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Running Wild: I think you didn't understand the whole scale they are following regarding movesets. It has to do with "new beginning". XII = '94. XIII = '95 with HD combos ala 2002 to play safe and inflate their wallets.

Besides, you are talking as if versatility should be the objective of any character design or the ultimate trait. It's just a style. There are many usable and possible styles.

Those 2 are boring.

Hope to be there :p

Steam ID: pablofsi

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Computer specs:

Processor: Core 2 Duo 7400 2.8ghz
Ram: 3gb
Graphics card: Nvidia G210
OS: Windows Vista

Runs SSF4AE at 120fps no problem.

I have ample experience playing with different netcodes, would post competent feedback and I'm active at the beta test forums.

Edit: Just preordered the game :)

Exceptions don't make the rule.

Online is to a point bad to gauge almost anything. There are various examples of stuff you can pull off in previous KOFs that takes less bars and is as easy to land or more as in XIII. You know there are, so dissing XIII because it has them like in previous versions but with higher requirements isn't fair.

So how were games like the whole NESTS saga including 2002 not infested with unfair and highly damaging stuff you could do that touched the opponent and it was practically a guaranteed 70% gone from their health bar? '98 runs away from that cuz it's too old (but there still was 50% stuff with the touch of one single hit many characters could do). XIII is the same, as are many fighting games which need cash and try to appeal to people with flashy combos, but a little more controlled and makes your life a little bit hard in order to pull off something pretty damaging.

I'd say XIII provides diversity in combo possibilities and high damage bnbs but harder to do at times. Doesn't take away the fact that it can be a combo fest, but you make it sound as if it was the first time it was like that and we should be discouraged from playing it.

Well there's no other KOF game up to now where characters have more moves than 2002...

Actually things haven't changed much from my point of view. 2002's combos aren't harder to pull off. The difference is that maxmode combos are to a point nerfed in XIII because of the accurate damage scaling. You could do a lot of stuff in 2002 that gave you excellent results with one or two bars. Here you have to work a lot more to pull off something like that. Thus, from my perspective XIII's combos aren't really mandatory because they are a little less powerful than before. Bnb combos work like they always have.

Yashiro in 2002 can totally rape noobs in the arcade with one bar each round. Just an example.

I play XIII offline with my group of friends just fine without lengthy combos, just bnbs.

Imo I think the problem is that with XIII, and coming from 2002 long combos have been made much more of a standard. The bar has been raised. You could see people using long combos in arcades where I live but I'd watch videos online of 2002 versus matches and I'd see almost none. It's just much more common for your average joe now (and XIII has more possibilities, so it encourages you more to learn them, or allows you to have slightly different versions of combos or choose from 2, 3 main ones and that gives more variety and thus, encourages and makes them more common).

You can see the effect in 2002 UM where max mode high damage combos now are also a pretty definitive common factor in matches.

It's sunday, they don't work today.

Obviously I don't expect this game (SE) to have anything close to rollbacks.

XDWZ's netcode is a rollbacks no-input delay based netcode and SNKP is working along with Tencent, they should use it. Some kid at XDWZ's facebook said this:

"When XDZW connection is peer to peer (rollbacks no input delay with practically no frameskipping at a fairly high latency), it's great. Better than pretty much all of the current gen fighters. When it's server based, that's when there's problems, but not because of the netcode, it's because you're connecting to the server."

"Also, for the record, XDZW is BOTH peer to peer AND server based. When you drop enough packets in a match it will switch to server."

It's even better than GGPO... close to Tekken Revolution's netcode (which apparently gives no delay and no warping at 300ms or some shit like that, almost unreal).

They MUST use Tencent's netcode for KOF XIV or it will fail again in forming a robust community.

General Discussion / ¿Is there any way to customize BGM?
« on: June 07, 2012, 01:20:20 AM »
I read some time ago that you could use any BGMs in this game, if it was just my imagination tell me. I wanna play with Goodbye Esaka AST as background music for NESTS Kyo, among other things (like playing Long Pole from RB for Billy).

¿Or could that mean a change of type of netcode into a delay compensation one?

Use dp + strong punch, up-forward + weak punch to do NESTS Kyo's trials.

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