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What a fucking noob, needs to change his TV set instead of blaming the games for his lag.

About the IGN review, read the bolded out part: "The game has seen some improvements to the online component, but it still leaves something to be desired. In our online play session, we experienced some input lag during matches. While this wasn't as gamebreaking an issue as it was in KOF XII, it was enough to be an annoyance in online play. The problem wasn't constant, but it happened enough for us to take note."

Which means that the netcode allows people to play at low delays. The rest, are connection issues of each player, which are the player's fault. These guys don't know how to review netcodes.

If they wanted to give us a real Nests Kyo he should have been like the 2002 um one.

KOF XI's nests kyo is NGBC's nests kyo, and NGBC's nests kyo isn't a faithful representation, it's more like a Kyo with a mix of moves to make a new, flashier version of him, and using his nests outfit. The real Nests Kyo never used Mu Shiki from 99 to 2001.

Nests Kyo doesn't use the Mu Shiki.

I wouldn't put my hopes up too high on that.

Supercade has been down all day, first down period that I remember during all this year.

Whenever I enter srk their main page lags and freezes my browser for over 1 minute before unfreezing and letting me click on anything. What's up with that.

From the posts, I'm guessing each bar represents 50ms. I'd expect it to work smoothly with minimal delay with 4 bar connections with a limit going from 150ms up to more or less 180ms using damdai's netcode. Anything beyond that would increase delay one digit to compensate and maintain the game running smoothly.

Maybe the delay is adjusted automatically...

Options like high or low input latency, delay x quantity, or smoothness, some others, anything that you see that has to do with the online part.

Check if there are any options on the options menu that have to do with modifying the way you play online.

Are there options to modify the online area of the game?

The best possible thing that we can expect, and I'm seeing it happen.

From that submission from the french guy, when he says "all my combos came out!" it effectively means that this game has some type of delay hiding technique. Congrats SNKp...

Btw for the chilean guy, in South America, being on the same country does not always mean that your ISP has direct routing with your countryman, you should do a /ping test through the pc using the cmd window first, to know your exact ping, because bars aren't exact. After that you will have a clearer panorama of what kind of lag you get and what are it's causes, and only doing that, you will be able to tell how is the game's netcode.

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