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King of Fighters XI / Re: looking for an xbla/psn version is foolishness?
« on: December 27, 2010, 08:34:37 PM »
I'm in chicago adn I agree. I like kof11 more than i like 2002um because the characters that are top in kof11 are more interesting to play with.

and oswald is the coolest kof character ever exist imo.

Meet & Greet / Re: Hi, DC
« on: December 27, 2010, 08:28:04 PM »
What up osirion. I'm in the heart of the midwest i'm in chicago. You actually interviewed my friend J-Money (kelvin) who I visit almost every other day of the week along with his 9 other roommates who play fighting games at high level.

I'm like the roommate that lives there but has enough sense not to live there. lol.

Anyway my gamertag is: xINFINITELIGHTx
my psn is: JustOwnin

We should get together and play kof2002um or kof98um. I'm getting into this game and i want to play somebody.

Meet & Greet / INFINITE LIGHT(JustOwnin) Introduction
« on: December 27, 2010, 08:22:45 PM »

Some people may know me by my old alias JustOwnin

My gamertag is currently: xINFINITELIGHTx
MY PSN is: JustOwnin (can't change that. would if i could)

Basically when i was a kid a i played tekken (I'm 23). Won cause I had the internet and nobody else did back in teh 56k days and i could go get strats. Met trey phoenix (third t4 evo) back in the t3/ttt days he drove me to orland park illinois to eldarions house to play all the other illinois high level tekken players every weekend.

Back then all i wanted to do was compete against people in fighting games. It didn't matter what game it was, I just wanted to fight.

That's why when cvs2 came out I was sad that nobody would pay for me to get xbox live for a year so i could play online. and by the time i got online everybody was so good and there were only like 2 or 3  people that played.

But then the third online fighting game came out.

1st was cvs2
2nd was a mortal kombat game
3rd was doa2u

doa2u had a lobby system that is better than every single other lobby system for a fighting game allowing for 8 players and had wonderful net code. The only lobby system that was better was doa4 where you actually had a digital avator running around in a predesigned room talking with other people. That was beast.

I decided that i'd play doa2u hardcore cause by then it was 2004 and i was in highschool. But i was a bit of a troll on the internet back days so i halfway trolled about being the best online and made all kinds of crazy threads about OWNAGE and Kn3wbz.

Back in those days playing doa2u online was some of the best days of my life. I was just so happy to have an endless stream of competition I ate it up. By doa4 my troll had become true and i really had become the best doa4 player at the beginning of the game. (top 8 evo, won tournies all around, beat top players, became THE top player to beat)

But then the egos journey took an end and i quit fighting gmaes for a while and did some soul searching to return as INFINITE LIGHT.

I don't play to be the best anymore. I just play because I enjoy thinking. I enjoy overcoming. I enjoy the fight. I enjoy the process. And I enjoy the community.

Right now I play naruto ultimate ninja storm 2, deadleset warriors.

Also i'm learning kof 11 and 2002um.

I' m further along in kof 11 than i am in 2002um though.

I went along with this new fighting game golden era. player sf4, blazblue1, soul calibur 4, tekken 6, blazblue2, bla bla bla bla.

And i'm basically gonna keep going along with it. acuse this is the fighting game golden age where good fighters are coming out left and right. But only when people look back at what they had do they consider it a "golden age" but right now its just "right now"

But i've stopped judging games. Just because it's not popular or because it doesn't play like this other game or not deep in the ways this other game is deep it's not bad.

I see alot of people come from other communities to other games and they don't take the mindset of the high level fighting game community with them like sirlin does they really just in teh end take the judgement.

But i've been teh best player in the world at a game before so I understand that this is a limit. There is always something you don't understand, the understanding thet which can change everything. You must see the depth where others see randomness. Because when you see the depth and all they see is randomness then they cannot possibly win. People cannot defend against a mixup,setup,or mindgame that they don't even know exists.

Mental hurdle after mental hurdle I have overcome to become the person I am today. Sometimes a fighting game player says, "I wish i would have known back then what I know now because i would have beasted!"

I cannot go back into the past but I can go into the future.

Nothing has innate "meaning". Because meaning is just another word for thinking. Meaning innately is just a word to describe how you think about something. So innately meaning comes from thinking. Without thinking, their is no meaning. Because we all think differently fighting game means something different to all of us.

I no longer pick characters I like as an expression of individuality. Instead I see all characters as tools that exist to solve the problem of getting my opponents health down. I pick only top and express my individuality in how I play them and not in who I pick. I play to win, but playing to win is fun.

in kof11 I pick
Oswald, Gato, Ash

in kof2002um  I pick
K-, King, Kasumi

I'm gonna learn kof12 and 13. I really just want to play the kof everyone else is playing so i can have the most competition.

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