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I'm going to try & start a new thread to get everyone who's scattered all over GA together so we can be more organized, I feel as if things are messy right now so if you can close this thread thec0re3, that would be greatly appreciated. This is the thread with updated information, And also, the Tech gatherings stopped for now.

1.|Combofiend (Maxima, Ralf, Takuma | Ralf, Vice, Takuma)
2. TFA|Banana Ken (Athena, Elisabeth, Yuri)
3. DandyJ (Mr. Karate, Billy, Hwa Jai | Others)
4. Zerp (EX Kyo, K', EX Iori | Others)
5. Nash (Ryo, Mai, Takuma)
5. Ghaleon (Robert, Mr. Karate, Leona)
7. TJ (Mr. Karate, Kim, Hwa Jai)
7. Colonel Nasty (Mature, Maxima, Vice)

Hey everyone, my name is Chris Hatala (Ghaleon), and I direct Season's Beatings each year with my co-director Harmon Tam (nomrah).

Apologies for not posting a thread on DC. We are brand new to the KOF scene as of 13 and ended up promoting SB:Summer Slam pretty late in the game.

If you aren't familiar with us, since 2006 we've run SB at a spacious Bubble Tea hangout in Ohio, and our event is built on bringing out the U.S's and world's top talent to put on a show for the FGC.

We just got into KOF hardcore with 13 and as an OG player who organizes a large tournament but doesn't play SF4 or MvC3, we are really into KOF as players and had very good comp at Summer Slam, our mid-year event.

We were at SCR last year and got to see some of the SCR/NCR event live (even though I didn't understand the game much then), and at our fall SB in Sept. or Oct. we always put together big-time special exhibitions, like Season's Beatings: Velocity - Exhibition Matches TrailerU.S. vs. The World (SF4)/East Coast vs. West Coast (MvC3)/"Good vs. Evil" (MvC3 Phoenix teams vs. Non-Phoenix teams).

So yeah, just letting you guys know that we really love playing and watching this game at high level and will try to cater to KOF as best we can in out in Ohio, especially by trying to make something big happen with top KOF names in the fall.

Will post the stream matches later when we can: we ended up being able to stream the tournament from start to finish, ComboFiend, BananaKen, Dandy J and more put on a great show.

We look forward to posting the fall SB on Dream Cancela and working with The Answer to figure out something really nice for the fall.

Thanks for showing your support & I enjoyed watching the stream throughout the whole weekend, looking forward to SB in the fall, especially with KOF XIII.

Shen Woo / Re: Shen Woo (Console)
« on: May 17, 2012, 06:59:30 PM »
I don't know if any of you thought about this but after a knockdown with Shen near on in the corner & once you have your opponent trained to defend the "proper" way, CD EX Tamaken ( ;fd ;df ;dn ;db ;bk ;fd  ;a ;c) into say EX Tenrenken ( ;dn ;df ;fd ;b ;d) is a nice setup & can scare the opponent too. If they are alternate guarding, it won't work because the whiff CD animation will force the block stun.

Billy Kane / Re: Billy Kane
« on: May 10, 2012, 04:04:40 AM »
I just do qcb A, C, C, C, qcb C.

I first practiced it with s.C [1hit], b.A, C x3, qcb C, qcb A first.

Once I got the timing I moved onto his other ones.  Especially since I practiced it from Clark it wasn't too hard to master.

Thanks alot, I'm sure this'll help me a ton.

Billy Kane / Re: Billy Kane
« on: May 07, 2012, 08:30:27 PM »
Ok so I'm attempting to practice the 214 ;a DC 214 ;c as well as the 214  ;a ;c to either 214  ;a or  ;c but I just can't seem to figure out the timing when to mash for the DC as well as the inputs. I've even watched KOF XIII Billy Full Screen Combo BALA , KOF XIII Clark HD BALA and マニアックコンボ(落選)動画 to get an understanding of what inputs to put in & when to do it. If someone can please explain, that'd be so helpful.

Results / Atlanta Revival April 2012 Results
« on: April 30, 2012, 03:46:18 PM »
I would like to thank everyone for coming out and making this Revival possible. I had a blast and was happy to seeing everyone playing their best. Looking forward to the next Revival. I really appreciate everyone that helped us out with brackets as well. That really made the tourney run on time. Now for me to shut up give you guys some results!!!
1: Raishin X
2: Blaze
3: SS Malik
4: MasterGamer
5: J-Dash
5: Black Star
7: Corey
7: Rayner
9: Da Knut
9: cr2 alternator
9: Raiden365
9: ZomB

NOTE: Because of the way brackets were made, placings outside of Top 3 are not correct so keep that in mind.

KOF is there, if funds are right, without a doubt I'm in there

Come & support the East Coast as well as the KOF scene in general

Archives / Re: Atlanta Revival (April 28, 2012)
« on: April 10, 2012, 08:58:13 PM »
NOTE: This WILL be ran on PS3 so make sure you have converters or whatever you play on ready.

Also for you lurkers that don't have an account or post, ATL Revival is April 26, 2012, so make sure to support OUR scene & prove to everyone that this game does exist.

I'll try to make this tournament, if I can get a ride.

Try to network as much as possible to secure a ride, you still have three weeks to prepare so you have quite a bit of time.

Archives / Re: Atlanta Revival (April 28, 2012)
« on: March 22, 2012, 04:52:58 PM »
If other states such as Alabama & Tennessee can make it, that'd be great as well.

Also for you lurkers that don't have an account or post, ATL Revival is April 26, 2012, so make sure to support OUR scene & prove to everyone that this game does exist.

For those that live in GA & still don't know where to find people, definitely show up to GA Tech on regular Fridays for in-person games because players usually show up there; PM me as well. Also the Thread title should be changed IMO to attract other players.

Sure what do you wan me to change it to?

GA King of Fighters Thread, The Home of Juggles

Archives / Atlanta Revival (April 28, 2012)
« on: March 19, 2012, 11:10:29 PM »
Georgia World Congress Center
285 Andrew Young International Blvd. NW
Atlanta, Ga. 30314
Room A401

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! WEEEEEEEEE'RE BAAAAAAAACK! We are happy to announce yet another Atlanta Revival for the month of April. Not only are we back, we came back with more games! Also, we need more set ups for these new games. Unfortunately you guys know first come first serve as for the set ups goes. We are not excepting more than five full set ups per game. So..... we are looking for about 30 full set ups so that we can run in a timely manner. Please everyone that is bringing a set up, please come in bright and early which is 11o'clock. Now that i have explained the small talk, let me get on with the good stuff!

If you are running late or need more information please call (770) 882 - 7912

Venue Fee:

$10 for competitor
$5 for spectator

$10 for KOF XIII

Format: PS3, MLG Format 3/5 for EVERYTHING, including ALL Finals. During tournament play, no casuals will be ran so that's a heads up, if you DO play, you will be dealt with accordingly.

Start time will be 2 PM, casuals/warm-ups are scheduled to start around 11:00 AM

I don't think it's that people aren't interested but RIGHT after Final Round XV & it being announced the Friday of FR, traveling arrangements are a bit tight because I know many, if not most of us, wished to come to this. I'm sure the quality of the matches will be good though.

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