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As for the HD deal. Take the 2nd match of AI's first vid (shen vs terry). All I was thinking most of that round was how to land an HD combo and nearly lost the match. I've even seen Mr.KOF almost lose a few games just so he can do an HD combo. It's all good for show but it wouldn't be the first thing in my mind during tourney play.

Thats not really an issue with HD though, more with the player. Basically trying to show off instead of using things at the right moments. Like when the dev in that SNK vid pulled that big combo with Terry on the Kyo user. Kyo was wide open and BAM. That's how its supposed to be, not trying to land it no matter what and getting your ass handed to you in the process.

Kinda like newer players having this burning desire to super no matter what but the experienced players usually saving them for sure fire situations, usually combos.

Its a very cool looking thing when a HD combo lands full on with all the bells and whistles so its understandable for ppl to want to land it, especially right now when the game is new.

When all is said and done HD will be a factor in tons of comebacks and those who ignore it will be the weaker for it.

But they are not. I'm not sure if you've seen the last batch of vids from japan, but it was about 17 vids (about 20+ matchs I think) with some of the best level of gameplay out there and there were only two failed attempts at an HD combo.

I would love to hear your opinion on why do you think that is?

I said the same thing 2 weeks ago on the IRC channel and everyone said it was too early to make that statement and that it not true. Is it now? Why are the Japs are not using HD combos? Can a statement from an american only be valid after the Japs confirm it?

But seriously guys, 17 vids almost 20+ matches and only 2 HD combos??? I don't think we need a genious to figure this one out, or do we?

It shouldn't take a genius to figure out that it is a great damage and comeback option and can be triggerred off of a hit confirm (combo or overhead). All you need is the bar.

The next thing you will be saying is that Neo Maxes are usless because they were used only like once in all those vids combined. Lets forget the fact that Neomaxes like Roberts do good damage and have like 1 or 0 frame startup.

You can stick with the Japanese if you want but I will definitely try to have a no power stock HD combo or two down for each of my characters. Puts added fear into your opponent.

SNK Games / Re: Next updated franchise
« on: August 09, 2010, 03:04:33 PM »
Metal Slug.

SNK has driven it into the ground but the first and second are simply amazing, still some of the best 2D visuals and gameplay to this day. Its also the only non-fighter SNK franchise that has legs imo.

SNK will prolly opt for the safest bet, KOF14, for its next fighter rather than waste resources building another one from the ground up at the calibre of the KOF refresh. It would be the smart thing to do.

All being said and done I would rather SNK make something completely new. They have amazing ppl working for them and I would love to see what original ideas and characters they can come up with, instead of constantly having to build on the past.

HD combos are not practical, there I said it

You can activite HD in the midst of a combo or after an overhead and take over half a life bar without using any power stocks. Sounds practical to me.

dude, if everything's broken, then everything's balanced.

EDIT : and i agree with venusandeve . If lots of things are powerful (aka broken for others point of view) then the game is kinda cruel but still fair if all the characters have their powerful stuffs. And it seems that many characters has. It remember me GGXX where lors of character have abusable yet different tactics but was fair cause everyone has something overpowered to compete.

Thought of this as well but it would have to be more like 3rd Strike than MVC2 borked. No amount of borked will make Mature's, very much abusable, infinite balanced. In 3S a lot of characters are good just thanks to something specific, like Yun with his combo super and Urien with his Aegis traps. Like if you watch RX he often gets raped but once he has meter he rapes his opponent so hard. And this is what makes the game fun for people it seems since I read somewhere that Capcom fixed the Aegis thing in one of the versions but the fans didn't like that at all so they put it back. And it will have to be very lucky because 3S failed initially.

For this to work well a lot of characters will have to have something 'borked' about them, or we'll see the same few characters over and over going for one or two setups, which will make things very boring. As it stands, a lot of the cast was being ignored in those vids.


17 new vids uploaded, first posted by SAB-CA in the vid thread. Imo the level of play in these vids is the highest seen yet.

Seems these guys clearly think that Neo Maxes and HD are a waste of meter. Almost all their combos are drive cancel based, usually ending in a normal super. And what combos they are, so much BS going on. Liz and Iori taking over 50% of life with just one drive cancel and super.

Love how Kim new  dash kick B&B combos look.

Takuma is definitely borked thanks to his meterless EX kick, tons of BS ensues after it lands. If its blocked then he's safe.

K' yeah, he's gonna be this game's 3S Ken by the looks of it.

Raiden's drop kick shinanigans are BS, all he needs is to jab you once in the air and you can wave goodbye to a huge chunk of your bar.

Kyo had crappy showing in the vids but its clear they know that QCF+K is not safe on block and they do not use it. One guy that did got stuffed by Kula's regular dp+A after the first kick.

Chin looks to have some crazy juggles, but we already knew that thanks to Kane. Seems there is an opportunity to hit/throw him during his overhead kick. His combos/juggles look very cool I think.

Ppl pick Mature ONLY for her infinity.

Oh and HD mode lasts way too long, you can take a huge chunk of life with just it, no need for super bars. This is the way these guys use it too, not for flash into supers and Neo Maxes.

If they fix the balance I think SNK may have created the best fighter yet, the play and flow in these vids was so friggin sweet.

General Discussion / Re: SBO XIII Rules
« on: August 03, 2010, 05:35:14 PM »
in this day and age, is there a single reason these cabs aren't updatable?

Someone on SRK mentioned that the ones 13 runs on are updatable.

Here's hoping SNK is just waiting on enough bugs to be found so they can make one big fix instead of a number of small ones.

Thanks for all the vids guys.

Holy shit at the AI direct feed, such awesome play by both players with excellent finishes for both matches.

Too bad Mr.Kof messed up that Robert hyper drive combo in the second match, it looked so friggin cool.

Nilcam should seriously link to this vid on the front page.

This vid and the one's in Kane's channel definitely make the Arcadia tier list seem even less relevant. So many character have the potential to be power houses. Imo most characters will fall into A and B tier classes with no clear S class and very few, if any at all, in C and D. This would be great.

Damn, looks like SNK may have messed up the balance afterall (aside from bugs/infinite).

Wonder by how big of a margin those three lead in their books. A lot of characters look to have potential so I'm thinking, or rather hoping, that's its just players going for safe choices since SBO is on the horizon. At least it looks like Kim isn't broken lol.

Aside from the console version SNK should definietely patch the arcade version as well.

Leona Heidern / Re: Leona Heidern
« on: July 28, 2010, 05:56:58 PM »
Haven't seen any good footage of her at all yet.

Any opinions on her?

Heh still not very happy that they gave her sprite moe proportions instead of the supermodel ones she had before. That always differentiated her for me as a character. At least her gameplay looks better and more interesting compared to her old self.

Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: July 27, 2010, 09:29:09 PM »

If it doesn't come out for PC in some way and has good online then I may get a PS3 for KOF13 and hopefully join in on the fun.

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