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 no I said it comes pretty close, it can be punished by a lot but for the most part its pretty hard to get a max punish that does a lot of damage and be careful on the timing of your punish because the old repeat srk trick is actually practical with him works on badly timed punish attempts

well mostly everybody's srk isn't safe on block except Ryo's   ;a version comes pretty close to it pushes you a good distance on block and recovers pretty quick even more so when it wiffs it recovers even faster 

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 13, 2010, 11:36:59 PM »
whaaaat mini ranbat? you guys gonna do that like tomorrow as in today or Saturday let me know so I can come down I would love to go

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 12, 2010, 06:32:12 AM »
good games today at AI and thanks to Kane and Oscar for sharing their vast knowledge of KoF  I'm improving with every visit.
 see and play everybody soon

I managed to figure out how to drive cancel Terry's Rising Tackle into EX Rising Tackle today by using a pianoing type method like when you are trying to reversal in ST but instead of letting go of the inputs you hold them and it has to be done really fast

so it would be down charge up+A (HOLD) then while holding that press and hold C and it should cancel I'd imagine this can be done with all the charge moves but this move is probably more useful and practical since its an anti-air

Terry Bogard / Re: Terry Bogard
« on: August 09, 2010, 06:52:45 AM »
drive canceling Rising Tackle into Rising Tackle (EX) is done similar to pianoing reversals in st except instead of letting go you hold the inputs I've done it on accident before but managed to pull it off consistently today I'd imagine this technique works with other charge moves canceling into the ex versions of the same moves

oh yea and you gotta do it really fast

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 04, 2010, 06:52:53 AM »

good seeing you around the forums Abe.

for sure man this game is my new passion 

Terry Bogard / Re: Terry Bogard
« on: August 01, 2010, 07:24:35 AM »
Standing Normals
st. ;a - A quick jab. Useful against hyper hops and can be comboed into Back Knuckle (f+A).
- Cancellable, chainable
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 25

st. ;b - A side kick with good reach. Can be chained from his crouching B. And can be comboed into weak crackshoot, Buster Wolf or EX Power Geyser
- Cancellable
- Hit Detection: High.
- Damage: 30

st. ;c - A straight punch with good range and good speed. Great poke. Also note it's unique cancel properties.
- Cancellable into DMs only.
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 80

st. ;d - Terry leans back, twisting slightly, and kicks forward. (Animation resembles the last hit of his 'Fire Kick' move from Real Bout, although without the flame effects of course.) Better reach than his far C, but a bit slower.
- Can't be canceled.
- Hit Detection: High.
- Damage: 80

Close Normals
cl. ;c - A close-range punch that hits twice. Very fast and combos easily. Five stars!
- Cancellable (both hits)
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 55,25

cl. ;d - Terry delivers a kick aimed at his opponent's face. Not as strong as close C, and only hits once. However, it can be used for combos and is actually preferable for longer (particularly HD) combos due to less damage scaling.
- Cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 70

cr. ;a - A crouching jab. Can combo into his Rising Upper (df+C).
- Chain/Cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 25

cr. ;b - A quick, crouching kick (surprise, surprise). Can be chained into standing B or crouching A.
- Chainable
- Hit Detection: Low
- Damage: 30

cr. ;c - A crouching version of his far C. Less damaging, but can be canceled into anything.
- Cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 70

cr. ;d - A crouching kicks that knocks down standing opponents. Long reach.
- Can't be canceled.
- Hit Detection: Low
- Damage: 80

j. ;a - A quick, downward punch. Meh.
- Hit Detection: Mid
- Damage: 45(40)

j. ;b - A forward kick, great for air-to-air.
- Hit Detection: Mid
- Damage: 45(40)

j. ;c - A strong punch aimed downward. Good for jump-ins.
- Hit Detection: Mid
- Damage: 72(70)

j. ;d - A strong kick aimed downward. Good for jump-ins and cross-ups.
- Hit Detection: Mid
- Damage: 70(68)

Blowback Attack
 ;c ;d - A shoulder charge.
- Cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 75

j. ;c ;d  - Looks like an aerial version of Terry's close D.
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 90(80)

GC ;c ;d - For some reason, it's the same animation as his close D.
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 10

;bk / ;fd +  ;c / ;d  = Buster Throw
Terry grabs his opponent and throws them to the ground.
- Can be broken
- Hit Detection: Throw
- Damage: 100

Command Normals
;fd + ;a  = Back Knuckle
Terry spins around and hits the opponent with the back of his knuckle, hence the name. Great reach and good damage, but slow to come out. Useful on wake-up. Can be combo'd into from standing A.
- Can't be canceled
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 80

;df + ;c = Rising Upper
An uppercut with good vertical reach. Nice anti-air, and great in combos. Can be combo'd into from close C/D and crouching A.  Common follow-ups are: Power Wave, weak Burn Knuckle and either DM.
- Cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 60

Special Moves
;dn ;df ;fd + ;a / ;c = Power Wave *
Terry slams the ground with his fist, producing a wave of energy. Since the normal versions aren't full-screen, this move is mostly useful in block-strings. A version comes out faster and travels about half-screen. C version travels 3/4 of the screen, travels faster and knocks down. No damage difference.
EX version travels full-screen, but slowly. Hits three times. (No knock-down.)
- Super cancellable.
- Hit Detection: High
- A/C damage: 60; EX damage: 45x3 [total=135]

;dn ;db ;bk + ;a / ;c = Burn Knuckle *
Terry flies forward with his burning fist outstretched. It travels quite fast, making it useful for keeping your opponent on their toes. It is quite unsafe on block, so pleasedon't just throw it out there and hope it hits. Because this move can be drive canceled, it's the linchpin of most of Terry's longer combos. A version comes out faster, does less damage and doesn't travel as far. C version comes out slower, does more damage and travels farther.
EX version comes out as fast as A, travels farther than C and does almost as much damage as both combined. When it hits an airborne opponent mid-screen, Terry can end up on the opposite side of his opponent. (You can drive cancel into EX Burn Knuckle from A or C Burn Knuckle, by the way.)
- Drive/Super cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- A damage: 75; C damage: 90; EX damage: 160

;dn ;db ;bk + ;b / ;d = Crack Shoot *
Terry flips forward with his leg coming down on his opponent. Hard to punish on block, so it's a great tool for pressuring opponents. Against airborne opponents, it can be used to juggle them higher, making this move useful for extending combos. B version is faster and hits twice, D version hits four times.
EX version comes out faster and is an overhead. This makes it a very useful way to end a match if your opponent in near death.
- B/D Hit Detection: High, EX Hit Detection: Mid
- B damage: 40x2 [total=80]; D damage: 40x4 [total=160]; EX damage: 120

;dn _ ;up + ;a / ;c = Rising Tackle *
Terry flips upside down and flies straight up while spinning around like a top. The awesomeness of this move is inversely proportional to how goofy it sounds. Great damage, but incredibly unsafe. (If you want a safer anti-air, go for Rising Upper.) Use this only when you're certain your opponent will be above you, or in combos. The quicker, A version hits five times, and C version hits seven times, although if the opponent isn't close enough all the hits won't connect.
EX version is godly. Near-instantaneous start-up and insanely powerful. It also has a "vacuum" effect, where the opponent is pulled into the move if it connects. So while the normal version can just knock them away after one hit, the EX version is always going to hit multiple times if one hit connects. There are technically 21 hits to this move, but it's impossible for all of them to connect. Against an airborne opponent who is very close, it can hit a maximum of 20 times. The maximum number of times it can hit a grounded opponent is "only" 17. Great for ending combos.
- Drive / Super cancellable (first hit only)
- Hit Detection: High
- A damage: 40,10x4,50 [total=130]; C damage: 50,15x6 [total=140]; EX damage: 20x7,10x13,30 [hypothetical total=300]

Desperation Moves
;dn ;db ;bk ;db ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a / ;c = Power Geyser *
Terry slams the ground with his fist, creating an angled geyser of energy. Great anti-air, but a tad slow.
EX version creates three geysers (although Terry still only hits the ground once). It comes out much quicker, making it much more useful in combos. Under the right circumstances, it can be used to juggle an airborne opponent high enough that Terry can follow up with Buster Wolf, or other moves. In the corner, however, it may only hit twice, or even once.
- Hit Detection: High
- A/C damage: 210; EX damage: 120x3 [total=360]

 ;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd + ;b / ;d = Buster Wolf *
Does this move even need an introduction? Probably not, but I'll give one anyway. Terry flies forward like in Burn Knuckle, and if the move connects, an explosion blasts the opponent away. It's not as strong as Power Geyser, but it can combo in many situations Power Geyser wouldn't be able to. Also, it can be max canceled into his NeoMax. Terry no longer shouts "Are you okay!?" when the move starts up, but most self-respecting Terry players will shout it anyway.
EX version does more damage and goes through projectiles. Great full-screen punish.
- Max cancellable
- Hit Detection: High
- B/D damage: 90,90 [total=180]; EX damage: 90,30x4,90 [total=300]

;dn ;df ;fd ;dn ;df ;fd + ;a ;c = Trinity Geyser
Terry raises both fists behind his head and, after a dramatic pause, slams both fists to the ground. A series of successive power geysers travel across the screen, although the move can only hit a maximum of three times. It's a great NeoMax against mid-screen opponents (and can even be followed up a Burn Knuckle under the right circumstances).  However, against cornered opponents it's completely inadvisable, since it'll only hit once.
- Hit Detection: High
- Damage: 150x3 [total=450]

I think you have forward+c missing its the straight punch, don't know the official name tho

Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo Sakazaki
« on: August 01, 2010, 07:07:42 AM »
 jodanuke is forward + B my man you have two command moves for forward+A  - corrected. Thanks!

Offline Matchmaking / Re: SoCal KoF
« on: August 01, 2010, 04:36:38 AM »
hello then fellow So Cal KoF XIII players I try to roll through on the regular to AI to play KoF and i am definitely taking in KoF XIII as my new main game I'll be there early sunday check ya later

Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: July 27, 2010, 07:28:23 AM »
yo i 100% support this community and wanna help kof 13 take off

Name Metaphysics

online IDs

PSN: MedaFyzKaL

XBL: MetafyzikaL

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