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Results / The Kumate Results (1-5)
« on: August 06, 2012, 06:54:56 PM »
[Copied & pasted directly]

Sorry for my tardiness on this. Kinda busy these days.
As always thank you very much for your support..

The Kumate #1

1st Place: Marco Polo
2nd Place: Masta CJ
3rd Place: Deamon
4th place: Rougeyoshi
05 Hard Bread
05 Green Tea
07 El-Tro
07 Lazie Freddy
09 KPB Meanest Rage
09 Lethal
09 TS|Kuma
13 SKL Count BOSHY
13 Knight of Zero
13 Roland
13 Kevin Diaz
17 Garou Mike
17 LB The Ultimizer
17 Tenryo
17 Rome Himself
17 Jimmy P
17 Xing
17 Shin Raven
17 Kevin V
25 Angel Chaotix
25 Team Rival
25 Go with Jebus

The Kumate #2

1st Place: Marco Polo
2nd Place: GreenTea
3rd Place: XAQshinor
4th place: Lethal Mind
05 PLVG|El Tro
05 Garou Mike
07 Hard Bread
07 Dynicksty
09 Swift
09 Tenryo
09 A3 Religion
09 Shin Raven
13 Ex-Cantinflas
13 Judderman
13 Ril
13 Fudge Brownie
17 Zaichiek
17 Rome_Himself
17 Damon
17 TS|Kuma
17 atmuh
17 Knight of Zero

The Kumate #3
(No Video)

1st Place: Sebastion/BubblanAB7
2nd Place: XAQshinor
3rd Place: Garou Mike
4th place: Zidane
05 Hardbread
05 A3 Religion
07 Fudge Brownie
07 Saigo
09 Dynicksty
09 KPB Meanest Rage
09 Saika
09 Eric
13 Con
13 Zeal
13 Rome Himself
13 Fool
17 Edward
17 Belmont
17 Zaichiek

The Kumate #4
(No Video)

1st Place: XAQshinor
2nd Place: Chris Hu
3rd Place: Etone
4th Place: Lethal
05 Hard Bread
05 A3 Religion
07 Garou Mike
07 Fudge Brownie
09 Mega Omega
09 Tenryo
09 KPB|Meanest Rage
09 TS|Kuma

The Kumate #5
Part 1: The Kumate! #5 KOF13 Part 1

Part 2: The Kumate! #5 KOF13 Part 2

Part 3: The Kumate! #5 KOF13 Part 3

The Kumate #5 was a blast. Still cant beat iori.

1st Place: Marco Polo
2nd Place: Pachukof
3rd Place: Hard Bread
4th place: A3 Religion
05 Etone
05 Garou Mike
07 Dynicksty
07 Con
09 Bran Muffin
09 Tenryo
09 KPB Meanest Rage
13 Chris Hu
13 TS Sp00ky
13 So Crisp Jr
13 TS Kuma
17 SP LSlick
17 Kevin Diaz
17 Clarke

Offline Matchmaking / GA Players Unite, FOR REAL
« on: May 24, 2012, 08:50:41 PM »
So, to get an idea of where potential people/players play, I've decided to make this thread so that those that don't post on SRK can come to the home website of KOF. As of right now, we have active players in the city of Athens, Warner Robins, Statesboro, Columbus, Atlanta, Cumming, and Clayton & Fayette County. If anyone who is reading this is anywhere near of the following places & is interested in playing people, respond on here so people can network & set up arrangement dates, etc. Use the information at your disposal, don't just pass by on it.

Results / Atlanta Revival April 2012 Results
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:46:18 PM »
I would like to thank everyone for coming out and making this Revival possible. I had a blast and was happy to seeing everyone playing their best. Looking forward to the next Revival. I really appreciate everyone that helped us out with brackets as well. That really made the tourney run on time. Now for me to shut up give you guys some results!!!
1: Raishin X
2: Blaze
3: SS Malik
4: MasterGamer
5: J-Dash
5: Black Star
7: Corey
7: Rayner
9: Da Knut
9: cr2 alternator
9: Raiden365
9: ZomB

NOTE: Because of the way brackets were made, placings outside of Top 3 are not correct so keep that in mind.

Archives / Atlanta Revival (April 28, 2012)
« on: March 19, 2012, 11:10:29 PM »
Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30314
Room A401

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! WEEEEEEEEE'RE BAAAAAAAACK! We are happy to announce yet another Atlanta Revival for the month of April. Not only are we back, we came back with more games! Also, we need more set ups for these new games. Unfortunately you guys know first come first serve as for the set ups goes. We are not excepting more than five full set ups per game. So..... we are looking for about 30 full set ups so that we can run in a timely manner. Please everyone that is bringing a set up, please come in bright and early which is 11o'clock. Now that i have explained the small talk, let me get on with the good stuff!

If you are running late or need more information please call (770) 882 - 7912

Venue Fee:

$10 for competitor
$5 for spectator

$10 for KOF XIII

Format: PS3, MLG Format 3/5 for EVERYTHING, including ALL Finals. During tournament play, no casuals will be ran so that's a heads up, if you DO play, you will be dealt with accordingly.

Start time will be 2 PM, casuals/warm-ups are scheduled to start around 11:00 AM

Results / Final Round XV, March 2-4, 2012
« on: March 07, 2012, 07:44:20 PM »
Results for Final Round XV for those that want to see them & give shoutouts

Shoutouts to everyone that came & supported Final Round this year, even though I played terribly, I was happy to run brackets & be an important part of one of the hypest parts of the event this year easily. I thank Mexico, Dark Geese, WC, LA, wherever you came from to prove to people that even though this game's netplay is bad, that there are a TON of people interested in playing & ARE playing. Personally we proved the masses wrong & provided them with an entertaining show that NO ONE could deny. And thank you Reynald for playing matches in the pool without the DLC characters because that did help so much & ShinBlade for letting me know you were playing other games, I don't DQ people who are actually keeping up with their games so you treat me fair, I do the same to you. And you guys have my word that we will have all systems with whatever DLC will be out next year because I will make sure that this won't happen again, once again, much appreciated players.

For you GA folks, y'all need to hit me up because whoever wants to get better, we have to connect & share info. so get on it.

Results / Rock'em Sock'em Results
« on: February 21, 2012, 01:02:55 AM »
Shoutouts to NC to being so solid in KOF period, I'll run it back with you guys eventually but hopefully all of you make it to Final Round this year & show everyone what's up, and now from the results, taken from SRK:

February 11, 2012

1: Jon Slayton
2: Demo
3: Pacstrif
4: ReSe Darklight
5: Frank The Tank
5: The Arm
7: ReSe Shiki
7: SS Malik
9: Alice-Chan
9: The 7K
9: Disco Shark
9: Blake and White
13: Priest
13: Muay Thai
13: Karnage
13: ReSe West
17: jaguar131
17: TestamentLOL

I know someone is uploading matches from the stream archive onto but don't know the account name, if someone can help out with that, thanks.

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