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Not completely dead, just bought it. I'd already played MOTW, on emus. Man it's been too long. Best 10 bucks in a long while though. I'm amazed how different this game is from kof, alot more than i remember. guess i never payed attention to the fine details of FGs till recently.

About xiii mechanics vs new mechanics, I think the DC/HD system is a stroke of genius because it curbs OP combos while allowing them to be in the game. It's the best of every world really.

On the EX charas: how many of the old characters had EX moves that did the same damage as an DM? EX Iori and Kyo have DPs that hit for close to 220. to me, that is op, because of execution. dead fast, really strong.

The idea of an UM 13 is nice. but I wonder how much it would cost them to do that. I mean, we'd want whole teams right? if you put up a poll, I'm sure ppl would want at least 4 new teams (new faces, orochi, billy's team, ???) and that's a lot of animation. I am glad that the EX characters aren't just head swaps though.

Kim Kaphwan / Re: Kim Kaphwan (Console)
« on: May 17, 2012, 11:57:51 PM »
Can't u do hcu+K, qcf+K?

@Saitsuo: Sorry if I offended you. Most FG players are a bit one track minded, they only like FGs and every other FG except their favourite sux. Was talking in general, didn't mean to take a stab at you.

@Baka-kun:on my xbox, I don't have any load times between rounds, screen blacks out for a moment then comes back again. Then again, I installed KoF to the hard drive. On memory management and net code... If you can run first person shooters with several players on one level without the memory management affecting the performance, then sure as sh1t you can have 2 measly players (one to one connection) running lagless. Yes, there's tons to load, but close to nothing to process, the puter is left mostly free to send stuff. I stick to my opinion that bad netcode is more likely due to the fact that netplay is quite new in FGs. And if one is realistic, our expectations may be too high. A fighting game is a hectic thing, and no matter how good the code is, you are still at the mercy of your and your opponents ISPs. Just a couple of milliseconds can make or break a match.

Dude, have you seen the games you can run on an xbox 360??? Like, I understand our chauvinism but a fighting game is not a benchmark for system stress. Mike Z went ballistic when the tekken dude started going on about how much tougher it was to do the netcode for tekken. In good truth, the only thing getting passed back and forth are time-stamped events. Itīs just that too many people have shitty/shared internet, use wireless etc etc. Yes, SNK was naive when they did the netcode for kof 13, but doing a proper netcode is not in the realm of the gods. itīs just something recent in the FGC, opposed to first person shooters, where itīs been around for 30 years.

a 2D fighting game.... taxing.... omfg ='D

@Solid: +1

@Lazie: Saiki and billy don't seem that strong to me but the 3 EX charas seem broken as hell to me (compared to how ballanced the rest is). If they need to make DLCs that strong to convince ppl to buy them, then they should consider just moving on to the next game. An alternative would be releasing a pack with several characters, backgrounds and balance changes. Additionally, it would be nice if they retouched some of the underused characters. Quite a few are missing moves.


I agree with you guys here. KoF XIII has a good engine and a great fighting game system, all it needs is a MUCH better netcode and more stuff (characters, stages, special moves for the characters, DM's, winning poses, special intros and such). Making an expansion would be the best choice for the company right now.

They should release it in PC also. ;)

But SNK will never manage to churn out as many DLC charas as capcom. Animating characters just seems to be their achilles' heel. If they manage to introduce new and fresh characters instead of rehashed EX ones, I think they can extend the game's lifespan quite a bit. That would give them time to work on the netcode and maybe some other things like dynamic lighting/shadowing. On the other hand, most people recognise GGPO as the best netcode developers, wouldn't it be wise to just make 14 and slap all sorts of improvements on that? Reworking netcode is a straight bitch...

Hmmm, on handhelds and smartphones? I donīt think thereīs a market for a 2d MS in the console dept. I also wonder if theyīre going to branch out again after investing so much in KoF 12/13. Then again, weirder stuff has happened and SNK actually caters to the JP market first (which explains why their games still have that `thing` capcomīs games donīt)

EDIT: Iīm going to sound like an arrogant a-hole, but KoF already has the best fighters with a few exceptions (mostly absences from MOTW). They should do a MS for the mobile market  and just keep making KoFs.

Dude, right now, if newcomers look them both up on youtube, I think LB will leave a better impression simply because of the graphics and animation. But I doubt theyīll do any of the two. They might as well release that SDK and let us take care of it ;)

Yeah, thatīs what happens when Iīm typing on the fly.

@solid sharK: everyone has a PC nowadays. I can imagine some people (esp those who only play roms and PC games) might not want to buy a console for KoF alone. Considering how stages (for instance) have no impact on game-play, there is no reason why people shouldn't be free to have any stages they want on disk. Doesn't even matter whether your online opponent has them or not (unlike in Quake). All that's getting loaded is a bunch of image files, some light data (for the shading on the characters) and presto. Now, obviously, there's the issue of cheating and such when it comes to code. However, punkbuster has been around for ages and pretty much works every time. Add that to the fact that the engine is nice but not quite ground-breaking (hell, nothing is in the world of fighting games LOL) and one could almost argue that they might as well release the code and allow community programmers to take a stab at it (I remember quake 3 had three separate "houses" of code: one for graphics, one for game system and math stuff and one for dealing with networking and windows. If snk did something similar, then all the community needs is the graphics bit. I doubt a lone wolf programmer would out-do GGPO.)

(Just took a look at SamSho 5/6 on youtube. wasn't impressed overall. Had some interesting stuff but looked too comical for my taste. the referee tossing stuff into the level, dogs and pets running around and fatalities were a turn off for me (don't get me wrong, fatalities were great in MK and primal rage, but slicing a little girl into bits isn't my cup of tea). Also, considering how much the charas in LB2 had in common with charas in SS, it would be rather redundant to have them in the same game.)

Did they drop SS after 6 or something? LB2 looks alot smoother to me, or am i crazy?

You know, they should release a community kit so that people can tweak the engine like id software has always done with quake games. fans would do sprite work and stages and snk would clean it up, balance shit out and put it up with every new patch. i dunno if fans are as die hard as they were in the 90s, but there's a real chance shit would just explode with new content. Hell, I might even get to it myself.

That's the problem with SNK, they made way too many awesome fighting games XD

Last Blade 3 would be awesome, as would Garou 2. OTOH, they just barely escaped extinction after 12 and considering that they're sticking to post-render pixel art (like they have a choice, after going all in with the new engine), they aren't too likely to have the manpower to do so many new characters (or do you want kof 12 all over again???).

I do hope next the next KoF will have better backgrounds than 13. Call me nuts, but I think the older SNK games had much cooler backgrounds than nowadays. For all the HD hype, the stages (however cleanly done) are kinda vanilla. At least the stages that came with the DLC characters were a huge improvement.

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