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A whole lot of KoF charas are stand ins for characters from movies and games.

Well, I guess we all agree that we don't want KoF turning into a loli-fighter. On the other hand, if we're a bit realistic, the whole shift to HD(ish) graphics was bound to bring huge changes along. All of the older games had hand drawn sprites. Nowadays, they roto-scan 3d models. That, in itself, means you have a stiffer frame to work on. It also means you get more consistent and professional results. If they went back to drawing stuff completely by hand now, you'd be shocked by the lack of depth that the sprites would have.

On the topic of how muscular/kawaii some sprites turned out to be, I think it's just a broader spectrum than before. Women go from Elisabeth serious to Yuri genki-girl; the guys go from Andy understated to Clark over-the-top. I don't think it had anything to do with appeasing anyone, it's just cooler to have variety. I'm not thrilled about all of them(still don't like Maxima), but I think it's far above standard and likely to improve. It IS their first complete game on this engine and they barely made it. If anyone cares to show me a better 2d game, I'm willing to take a look, but I think that'll just be KoF XIV. Oh, and it's been 2.5 D since they did UMs with 3d backgrounds.

To those who insist on waxing lyrical about how everything was better back then: "C'mon, get serious."


I smell a rat, no way no how all of those combos deal that kind of damage. Shermie's suplex dealing more than half a gauge???

AFAIK, wireless controllers are still operating as wireless even though they're connected with a cable. The cable's just for powering it.

General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Video Thread
« on: June 03, 2012, 06:36:05 AM »
"yo bro, I heard you like command grabs, so I command grabbed your command grab!"
@6:15s on the finals vid, sunuvab****, that comment made me laugh so hard i woke the neighbours.  XD

They probably went that direction to appease the Kawai/Loli crowd.

considering how big a % of their fans that is, I think you´re just swimming against the tide here (anime fan here).
Another perspective is: the whole game is drawn anyway and you can´t have several art styles running around at the same time in the same game. Being forced to choose, they chose for something which was mainstream, easy to do consistently and that fit the whole. It also happens to be a heck more modern looking than the stuff from the 90s.

Social Club / Re: Where are fighters at, age-wise?
« on: May 29, 2012, 03:49:53 AM »
28. Played a whole lot of fighters, mostly roms back then. Can't be bothered to go beyond button mashing for any gamer other than KoF/Garou though. (well, except tekken, which is slow as sjit.)

Hey btw I wanted to chime in on something that was discussed a few pages ago.

I can honestly say that I'm one of those players who just isn't good enough to fully do HD combos so it sort of pisses me off when I do an accidental activation of HD mode. However, it does seem that so far, HD move is pretty much only relegated to those insane combos and props for people who do them.

I'm actually looking forward to seeing if someone out there is experimenting enough to see if there is more to the HD bar than just HD combos. And what I mean by that is someone who pretty much doesn't do HD stuff and uses those bars to make their defensive or offensive games better through good bar usage.

From one noob to another: HP, (tiny delay), LK+HP (go HD with a free hit), special, cancel into super, cancel into newmax. Presto, a HD combo ;)

Agreed. Most of the time, if someone says something is abusive, then they're just not abusing it themselves.

LOL, what? did ash go into hardware production now? or is he the sales rep?

And plz, no more tagging in or out. Ever.

All of you stfu, HD is hype, whatchall going on about???
I guess they could add another system next to it for those who don't like HD, but tbh, HD is not a TOD thing. It requires the right kind of character and IMHO, you get 2 full HD gauges in a match. As I've said before, it combines the best of both worlds, LOOOONG combos other games have introduced but in a sane, kof-like manner.

The fact that HD and Power stocks are built and used at the same time is kind of like having 2 systems at once, the waza/chikara systems of Last Blade 2 spring to mind. I never really cared what the flavour of the month system was in the last kofs, as long as the stock was there. None of the people I played with did either. Everyone was from the KoF 98 school of thought, and fancy stuff just isn't welcome. Never, for the life of me, did i understand what the point in armour mode was.

For those of us who are getting owned by HD combos: adapt your playstyle to the situation. Part of winning a match is being one step ahead of the mind games. Everyone has a favourite set-up. Do you know what moves are capable of juggling you into an HD? Do you know how to safely deny them? Is your opponent really going to use HD? Maybe he's going to save it for your next character instead of blowing his load to end your 30% life. Same for stock, etc etc etc.

@ Diavle: every HD Cancel consumes 10% of the gauge, in addition to the timer. In theory, you get max 9 cancels. In practice, I'd say 6/7.

ahahahah, I bet the eroge outsell kof 10 to 1. but plz, no more EX charas :(
On a side note, if they make garou 2, I hope it plays like KoF...

Clark, Terry and Maxima are the only characters that need their signature moves back. Everyone else is fine as is. Nobody needs their silly MAX, MAX2, Leader DM, End of the World DM nonsense.

Well, Neo Maxes are pretty cool, but I agree it tends to get diluted if there's too much going around. Also, I think there are more characters needing moves. Clark feels OK but Leona feels quite stripped. I wonder how much had to do with time constraints. I do think we will have to wait till 14 for new moves.

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