:33 AM »
I stay on that breakers b!!! Tia all day!!!

Anyway, ¿who's going to Kearny Mesa mañana? I'm down for it!!!

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 17, 2013, 08:27:30 PM »
What did I miss???

I'm actually feeling a bit better now, still some slight pain, but its bearable...

@HumptyHump - I added you on PSN... Hit me up, I have AH3, KOF95, VF5FS, SG, GG, and P4U...

Who here actually hits up GGPO/Arclive/Supercade??? We should get some KOF, FHD, JJBA, or Garou in sometime...

Hopefully KOFXIII gets good netcode and lobby support for their PC port...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 16, 2013, 01:48:27 AM »
I'll be going... I'll just bring my xbox and we can do ah3 on another system... If any of you cats do want me to bring my ps3, gimme a holler...

EDIT: Seems pretty bleak right now... I'm in alot of pain and on meds right now... I'll be on psn at least :-(

i been playin vf5 alot and i aint sure were my skill level iz at i wouldnt mind playin yal

Yo add my on psn... I get up on vf quite a bit with some DC buddies...

In the meantime, those interested, check this out:

LA Akira is helping Justin Wong learn VF. Floe is there too, but whatever... I posted this because LA Akira gives out some good info without being overwhelming, and I think it would help those trying to learn the game...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 15, 2013, 12:57:25 AM »
I'll probably be doing Saltmines again, primarily for AH3, and JJBA or any other game training for those who want it... If anyone wants me to bring my 360 for Battle Fantasia, NGBC, or JJBA, lemme know, otherwise I might not bring it with my ps3... I'm also down for older KOFs, too, which are on my 360, so lemme know wassup...

Maybe next week, I'll open up the dojo, especially since the weather's looking a bit nicer lately...

@Rythmaxed & others interested: check this out:

It's Justin Wong getting some help from LA Akira. LA Akira gives out some really helpful info without it being over the top.

@HumptyHump & others interested: If you wanna learn JJBA, this site has some good info for the majority of the characters. Just remember that PetShop is banned...

@Wallice, how'd that combo work for ya??? I came across some others watching something on MeltyBread, but I didn't have the time to post it just yet... Maybe sometime later I'll post it...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 09, 2013, 11:27:06 PM »
@Mild Wallice (lol): I've gotta write out the combo I did with C-Kouma, but I think it does more, but doesn't give oki... I think I like that combo you wrote down more, though I personally prefer F-Kouma for better rekkas...

GGs to those who showed up at Saltmines!!! I definitely plan on doing more of that, but that doesn't mean Casa no Jinx is going outta business lol...

EDIT 4 Wallice: Try this out with C-Kouma:

2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 6C (bounce), 2B, 236C, jc. jA, jC, jc. jA, jC, air throw

That there does around 3610 and you can do more if you replace the throw with either the air rekkas or even the super...

He's got some shenanigans I think I'm starting to see, but I'm still testing him out... Txt me if you're down for netplay matches or whatever...

I just found another stronger combo that doens't even need meter:

2A, 2A, 5B, 2B, 5C, 2C, 236A, 236C, 236C, jc. jA, jC, jc, jA, jC, air throw

That does something around 4200-ish... Sometimes if you time the rekkas right, you can get that second 236C to grab, and then the opponent will do a bounce more likely to the corner, where you want them to be anyway... I'm trying to see what can be done after that, but I'm just thinking oki is the only thing available...

Oh yeah on that first jc, you'll be crossed up, so you gotta jump the other way. That can actually play in your favor though, especially if you're either closer to the corner (you'll swap outta there), or from midscreen, you have a chance to push the opponent to the corner with your combo...

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 07, 2013, 11:32:11 PM »
I gotta ask this and it might be obvious, but do you play JJBA???
I've played Jojo's but I never really got into it and learned it.  Maybe one of these days I'll go back and play more of it since the game is a lot of fun and I'm a big fan of the manga.  I am looking forward to Jojo's All Star Battle even though it probably won't be a competitive game.

I'm bringing both my Ps3 and Xbox (which has jjba) so we can get matches in that and I can show you what I know.

Offline Matchmaking / Re: San Diego CA
« on: February 07, 2013, 06:20:39 PM »
I'm definitely down for Friday Jinx sessions at the Saltmines.  The Dustloop guys are cool, and I'll bring my PS3 to see if I can use a monitor there for another setup for KOF/VF5/GG/AH3/Gundam.

I gotta ask this and it might be obvious, but do you play JJBA???

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