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Greetings all fellow members, and KOF enthusiasts,

The purpose of this guide and thread discussion is to build a FAQs (frequently asked questions) guide to provide assistance to those who intend to play KOFXIII and improve their overall skill. The guide will also elaborate on KOFXIII game play mechanics and some specific strategies whenever possible to give players a better understanding of the game. This thread will be used for constructing a concrete guide for new players, especially ones that come from different fighting games getting into KOFXIII. All fellow KOFXIII players and DC members, please feel free to submit your own FAQs for the thread if you have some available. This thread will be utilized to construct a big time KOFXIII FAQs guide for newer players.
The most helpful questions will be put on showcase for the KOFXIIII FAQs.

Q:"How can I effectively use hops?"
A:In the KOF series Short hops are done by simply pressing up in whatever direction you are jumping for the character to jump slightly into the air. Hyper hops are done by quickly pressing down and then tapping up in the direction you intend on going. Both versions of the hops can be used for both defensive and offensive manuevers. Short hops will help you conduct instant overhead (which basically revolves around the player, using the appropriate normal move during a hop) when you jump towards them. Short hops allow make it easier to mix up your offense and conduct safe jumps (safe jumping requires players to jump in a manner where they can land in time to guard and avoid any incoming attacks when necessary). The purpose of hyper hops are to close and open gaps between both characters quickly. Hyper hops used as an offensive tool allow players to apply a high pressure
game plan and rush the opponent down.

Q:"Are there Alpha Counters in KOFXIII?"
A:No. There are other options that have similar concepts however: The Guard Cancel Roll and the Guard Cancel Blowback. The Guard Cancel Blowback is the closest thing to a "Alpha Counter", while the Guard Cancel Roll serves a different cause. To use the Guard Cancel Blowback, the player must press D and C at the same while guarding an attack, and the character will perform their default Blow Back move to knock incoming
opponents away and provide space.

Q:"Is there Negative Edge in this game, like SF?"
A:Not really but you can still influence your ability to perform special moves and DM's by holding buttons for a little longer for the game to register your command as you are still doing another special move. This is extremely useful if you are conducting HD combos or trying to complete the trials.

Q:"Are the trials useful in this game for real game play in KOFXIII?"
A:There are some elements in the trials worth knowing but most of the trials in KOFXIII are extremely impractical or useless (meaning that some of the combos in the said trials might consume way too much meter for little damage, or unreasonably complex combinations of attacks that also lead to less than noteworthy

Q:"Are there any 50/50's in this game?"
A:No. The rolling mechanic nullifies 50/50's completely.

Q:"What characters are good for beginners to utilize?"
A:For beginners - Terry, Andy, Robert, King, EX Iori, Athena, Shen, and Kensou are generally considered to be very beginner-friendly.

Q:"My opponent keeps rushing me down and pressuring me with so many mix ups. How do I defend myself?"
A:Be sure to block the opponents attacks accordingly. If you are cornered, carefully take initiative to get out of the corner. Look for ways out. If the opponent is attempting a jump in, you can roll out of the corner. You may also jump over the over the opponent if you anticipate them pressuring you on the ground. The best way to get out of high pressure in the corner is to Guard Cancel Roll out of the way, because there will be no risks to take and you will not have to worry about the opponent hurting you during your roll recovery or throwing you.  Also keep in mind that standing normals can beat out jumping normal moves, jumping normal moves can beat low normal moves, and low normal moves beat out standing normal moves. You can use normal moves to counter act the opponents movements. A well timed special move or Desperation move can help you too.

Q:"How do you build meter easily?"
A:You build meter by whiffing certain special attacks, successfully attacking the opponent, guarding against any kind of special move, and getting hit by the
opponents moves. In this version of KOFXIII however, when on defense (blocking or taking damage from hits/combos) your meter builds faster.

Q:"How do you unlock Billy and Saiki?"
A:You must play through the Arcade mode and defeat them once.

Q:"Are EX Kyo, EX Iori, and EX Mr.Karate just powerful versions of the characters or are they different?"
A:All DLC characters play completely differently from their counterparts but are completely balanced by the game standards.

Q:"When should I roll?"
A:When you perform a regular roll, you are invincible to all attacks except for throws. Use the roll to avoid projectiles, avoid cross-ups or jump-ins, and get out of the corner while the opponent is trying to pressure you. If you perform a Guard Cancel Roll, the character is completely invincible from start up to the very end of the characters rolling sequences, throws included. Also, you can extend the distance you travel when you roll by double tapping forward on your control pad/stick
or while the character is running.

Q:"What characters have moves that can specifically negate/reflect projectiles?"
A:Elisabeth, Shen, Athena, Kula, and K'. There are other characters that can deal with projectiles differently by using certain special moves at the correct time or by having special moves that can outmaneuver projectiles altogether.

Q: "My opponent is crazily spamming projectiles! How do I counteract this?"
A: Time your jump-ins so that you can capitalize on the opponents poorly timed projectiles. Also, blocking is also a good idea because when you block projectiles or any other special moves for that matter, your character is the one building meter. Some special moves can ignore the properties of a projectile as well. You can also roll through projectiles but be careful of meaty attacks and throws. Roll carefully through the projectile and cautiously advance towards
your opponent.

Q: "I'm from SFIV. How does the meter system work in this game? Is it similar to the Revenge System, too?"
A: The Revenge Meter in SFIV fills when the opponent is getting hurt only. The Revenge also allows characters to utilize Ultra Moves, which is the characters most
powerful of that SFIV game. There is also a four bar system for SFIV that fills by traditional means.
The Super Meter and Drive Meter of KOFXIII serves various purposes:
The Super Meter is meant for EX Moves, Supers, EX Supers, Guard Cancel Rolls, Guard Cancel Blowback, and Neo Max. The Drive Meter is meant for cancelling special moves into special moves (drive canceling), cancelling special moves into super moves (super canceling), using raw Neo Max, and using Hyper Drive Mode. The meter system

Q:"What are the CD attacks used for? They seem so useless!!"
A: The CD attacks are blowback attacks or knockdown attacks. When hit the opponent with these, it will cause a techable knockdown, but you can not attack (juggle) the opponent after hitting the opponent with this, unless you get a counter hit from the CD attack. This is trustworthy for spacing yourself. The characters in this game have different uses for this and they can also whiff cancel them into different special moves.

Q:"Does this game have normal move links?
A: Yes but they are mostly not necessary as they are not intergral to KOFXIII. The KOFXIII engine focuses on chain canceling normals. It should be noted however that linking normal moves with others can cause some big damage and provide a little more offensive maneuvers - but they are not mandatory due to the
nature of the game.

Q:"Are there any unblockable set ups in this game?"
A: Yes, but this mostly applies to characters with command grabs. There are also moves in this game that allow characters to outright break the characters guard and it is also possible to Guard Break through a large sequence of moves, especially with Hyper Drive I.E. Evo Moment #13 - BBZ Ascends Beyond Super Saiyan

Q:"Are there Focus Attacks and FADC's in this game?"
A: No, but the CD attacks and the drive canceling that allude to this system however. CD attacks used to knock the opponent away (that which can also be
whiff cancelled and use during jumps), and drive cancels can be done by inputting special move notations immediately after another special move.
You can never drive cancel out of projectile moves. But, you super cancel into the character Super move (or EX Super) by inputting the characters Super move
notations after the projectile (or the special move).
There are some special moves that can not be drive/super canceled from period.

Q:"My opponent keeps hopping at me and pressuring me too much! What should I do? DX"
A: Stay calm and block any incoming attacks. If the opponent is hopping towards, use the character standing C (standing HP) or a good standing normal to beat the opponent out of the air. You can also roll out of the way while that are hopping towards you. Another way to stop incoming hop attacks is to utilize characters stand   or   normal as most characters have one or both options to stop them.

Meet & Greet / Greetings!
« on: July 22, 2012, 01:24:43 PM »
Greetings all Dream Cancel members and FGC,

I am the Great_Dark_Hero who hails from the Orochinagi and SRK websites. I had recently joined DC to make good contributions and to play competitive KOF matches against fellow members via online and tournaments. Look forward to having a great time here. To make one thing clear, KOF is my most favorite fighting game! KOF FTW!

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