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From what I've been reading on Japanese BBS site's is that Clark has a lot of good shenanigans with his gatling attack and his command hop.

EDIT: Removed one of the quotes -Kane317

Benimaru is the last guy in A tier. I can't read the other ones except for Daimon but luckily it doesn't matter.

K', Iori, Mature, Kyo

Elizabeth, Kula, Maxima, Andy

Shen, Robert, Yuri, Takuma, Benimaru, Raiden, Ash

Daimon, King, Duo Lon, Ryo, Vice, Clark, Kim, Chin, Hwa, Mai, Leona, Kensou, Athena, Terry

Ralf, Joe

KOF XIII tier listing, there are a few names I couldn't translate so if someone can fill in the spots that would be awesome.




Shen,Robert,Yuri,Takuma, 紅丸,Raiden,Ash

大門 King 雅典娜 Ryo Vice 拳崇 Kim Chin Hwa 克拉克 Leona 舞 泰瑞 墮龍


General Discussion / Re: Cabinet locations
« on: August 08, 2010, 10:49:33 AM »
Does anyone know if we can use the KOF12 cab and just install the KOf13 software? I'm assuming they both are running on the same hardware unless there was a change.

I'd imagine if this is possible it can save some people tons of money compared to buying the entire unit.
Yes all you need is the KOF XIII Rom if you already have a taito type x2 board. I think they sell the upgrade kits right now too.

King / Re: King
« on: August 03, 2010, 11:51:10 AM »
j.D instant overhead?

Is c.C cancellable? c.D?

What else will connect after hcb+D? Hopefully a cancellable normal for reset into meaty fireball.

Can you activate off a naked df+D?

Is s.CD cancellable into df+D on hit or whiff?

Any air normals cancellabe? If so, will a fireball combo from it?
I've seen a Std. ;c connect after tornado kick as a juggle.

Athena Asamiya / Re: Athena Asamiya
« on: August 03, 2010, 11:32:29 AM »
 ;fd ;b crosses up on ducking opponents,  ;b version of phoenix arrow on block you get frame advantage a free  ;dn ;a.

Athena's Shining Crystal super is instant start up. 

King / Re: King
« on: August 03, 2010, 11:22:43 AM »
From what I know is that King has to utilize her fireball game as her strongest point and for BnB's she can do  ;dn ;b, ;dn ;a,  ;df ;d+ tornado kick or Std. ;d, ;df ;d+ tornado kick.

For Block strings she can use her Std. ;c ;d+Venom strike or Std. ;d, ;df ;d+venom strike. Also you can use her Std. ;c ;d as a poke too.

If somebody can try this for me Std. ;d, ;df ;d+ tornado kick into EX trap shot I think this will combo.

So I found the rules for SBO for XIII and use the all so wonderful google translator.

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIII 』[as regulation, technology marks the attention of various special circumstances provoke listed below. It is also listed for each game Regyureshonpeji.

1. Hua Jai's airborne
Hua Jai killer shot "Dragon Kick (EX Edition)" after applying the cancellation Doragonteiru drive less and spend orHD cancel the Hoajai become inoperable, will rise up off the screen.
As a rule of Tougeki ★ '10, when these events occurred, the disqualified player becomes inoperable Hoajai (eliminated) and.

2. Vice "Splash" rigid 相打Chi
Vice killer shot "Splash" and the technique will be hitting the ground 相打Chi any character, character damage mass motion while the other, the game will remain until no progress over time.
As a rule of Tougeki ★ '10, this event happened at "Splash" devices planted the disqualified player (elimination) and.

3. For a particular character, the device "overkill" with inoperable
Return air in a particular character, the device "overkill" and throw, the thrown will be inoperable.
(Specific character: Iori, Vice, Shen, mature, Terry, Andy, Takuma, Ash, dance, Maxima)
★ '10 Tougeki as a rule in the event happened at the "overkill" for planting the device the player disqualified (eliminated) and.

4. Ralph "NEOMAX Super Special Moves must" behavior of 相打Chi
NEO MAX for Ralf, and determine techniques 相打Chi in any air, but will harden in the air the other characters.
Tougeki ★ '10 as a rule in the rapidly player the Ralph this (can be hit attack weakness) conducted a return, thereby recovering the game, and continue the game (award and defeat, there is no.)

Kinokuniya bookstores will be taking orders on the 6th of August for the master guide.

Meet & Greet / Re: Info sharing thread
« on: July 29, 2010, 04:33:46 AM »
Hello my name Evan, I go by x20astrikefreedom and Kusanagi-Style and I play all KOF games.

PSN ID: Kusanagi-Style
AIM: ClothoBuer253

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