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General Discussion / Re: Second DLC character wishlist?
« on: July 01, 2017, 12:26:29 AM »
I am happy that Yamazaki is back with this current arrangement of DLC characters now. I wonder if Blue Mary is a possibility (though, SNK said that they did not want this to become "too" ingrained with Real Bout characters).

Goro Daimon / Re: Goro Daimon
« on: June 30, 2017, 06:56:45 AM »
Thinking about picking this character up. He does get over 500 damage off of easy combo from close C. Then again, so do many others. But, Goro Daimon piques my interest because of his okizeme and his block punishment.

My boy Yamazaki is back!

Whip and Yamazaki for DLC characters on KOFXIV!!

Mai Shiranui / Re: Mai post-nerf (spoiler alert: she's fine)
« on: November 05, 2016, 03:11:01 AM »
Minor video: Post-Patch Mai 2 Bar 500 damae combo.

Hey folks! Check out the tweet from Gato Ray! It is related to the events that just took place for KOFXIV!

Luong / Re: Luong
« on: September 01, 2016, 10:05:15 AM »
I have few things on Luong myself:
(1 Bar Max Mode Combos)

(2 Bar Max Mode Combos)

(A 3 Bar Combo)

(5 Bar Max Mode Combo = 737 damage. Starting from st.D first. With a jump-in, it does exactly 780 damage).

Note on the last video (Disclaimer = Some players may already be aware of this, but I am putting this information here for a reference):

The reason why the regular version of Tou (qcf x2 + K) was utilized in that combo was because EX Tou would not have benefited Luong. What I mean by this is that EX Tou is a two part move. The first part will do only 100 damage. The second part will lead to extra damage. But, you cannot Climax Cancel the second animation. You can also Climax from the first. The regular version of Tou does 180 damage, 80 more points than the start of EX Tou. It might be wise to go for regular Tou in most Max Mode combos instead if you intend on using Luong's Climax. The reason why Tei (qcfhcb+K) was not used is because you can only can the first four hits of the regular or the EX version. And, it doesn't lead to as much damage as regular Tou. I want to believe that regular Tou is going to play a pivotal role in a lot of Luong's Ben Climax combos.

I am pretty sure that some players here can easily afford to play Luong as a second or a last character.

Nothing follows in this message.

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: June 17, 2016, 07:38:25 AM »
Xanadu is crazy as hell...

I cannot wait to see what the Official Invitation Team has to offer next!

General Discussion / Re: KOFXIV Announced for 2016
« on: June 16, 2016, 08:33:48 AM »
I really do like the general idea behind the KOF Station. Seems like we are also getting a lot more game play footage as well.

Mai Shiranui / Re: Mai Shiranui (Console)
« on: December 19, 2014, 02:14:25 AM »
KOFXIII Mai Shiranui Hit Boxes
Shout outs to Amedo for updating the Mai wiki.
Shout outs to Desmond and Lazie for providing information.
Mai Hit Boxes

- How did you get into KOF13?
Played 98 frequently during high school and a bit on GGPO.
First KOF was 96 back in 4th grade. Nearly grew up with KOF ever since.

- How many people locally were interested?
Two of my co-workers play KOFXIII often. There are also 12 individuals I know personally who showcased a lot of interest in KOFXIII (usually due to them playing KOF in the past or I knew them back from high school). Within both Wiesbaden and Kaiserslautern on the Army installations, quite a few soldiers seem to like playing (along with other games like Black Ops or CoD... among other popular fighting games and such for obvious reasons).

- What characters did you try at first? Which ones you play with now?
First team: Duo/Mai/Terry 
Latest: Terry/Mai/Takuma  Subbing between: Kyo95, Daimon, Mr.Karate, Hwa, and Leona
(Mai is always present)

- Do you play on Steam?
Not very often

- What have you learned gameplay-wise from 2013 to 2014?
> EX Kyo being able to combo after a well timed EX Orochinagi during a juggle
> Better safe jumps on the behalf of Hwa and Takuma
> An "slightly" easier method of keeping EX Iori's rekka loops going while using the meter built from it
> Leona's neutral jump B having a different animation
> Stun for a handful of characters I was unaware of
> Practicality of Joe's stun combos (even from cr.B)
> Maxima's air EX qcb+P for corner pressure applications
> Daimon's temporary low profile against regular projectiles during DP+A (like Saiki's qcf+A)
> Athena vs a meterless King 50/50 situation in the corner
> Mai's cr.C/cr.D~Musasabi j2B mix up, which can be rendered safe/plus frames on block if the player is quick
> Mai's cr.C having low profile
> Mai's air EX qcb+P being 4 hits instead of 3 in the corner
> Mai building meter by simply jumping around at long distances (Musasabi)
> One of Ryo's combo enders being influenced by the height of which the character is launched in the air (shout outs to Juicebox)

- What is your personal tier list? What match ups you have trouble with?

No real MU issues.

- What gameplay aspects do you like & dislike? What aspects grew or still dont like?

I don't necessarily dislike anything about KOFXIII - rather I find the following concepts interesting: The neutral game, when compared to KOF98 or KOF02(KOF02UM) is approached differently. Short term combos may not lead to as much damage as one would unless drive or a bar is spent (partially due to the inclusion of EX moves). I don't have a real problem with this but it is just something I find peculiar.

- Do you travel for competition or stay in your area?
Usually travel around Germany within Wiesbaden, Kaiserslautern, Mannheim, Garmich and Grafenwhoer.
Traveled to both Cannes France and Milan Italy early in 2012 and to Spain in 2013.

- How is the KOF community in your area in general?
Decent yet somewhat divided

- Which KOF scenes inspire you and your community?
French KOF scenes and several from the Asian countries.

- How do you feel about the KOFXIII community in USA (or in your country etc) in general?
The community in the US is decent in some areas while non-existent in others. In Germany, there are a handful of people I meet up with during a month or two month period of time in Kaiserslatuern Germany. Some military installations periodically allow people to playing within BOSS program buildings. Over the past few years, I had managed to get quite a few soldiers curious about KOFXIII as well, which makes me feel pretty good inside.

- If you feel the game's hype is decreasing, what ideas do you have to inspire and motivate more hype?

- Do you feel KOF13 will return on the main stage for EVO 2015? If so, why? If not, why?
I'm leaning towards it actually returning. As it is now, the majority of people seem to enjoy the sight of KOFXIII at EVO.

- What things are we doing correct (in your opinion) and what mistakes are we making as a collective KOF community?
Just continue to conduct thorough research, avoid any misinformation when possible and show up to more events overtime.

Mai Shiranui / Re: Mai Shiranui (Console)
« on: November 08, 2014, 04:44:57 AM »
More Mai Combos / Reminders
1 bar 1 drive
1). [Corner] cl.C / cr.C, qcb+AC, qcb+C, qcb+C [DC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, Air Throw = 522 DMG

2). [Near the mid screen to corner] cr.C / cr.C, qcb+AC, hcf+D, qcb+C [DC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, qcb+C, st.C = 500 DMG

3). [Corner] cr.B x2, cr.A, qcb+AC, qcb+C, qcb+C, qcb+C [DC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, st.A = 472 DM

CH CD Combos
1) CH CD, Air Throw

2) [Corner] CH CD, qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, qcb+C [DC] qcf+A, qcb+C, qcb+C, st.C = 524 1 bar 1 drive

Things to remember:
j2B is a devious cross up. Mai is PLUS FRAMES ON BLOCK if this was used on opponent that blocked on wake up. Please do not let Mai's opponent get up for free.

Press j.A as early as possible in the air. It stays active for long periods of time.

When the opponent has meter, play or more solid ground game and jump only when necessary. DO NOT LET THE OPPONENT SCARE YOU.

For a quick hard knockdown combo, use cr.C, d~charge~up+P, j2B. THIS WILL COMBO AND IT IS SAFE ON BLOCK IF YOU USE j2B EARLY ENOUGH.

Use Musasabi to build meter as you move around and play keep away. Mai's end game is mobility, annoyance, keep away, universal rush down on okizeme/cornered opponents and the HD combo.

Condition yourself to use Mai's HD combos from ANYWHERE on the screen. If you can do this, Mai is far more dangerous with a full HD meter. Always remember this.

Ralf Jones / Re: Ralf Jones video thread
« on: November 06, 2014, 05:23:56 PM »
Stun Combo on CH.

Shout outs to ON Myuu and ON Tortita

Mai Shiranui / Re: Mai Shiranui (Console)
« on: September 29, 2014, 08:20:27 PM »

Mai Shiranui / Re: Mai Shiranui (Console)
« on: July 22, 2014, 07:33:23 AM »
Just some things to keep in mind:

Mai's cr.C, cr.D, and her CD attack are all whiff cancelable. From here you can extend your block strings or attempt a good mix up. To elaborate a little more on the subject of offense... Be careful about using C Ryuuenbu in block strings because it CAN actually be punished. Tested this out a few months ago - If I'm a Mai player using qcb+C and I am playing Mai in a mirror match, I can punish with EXDM. Mai's EXDM is has invincibility start up and has 7 frame start up. Make of that as you. Either finish your block strings with a normal, qcb+A, or a whiff cancelled normal. 
Also when you corner the opponent, fish for CH CD/j.CD attacks. Mai will get 500+ (a.k.a. half life) damage from CH CD attack in the corner. Also... be sure to know how to move around the stage in the way it best suits you. SHE IS A NINJA. Notice the quick walk speed, high jumps and unique mobility options, please. And, when you are up close to the defending opponent, be sure to confirm your crouching B's carefully...
cr.Bx2, st.A (st.A will cancel into special moves).
cr.B, cr.A...
After either of those block strings, you can attempt a tick throws, go for a frame trap set up (frontal j2B, hop j.A, st.A to cr.C etc).
If the opponent has a flash kick or a DP and if you corner them, keep a safe distance and bully them as if you were a King player. Mai can also go for meaty j2B or cr.C towards the grounded opponent to mess them. Use those light normals to throw off their offense/defense.
A lot of people complain about Mai not having a DP or a orthodox invincibility move. Well... neither does Duo. Or Chin. Or Ralf. Or Elisabeth. They need meter for that sort of thing just like Mai does. As for combos... Mai's air EXDM can also help you extend your juggles IF YOU HIT THE OPPONENT WHILE THEY ARE STANDING.

Next. We also have some other Mai Shiranui related matches.

Final KOFXIII results (According to evo2k tweet)
1. Xiaohai
2. Tokido
3. ET
4. Madkof
5. Hee San Woo, Yoshi
7. ChrisKOF, Misterio

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