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Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo Sakazaki (Console)
« on: May 28, 2012, 07:15:58 PM »
I think for hop ins, f.b is actually pretty useful if used at the right time?  You can condition the opponent to stop doing hop in pressure attacks by cancelling the parry into a nice damage heavy dp, and I think if used at a proper height and time (kind of high in the hop) in the hop in, it is relatively safe in that by the time the opponent reaches the ground and the startup time of the crouching attack for an empty hop you could already be blocking low?

Also, I tried out some of those combos mastaroth.  The 5d-6a-DM does solid damage, but weaker than kensou's midscreen 1 meter combo.  And his strongest meterless combo of 5d-hcb.d does less than kensou's meterless midscreen combo.  I'm not very impressed with Ryo's damage output so far or the difficulty of his confirms, but maybe I just need to study him more

Thanks for the great and thorough advice solidshark. Your tips make perfect sense.

2 more noob questions though.

1.) why do players sometimes  continue to run towards a completely cornered opponent on wakeup recovery?

2.) is there a way to do practice mode where you fight the CPU and the health doesn't recharge?

Meet & Greet / Re: Hey fellow fighters
« on: May 27, 2012, 05:16:44 PM »
Heh, yeah the AI is a joke. I got up to match 47 or so on survival with joe - lol. The only thing I use it for (survival) is to build up meter management skills. So the whole exercise of using optimal amnt of meter in combos vs remaining opponent life and such. Also it's combos vs moving opponents, so you might find some use in that as a training aid.

Holy &$!!"/ match 47?? That does seem like a brilliant usage of the mode though.
I know how you feel, my internet has been down for like 2 months and the only opponents I have are the cpu and my brothers (who dont get as much practice as I do), so most of my time is spent in the lab  :(

Well, maybe it's a good thing to be forced to go back to the lab for a little bit. I tried getting my little brothers to play (10 and 12 years old), and they can't even perform 1 dragon punch or hadouken.  I didn't realize fighting games are that difficult to some people and younger players. They can play other games like RTS's and FPS's but can't even perform a hyper jump/hop after 100 tries

yeah, but I'll get to play them eventually, and perhaps a new guilty gear or vf6 will happen eventually.  Plus kof13 is really good

@Delta you can download games from, but then you have to download it still using xbl to your xbox, the purpose of this is to not need the physical disc.  Or... this is how I think it works.  If one could dl xbl games on the computer then transfer them to xbox without xbl would be a godsend though

well, I have a really small number of friends and they don't really play videogames, so no.  I might be able to find someone at school has xbl though.  But I won't have an xbox there =/

not that it is that necessary given that the bottom line is I'll have to wait, but at home, my dad doesn't allow us to have xbl even if we pay for it, which isn't really so bad because we live in a dead zone connection wise.  At uni, I won't have an xbox because my brother takes it during the semester, and having xbl would be too much of a distraction to me anyway, plus the connection at my uni isn't stable enough for online play anyway

Don't have any way of attaining xbl.  I'll have to wait until I live under my own roof

So sad that I won't be able to play the 2 games I want to play the most, GGAC and VF5FS, since both are only downloadable only.   :( :( :(

I have some theory questions. 

1.) what is the best way to learn how to use meter effectively within a team?  Is it best to construct a certain formula such as x character uses x meter at x time, y character uses y meter at y time etc. and improvise within constructed limitations according to how the match is going, or is it best to just conserve conserve conserve until you get the gut feeling to use meter or only when you need to, which would also save meter for other characters?  If it is the latter, what things should I take into account in constructing guidelines for spending meter within my team?

2.)  Why do so many players sit on 100% hd meter for so long with a few orange bars instead of just prematurely knocking out a character with a devastating combo? why save it for the anchor and sit on 100% for so long when you could potentially kill a character and even start building hd meter again for later characters? 

3.) I don't quite understand dp's in this game.  I've read that dp's aren't meant to be used as anti airs in this game, yet I have no trouble stopping almost all jump in attempts, even the smallest ones by always having my muscle memory preemptively ready to do a dp.  I just don't understand. 

Training Room / Re: How to compose a team
« on: May 26, 2012, 06:15:54 AM »
one couldn't really say which team is better, because your ordering on both teams is sound.  Shen is an amazing anchor.  Kyo and duo lon both are great batteries for different reasons.  Duo lon is good at spacing, and kyo is solid and has good matchups with little meter.  terry and robert both are great middlemen who do well when you dip into meter a bit.  So just pick the team that is more fun to you.

My team is kensou/andy/ryo, which I think has all the workings of a solid team if I have been studying character strengths correctly

Training Room / Re: Projectiles
« on: May 26, 2012, 05:54:20 AM »
late reply but, with Andy, from far away, you can do light fireballs and use the command dash elbow thingy db-f.a to edge toward the opponent and trail the fireball.  Wait for the opponent's reaction and either throw them if they roll towards you or dp them if they jump.  If they back up, you've successfully put them in the corner.  And wave backdashing is great at getting back to a distance, as is doing a to knock them back and use the recover time to set up your zoning game. 

Training Room / Re: Advice on how to become better?
« on: May 26, 2012, 05:03:08 AM »
this is somewhat lame advice, especially considering I just got into kof13 myself, but breaching that first wall of solid play comes down to two things, I think.  

1.) muscle memory with your characters.  Basically, just simply having your character's moveset down under your mind and fingers and can utilize their movesets entirely and effectively without having to think.  

2.) reaction time.  This seems especially important in kof to me; just simply having the reflexes to outplay your opponent.  

The first step is to pick 1 character and take him/her into trial mode.  I highly suggest learn one character at a time.  Our brains are designed to process information in chunks, so make each character 1 chunk of your whole team rather than trying to build your whole team up simultaneously.  Get as far as you can without getting frustrated, and between the failed attempts, mess around with the command list and his/her moveset until you know all of his/her attacks from memory.  

Then improving muscle memory and reaction time can be done simply by choosing a character you gel with (which can take a while, but don't let it take too long, because you might just need some time) and going into practice mode and playing the cpu for a long period of time.  Then transition to repetitious rounds against the cpu on versus mode.  

Having quick reaction time and being able to use your characters smartly obviously requires a mind that is focused, attentive, and speedy, so exercising your mental abilities and being healthy (such as getting adequate sleep and so forth) can really improve your game.  

Now obviously getting really good at the game just takes time, diligence, knowledge of the technicalities of the game and engine, and experience against good players

And remember this: it is a game, and therefore the main motive to improve should be to have more fun.  Don't burn yourself out trying to get good if it lessens the fun of the game for you.

Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo Sakazaki (Console)
« on: May 25, 2012, 05:14:40 AM »
thanks mastaroth. 

what's Ryo's best meterless punish?  I've been watching Ryo vids, and saw an athena do a heavy dp at point blank and for the punish, the ryo just did a st.a and nothing else...  So basically what is the best meterless punish, which I guess would also be his best meterless midscreen bnb?  Ryo seems to have really difficult confirms as well as very limited meterless combo potential. 

Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo Sakazaki (Console)
« on: May 24, 2012, 07:56:55 PM »
Well my original team was kensou/leona/andy, but I was thinking to replace andy with ryo to have kensou/leona/ryo, but I think leona would need the meter and so ryo wouldn't have enough to be a threat.  So I guess I should just do kensou/andy/ryo instead, since andy builds meter well. 

Sorry, I'm really new to kof13 and it's my first kof and I don't know what I'm doing yet or who I want to learn

Ryo Sakazaki / Re: Ryo Sakazaki (Console)
« on: May 24, 2012, 05:44:10 PM »
I am thinking about switching my anchor from Andy to Ryo simply because I'm not finding Andy very fun.  Are there any significant setbacks or pluses for making Ryo my anchor?

 Also, I've grazed all of the wikis of Ryo, but can't find the lowdown on his playstyle or any good videos of good Ryo players.  I've only seen a few combos videos n such, but he seems like a counter type character to me with his super that goes through projectiles and ability to diffuse projectiles and so on.

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