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General Discussion / Re: The King of Fighters XIII Home Port Wishlist
« on: September 18, 2011, 03:12:21 PM »
I saw a wishing star pass through the dark city last night and I said why the hell not, wished XIII used supercade as it's netcode, I'm sure the wishing star won't let me down...

I'm not trolling, time will tell.

I received notice two days ago, that KOF XIII's netcode had been finished last week, and the game is ready for it's release in that area. It will be the biggest and best surprise about it when it's details are revealed...

What's good about an online training mode? Showing off your combo skillz!one to people?

SNKp should allow those that preorder to use the ASTs music from the bonus cds as battle music.

Teal forever.

Yes Please with capital P, these new "fans" almost always end up looking totally out of the reality in the end when things start being unveiled...

KOF not being continued? Lol...

Question, why the **** would they put "Botan" (who the hell is that) (I know who she is...) when they have many classic characters to still adapt to this new KOF generation?

Even like that they are still more than Arc System Works.

Some newcomers to the fighting scene don't seem to understand SNK's symbolic importance, we are talking about the two monunmental monsters that were the cream of the coup and the cherry of the cake, the most important ones with their fighting games always leading everything, Capcom and SNK, SF and KOF in the 90s. In the economic spectre, they aren't smaller than Arc System Works. Arc System works is a half ass company that keeps copying the same artwork style and same atmosphere for every game they make. SNK is an epic monster in this business, youngsters. It's just that they have taken some not so good decisions, which are amply overcriticized by this "generation" of fans specially on the internet. Not SNK's best moment, that's all.

Concerning the netcode, some of us, like I've already said in another forum, have some inside info and for the third time, the netcode is a bomb that fans weren't expecting, not even in their dreams, but with this revelation, you incredulous youngsters will come to know what kind of good taste, deep down, SNK has for making games.

I already said, "nine is the magic number".

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