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Just go to where it says stream and click fighters.

The archive is up on the MLG website for anyone who missed it.

Justin seems to be playing it more these days
so ive heard im just hoping he can convince some people how good it is since his name is worth more than its weight in gold in the fgc

I think everyone is already convinced that this game is great. It's more about teaching people that you don't need to be freakin Flashmetriod level execution to play, and that this game rewards any and every type of skill/play style. The more people figure that out, the more they'll play.

A few things. First, as big a debate as their has been and maybe always will be for SF4 FGC resurgence talk, you can talk about it here now.

Second, some more big news (no source now though), Alex Valle has picked up KOFXIII for their main events on Thursdays, as he wants the game to get more recognition.

And third, a question for a lot of you that attend the offline meetings: What kind of characters are you used to seeing or playing? Is it always your mains, shoto-compatible characters, or are you ever surprised with who people might pick sometimes?

Nice. I'll be tuned in every Thursday as long as I'm not out playing locally. As for character choices: In Minnesota, so far I'm seeing a lot shoto-compatible characters. For the most part it's Kyo. Everyone plays fire ball Kyo lol. I'd rate my most common seen characters something like: 1.)Fire Ball Kyo, 2.)Kula, 3.)Bennimaru, 4.)K'.

For some reason, this game does not allow me to play online. It always ends up saying conditions not met.

I think KOFXIII, despite its growth nationally, is still struggling in local events. We had a tournament recently and more than 30 people showed up for UMvC3; we had 5 or so for KOFXIII.

It depends on your area. The game is also not going to blow up over night. From my understanding, this is the first time KOF has been an EVO game. It's going to take some time before it really becomes a big game. I just bought the game like 3 weeks ago. Combofiend, for example, has only been playing for like a month. Same for MastaCJ. Marlinpie was also playing it on his stream not too long ago. You have to give people time to figure out what this game even is. Hell, 2 month ago I had never even seen gameplay of any KOF game ever. Now I'm putting all my time into it.

People aren't complaining about KOF13 because it's legit great game and tons of fun to play. What is there really to complain about?

Don't know if this has been posted yet but:

Pools are up for Kof. 171 players!!!!

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