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General Discussion / Re: So I want a KoF shirt, but...
February 07, 2017, 11:41:01 PM
Managed to locate it in the "custom" designs, order placed. Thanks!
General Discussion / So I want a KoF shirt, but...
January 26, 2017, 06:47:49 PM
I can't seem to find any sign of the one I'm looking for anywhere, that being the one with Orochi's chest tattoo pattern on it. I know it exists, I remember watching footage from an event and someone was wearing one, but I have no idea who it was made by or if it's still available anywhere.

Would anyone here happen to know about this?
Vice / Re: Vice Video Thread
November 01, 2016, 04:04:45 AM
...That's literally the video I posted already.
Vice / Re: Vice Video Thread
October 09, 2016, 09:19:50 PM

Ever wanted to see a point Vice? This guy's alright, doesn't do safejumps after command grab but his anti-air max mode confirms are on point.
General Discussion / Re: Your team(s) for XIV
September 22, 2016, 04:58:47 PM
FatalFrame, if I were you I wouldn't worry too much about matchup exp. The sheer number of characters may seem intimidating, but in reality there's less information per character to absorb than in a 1v1 fighting game, and learning a matchup should be a relatively quick process. For example...

Vice's important special moves are her command grab and sleeve (hcf+B/D) the command grab gives her a safejump and the sleeve is a blockable attack that converts into said command grab while covering a decent portion of the screen. It shouldn't take more than a few rounds fighting against someone playing this character for the applications of these tools to become apparent, but while it might take you a bit longer to figure out how to beat her normals with all 3 of your characters, the "matchup" in a general sense should be easy to understand. Granted there are characters with more complex gameplans than the one I've just described here, but it shouldn't be something to feel overwhelmed by. Go forth and learn!
General Discussion / Re: Your team(s) for XIV
September 02, 2016, 03:47:57 PM
This is the first time a new KOF has come out with me actually having tourney level experience to build on from the previous entry, and I've loved just about every second of it so far, the rare exceptions being my discovery of certain normals no longer being cancel-able... but I've quickly overcome that, and settled quite comfortably into my new iteration of the team that I've wanted to bring to a major ever since I grew into my understanding of who they were as characters...

King has lost air Venom strike, but that's more than a fair trade for the midscreen confirms she gains in XIV's max mode. Her damage isn't top tier but her maxmode confirms are generous, she no longer needs the corner or more than 1 bar + a drive just to stay on par. I can play the neutral game with her normals the way she always has, and Silent Flash replaces EX trapshot quite comfortably. Also her Climax is ridiculously strong, she can even do it in mid-air and after seeing so many games where Illusion Dance was just bad compared to other ranbus... yeah, it's incredibly satisfying to see that dazed look on the opponent's face when they're reeling from the last kick. Her "edgelord" palette even looks better than that monochromatic one in XIII, color 3 is much more tasteful for her character and even matches up way better with my choice of teammates...

Mature has EX Heaven's Gate. This is exactly the tool she needed badly in XIII, and it just feels so damn good to call out sloppy jumps and bad specials with this move. Her neutral is just as graceful and slippery as ever, and her raw maxmode activations are incredible. The result of the latter in particular seems to be that she's seeing a lot of top 8 action on the WNF circuit, and just tonight I saw two different maxmode combos I didn't know were possible yet. Both of them were from Isauro (who was my favorite Mature to watch in XIII, he's the only one I ever saw landing EX qcb+BD xx cl.C link combos and I respect that a lot) so needless to say, things are going really well for her so far in XIV.

Vice... unfortunately has yet to see much success in tournaments, technically I don't yet have a great idea of what optimized XIV Vice looks like so my observations could be off. But from my experience, she seems considerably better at playing offense/neutral, in spite of not having the ability to EX sleeve off of air-to-airs. Her jump arc is less floaty (I.E better) and her old cr.C is a considerably better anti-air than the one she had in XIII. A 1-frame command grab is still a really useful tool to have, and despite not knowing the new safejump setup off of that (until realizing as I wrote this that there's a thread right here on the forum, just checked it out and I'm good to go lol) all in all things are shaping up. She has potential, and above all else I feel like the time is going to come where I can choose to put her on point for a specific matchup and have it pay off, something that was considered unorthodox to the point of being basically unheard of in XIII. Much in the same vein I feel like King can legitimately pull anchor duty, so team order is now something I can mess with based on what I'm up against instead of a strict hierarchy determined solely by the constraints XIII's systems placed on these characters.

So yeah, that's me in XIV. Anyone want to help me officially name this team? I'm thinking either "Classy Ladies' Team" or "Women's Suits Team" ...or something. There's probably a variation of either concept that flows better, but idk right now.
I can only assume you've already made sure whatever is outputting the sound (TV/speakers) is working properly, and the in-game volume settings are correct, so... if re-downloading the game had no effect, it's likely a bug with your console itself. In this case, the only solution I can think of would be to reset your PS3's memory (I.E reinstalling the console OS) in order to revert it to "factory default" settings.

As for the buttons, it might be your controller. For both issues, try playing something else on your PS3 and see if the audio and aforementioned buttons are working correctly. Either way, I can't think of anything else that can solve your problem. I've never heard of the game itself having any such issues, so the only conclusion I can draw is that it's your console itself...
Hey all, this time I invited Joel A to play a set with me... and I must say, I'm impressed with the overall result of this one. I figured out a lot, and intend to face him again next week. Here's the playlist:


(Part 4 is uploading right now, should easily be up in the time it would take someone to watch the rest...)

Once again would love to get some feedback, please offer your critique! Like my custom colors or Joel's? Want to tell me exactly how badly I suck at this game, or ask a question about why I did something? Haters, teachers, whoever, please leave your comments! I'm not asking you to share or subscribe (go ahead if you want to, I guess) and don't even have twitter or a public facebook page... Until next time!
Mature / Re: Mature (Console)
August 09, 2014, 09:17:33 AM
Not bad man, it's because I saw your videos back then that I was first inspired to upgrade my Mature combos.

Check this one out, it happens at 9:21 (can't remember how to timestamp the url...)

hella set

734 dmg off a low confirm for 2 bars, full corner carrry. Ironically though... it wasn't getting this combo down that made me feel like my Mature has become much scarier to deal with. Recently I've figured out how to actually level up my fundamentals, and in the process I've truly begun on the path to eliminating my old scrubby habits for good!
K' / Re: K’ (Console)
August 09, 2014, 09:10:47 AM
After a bit of practicing, I discovered what everyone else who knows the aforementioned combos already does... in order for the trigger to connect, the DP has to hit the opponent at a very specific height. If your HD starts midscreen with a DP xx spike (or two) to carry them to the corner, they will conveniently be at exactly this height after you recover from the spike. However, the trigger followup puts them higher in the air, so in order to perform the loop again the following inputs (f+a, spike, DP) have to all be timed appropriately so the opponent will be at the right height when the DP hits. Luckily, I've found that this can be achieved as simply as inputting the f+a as soon as possible, then delaying the DP input after the spike accordingly. I also figured out the non-HD version (hcb+f DP xx qcf C) such that I'll be consistent with it after another training mode session or two.

I'm astounded by how much damage this cancel adds to K' combos, it changes his average damage output for the meter spent from mediocre to godlike. Now I seriously have to consider playing this character on my team over King... the thought makes me sad, but holy shit is this character actually good. The anywhere juggles allow him to convert off stray air hits like Vice, but unlike her K' has a meterless DP and a legitimate presence on the ground due to his projectile and mixup tools. Now I realize how his qcf+B/D is actually meant to be used, and something tells me I'm gonna have a much more impressive result to upload after I take on the illustrious Joel next week... Wish me luck!
K' / Re: K’ (Console)
August 07, 2014, 10:54:42 AM
Sorry for being too lazy to dig through this thread and having to ask such a simple question, but...

I've recently been practicing K' HDs (just the basic DP xx qcb + B/D loop) but tonight I happened to discover that in HD mode you can cancel DP into Trigger just by holding the button... however, it doesn't seem to combo, like ever. Is this a height issue? Does the trigger have to be cancelled into during a later frame of the DP? What's the secret to combo-ing into trigger from DP?
Hey guys, random farmer player in Oregon here. I recorded a ft20 me and my go-to sparring partner played last night, and am in the process of uploading the matches. Only 2 of the parts are up so far, but the rest should be up in a few more hours. Feedback would be very much appreciated!

Edit: Also, I've posted about my Mature HD combo in her forum before, but only recently mastered her true Rekka/Massacre loop. At 9:21 in part 2, I land it for the first time in recorded history :p This combo does 734 damage for 2 bars anywhere onscreen (OFF A LOW CONFIRM) and can hit 750 with a far standing normal instead of the first cl.C in HD mode and the second hit of her rekka during both juggles after the first which allows ALL 3 HITS of her initial rekka to connect. This is on par with "real" characters, making Mature a true menace in the right hands. IMO Violent Kain should play this character, if he landed this stuff on stream people would literally be killed by the hype XD

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EF28iUkthQ (Part 1)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpGQBarufEo (Part 2)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDqLl2jpjQ8 (Part 3)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5YvuzN5wew (Part 4)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTy7bHTtz2k (Part 5) final
Mature / Re: Mature (Console)
March 06, 2014, 03:12:05 AM
It just occurred to me that I didn't report back like I said last week... totally forgot it, my bad. I only got like 3 chances to go into the combo, one of those times I landed it flawlessly, the other two I botched the confirm (though one of those times I picked it up and completed the combo) I've been practicing it since and have gotten really consistent with hitting each part of the combo comfortably. I really like it, it feels like the go-to 2 bar combo that any serious Mature player should have ready in their toolbox.

Major props to Airlancer, good stuff man. Have you tried your combos off cr.B confirms? (btw guys, cl.B is the bane of good Mature combos... players looking to optimize their damage should usually stagger their cr.Bs in order to confirm into st.B) A low hit is your most likely confirm into HD outside of a punish situation (cl.c is gonna be the starter 99% of the time there, not j.c) so... yeah, I'm curious about the numbers look like there. Btw feel free to try out the setup in my above post, I'd like to hear your thoughts on the EX rekka x4 HDC qcb+D, cl.C variant.

On another note, has anyone here experimented with HD resets in match play? I.E confirm into HD, then intentionally do a crossup dp+A early in the combo? As one can imagine, the qcb+B dp+A loop does absurd damage without the scaling from rekkas, leading to a solid extra 700 meterless(!!!) damage for hardly any effort aside from timing the crossup dp+A right in order to be able to land the first qcb+B. I'm thinking I'm gonna try this tonight for kicks, we'll see how it goes...
Mature / Re: Mature (Console)
February 19, 2014, 06:50:47 AM
Hey folks, just cooked up my first 2 bar HD for 700 off a crouch confirm (cr. ;b x 3, HD) I feel like it even does a noteworthy job of keeping a lid on the timing-intensive inputs to some degree, and it upgrades to a 3 bar with a solid extra 100 damage with no extra effort. That said, one cannot ignore that Mature is never anything short of an exceptionally demanding woman... so this is still pretty hard, not sure if I'll be able to start landing it against people. But without further ado:

Confirm xx (HD) cl. ;c, EX Rekka x4 HDC  ;d massacre, cl. ;c Rekka x3 (all hits) HDC  ;d massacre,  ;b massacre,  ;b massacre HDC  ;a despair* Rekka (1 hit) HDC  ;d massacre, Rekka (One input**) HDC  ;a despair, Nocturnal Rites

*This input needs to be tight, late enough for the following rekka to work (the  ;d massacre will always combo from this point) but as early as possible anyway. The key factor in determining whether or not the Rites' crucial last hit will connect is how much time passes after this despair hits, thus the variance in the ** section.

**If you cancel this rekka into despair on the first hit, the despair can hit kinda late and the super should work. If you cancel from the 3rd hit of the rekka, the despair has to hit early and the super might not work. As such, the 2nd hit of the Rekka is a fairly safe middle ground. With the above in mind it follows that the super input should always be buffered so Rites will come out as soon as Mature recovers from the despair, otherwise there might not be enough "juggle time" remaining for the last hit to connect. If you're not sure you can fit the rekka+despair, going into the super after the  ;d massacre is a surefire confirm for 20 or so less damage.

What I like about this variant is that none of the timing restrictions come in multiples, and are separated enough to semi-comfortably confirm each one: There's only one cl. ;c link (IMO the EX rekka one is easier, since the rekka inputs give you a bit of slack to feel out your timing before synchronizing with the 4th one) a 3rd rekka xx  ;d massacre cancel, only one  ;b massacre into despair (with the followup input also being the only tight one) and there's wiggle room with the ender to fall back on if you're not sure you hit the despair just right. Thus, it should be possible to keep your rhythm and land the various other parts once you're past the link. I haven't tested this against an actual opponent yet, but I'll report back with my results after my local weekly tomorrow.
K' / Re: K’ (Console)
January 17, 2014, 12:30:03 AM
That sounds awesome, I really dig the concept. It's a shame there's no in-depth analysis of this floating around, it seems like something that could lead to discoveries for other characters as well...