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Training Room / Re: The KOF Battle Journal
« on: June 22, 2015, 07:53:20 PM »
Competed in Summer Jam 7 after almost 3 weeks of not playing KOF, due to difficult circumstances.

My rust showed, I was making critical drops and not maximizing on many opportunities. Still, somehow I managed to place 7th overall (tied with 1 other, out of 34 players).

Two words can sum up my final match, "I believed."

The tournament also finally convinced me (though I had been resisting up til this point) that I need to replace Robert. The only question is, what character should I pick instead?
Thanks for posting this. I just learned some new stuff I can try with Kula.  :)

Listing's updated.

Listing's updated.

Listing's updated.

Training Room / Re: Gameplay video critiques
« on: June 10, 2015, 03:02:10 PM »
My own gameplay isn't anything not worthy of being ashamed of itself.

I mean, I don't just manage to not punish blocked Burn Knuckles or DPs; I manage to get my close Cs counterhit swept after blocking them.  That's a really special brand of fail.
I would wager this is due to your lack of experience playing this game online. Online play can introduce significant amounts of input delay meaning the game won't register your button press till long after the punish window is gone. You're going to have to recognize the blocked Burn Knuckle sooner, and punish earlier in high latency settings.

I'm on the east coast, and play a friend on the west coast, and the latency is so high that I can't really react to fireballs, or punish whiffed/blocked moves. Everything I do has to be a read.

Training Room / Re: Gameplay video critiques
« on: June 09, 2015, 05:46:14 AM »
So... uh, what am I supposed to think when I'm losing literally 4 out of 5 games to people who have literally 0 games played before they face me?
You don't think I/we lose to people who have less hours in the game than us.... ha ha ha!!! Yeah, I get curb stomped sometimes by people who just get things.

Here's the take home to his statement: "embrace learning through time and experience". There is no shortcut.

I hope the finished game is more polished than the existing iteration. It was a real pain attempting to get an online game going last I tried.

steam id: comoesa

when do you the east coast guys usually play
I added you to the opponent lookup here, but I only saw you had KOF XIII, not KOF 2k2UM, so I only added KOF XIII as your played game.

Djdell82, you've been added here

ShadowRaiken, you've been added here

Training Room / Re: Gameplay video critiques
« on: June 08, 2015, 06:52:02 PM »
I'd like to add, you need to really work on your punish combos. Out of the few matches I watched you never punished the opponent for whiffing things in front of you. For example, when EX Kyo threw the Mu Shiki super (Flaming column followed by a full body flaming punch) that you blocked, you should have punished with a combo starting with st.C into something....The same can be said when their Kim whiffed the DP in front of you, and you jumped away. Run in, and pop them with a st.C starter into some combo.

The reason you're getting blown up when using fireballs with King is your spacing. You're spacing yourself such that a simple jump from them will catch you while you're still in recovery frames. You need to be further back so that they'll need to use a super jump to reach you, and you'll be out of recovery frames. If they jump at you then, you'll want to use EX Trap Shoot (Invincible, a regular trap shoot will trade if they throw an attack) to catch them. Make sure to follow the EX Trap Shoot with a combo because you can tornado kick afterward which IIRC can be drive canceled into other stuff.

Last thing I'll mention for now is the j.C, cl.C you connected with King quite often. Finish the combo:  j.C, cl.C, df+D, qcf+BD, hcb+D (DC), qcf+B = 415 damage or j.C, cl.C, df+D, qcf+BD, hcb+D (DC), qcf+B, hcb+D = 484 damage.

Meet & Greet / Re: Sup all
« on: May 04, 2015, 06:16:32 PM »
Yes, find us on Steam (, add buddy, play buddy!

Training Room / Re: Gameplay video critiques
« on: May 04, 2015, 06:02:22 PM »
Latest videos if anyone cares:

Things I'm aware of:

-I have no ability to hit confirm... I'll keep going with my combos when initial hits are blocked, putting me in unsafe situations. This is probably something that won't improve any time soon since I just seem totally incapable of telling if something was blocked or not until it's too late to react. I do fully understand what I'm supposed to do when the initial hits are blocked versus when they connect... but the move I actually perform is often incorrect due to me just guessing since I can't tell the difference fast enough

-I'm using sweeps incorrectly. Most notably Athena's... I do a lot of deep c.D which I don't believe I should ever be doing. I imagine it's highly punishable off block. I need to re-train myself to sweep as more of an anti-air tactic than something to punish a whiff

-I present no threat in the air due to a total lack of jump-in starters. Timing jump-in hits to combo ranks among the hardest things for me to do in KoF... no matter how much I try to practice it, I can't seem to apply it to real matches. With Yuri, I need to be able to do stuff like j.C, D, DM but just can't seem to and thus never really give myself an opportunity to use her meter

Have I missed anything?

Please don't tell me not to empty Slider Shoot though. I never once did that on purpose. Also don't tell me not to empty Chou Upper. There's no way I actually wanted to randomly Chou Upper from all the way on the other side of the screen. I was going for Haou Shokouken

Hey Li,

These matches seem to go about the way our matches have gone. You poke, zone, and occasionally run in to attack just to change things up, but it's usually to poke a couple times to bait the opponent to come after you where you start to poke/zone again.

I'm not sure about the opponents you were fighting, but it seems like there was a good deal of input lag as punishes either didn't happen, or were too delayed to actually punish. One of the earlier matches against Andy it looked like the opponent spent the entire match trying to figure out the timing to punish you (they were always late), but weren't able to in the end.

Personally I think the reason you're not improving on hit confirms is your character choice. I say this because your description of all your problems matches all my problems to a T, and your character choice is similar if not the same as mine used to be. Right now you're using their zoning abilities as a crux.

After switching characters I've come to the conclusion King, and zoners in general aren't very useful in completely learning to play the game. What I feel like they teach is how to play keep away. Useful, especially when a characters game play revolves around this, but if you're new the game, then you will always fall back on it, and not spend any time learning to hit confirm or attack using the various jumps, etc... (this was me) because all of that is so much harder than just zoning.

Since switching to characters that either can't zone or only half a*s zone such as Flame Iori, Terry, or Kula (which you play, and you're better at hit confirming with her than your other characters IMO) I've been forced to learn how to hit confirm into a combo both from the air, and the ground. You've probably noticed in a lot of the matches we've played you've generally life lead me right up till I get the one crucial hit I need. I recommend you switch to a few half a*s zoners, and a few non-zoners such as EX Kyo, Ralf, Vice, etc... You'll also feel the input lag more with non-zoners because they rely on being able to punish unsafe moves which is really hard to do when there is input lag.

If you do end up switching characters which I hope you do for your sake, then you need to spend time in practice learning the simplest combos you can use to punish mistakes with. When I mean simple, I'm talking ultra simple such as EX Kyo's st.C, qcf.D~D, hcb.D for 262 damage, and a hard knockdown for a further mixup attempt. These can be used against the CPU in VS because the CPU makes a lot of mistakes. After getting some simple punish combos down move to working on low combo starters. Learn really easy simple ones which don't require a great deal of input, then move to jump in combos (I'd work on these last because adding the jump in is difficult for beginners - 4 jumps, spacing, etc...). Managing to execute any of these simple combos against someone online or local will really boost your moral to say .... Hey I CAN do this! It will further motivate you to improve more.

Lastly, drop Yuri (for now). I realize she can fit into the half a*s zonning category, so she's the type of character I'm telling you to play, but she's a special case. It might just be me, but IMO her BnB starters are far harder than other members of the cast, and understanding how to play her is more difficult, so I wouldn't recommend her to learn from. I was stubborn, and tried to stick with her, and the end result was I never got any better. I think she's a character you come back to after you've gained enough experience.

General Discussion / Re: Tier lists and Character Discussion Thread
« on: April 27, 2015, 09:06:18 PM »
Next up, the second mid-boss and troll's favorite, Ash Crimson!
Second: Ideal position in my opinion. Gets the meter he needs to maximize his threat and tools, and if he messes up, at least all the meter he built for the opponent will (hopefully) go into killing him.

Gave me a solid chuckle.

I was going to disagree with you on Billy's defense, but then I realized when I'm pressuring the Billy players I play against the only thing that gets them out of trouble (aside from my execution errors) is his EX DP. That 45 degree gap he has is my usual way in on him too.

Keep'em coming! It's certainly great getting an overview of how these characters are generally played, and sometimes you point out weaknesses which might help some of us with our problem matches.

General Discussion / Re: Tier lists and Character Discussion Thread
« on: April 13, 2015, 07:49:19 PM »
Frofighter, whether or not I agree, these are are good reads. I'm enjoying the write ups.

Training Room / Re: Gameplay video critiques
« on: April 13, 2015, 07:39:37 PM »
It's hard to find opponents that are both capable of punishing my bad play but not so overwhelmingly good that I get discouraged from not being able to land anything on them at all.

I'm trying to learn to punish other people's poor decisions at least or exploit when people get predictable in their strategies. I can't say much about my own techniques. I mostly just poke around and hope to hit things.

I don't know if getting punished for my mistakes teaches me enough though to be honest. All it does is make me not do anything. If I get punished too much in a match, I just start blocking because I honestly don't know what I CAN do that won't get punished. But of course not fighting doesn't get you anywhere. It's really tough for me to learn what's safe to use and I haven't had a lot of help in that way. At best I get told to watch tournament videos but I don't really learn anything useful from them.
I'd say that's the best description of the problem I've ever read. I'm a rather aggressive player when given free reign, but when shut down I tend to turtle up. I was playing Air Lancer the other day, and he described me as passive aggressive, which a lot of other people better than me also describe me as. It all comes down to what you've said. If I'm punished for going in every time, then I'm not going to go in because I get punished, and then the other player is going to tell me I'm not aggressive enough because I don't go in.

Anyway, it boils down to experience. The first time I played Air Lancer he destroyed me. I think every win was an OCV. This last time I played him I was usually able to get at least one character off him, and managed two at one point (I think he pulled his punches). This was probably only because I've played a lot in between then with people closer to my level which allowed me to figure out what can and can't be punished.

One large reason I get destroyed as badly as I do is because I drop a lot of potential combos. There were many matches where I had the chance to take one of his characters because I landed the combo starter, but failed to capitalize on it. Air Lancer doesn't make nearly as many mistakes. I think he only dropped 3 combos out of all the matches we played. Again, experience will improve my execution.

Crazy Li, we should play. I can't really say if I'm better or worse than you without actually playing, but if our connections allow it, then I'm up for my beating or my free wins ;)

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